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Atypical Seduction Techniques To Sweep Her Off Her Feet

Lucio Buffalmano
August 27, 2018

Sweeping women off their feet can be quite easy, if you use the right seduction techniques.

By the end of this article you will learn 4 supremely aphrodisiac, counterintuitive seduction techniques that will help you sweep women off their feet.

Seduction Techniques For Men

This article is here to show that some of the best ways to sweep women off their feet is to do the opposite of what most dating advcie recommends.

Men who sweep women off their feet break the rules and throw caution to the wind.
They’re not afraid of risks, of potentially looking like idiots, or of charging head-first into a relationship.

Both the mainstram and pick-up artist seduction advise tells men to:

  1. Don’t chase
  2. Don’t invest too much
  3. Don’t rush things

And that advice makes sense.
However, when you want to go for memorable, you really need to break all the rules.

This article shows you that the exact opposite behavior of typical dating advice, when executed well, overcharges your seduction by 10x.

Let’s start:

1. Swarm Her Heart With Unrestrained Passion

The conventional wisdom is that you should not over-invest.

And that makes sense.

The problem with investing too much indeed is what it communicates.
It suggests that you believe she is more valuable than you are -higher sexual market value-. And your investment is a way to make up for the value imbalance.

And since women lust after men who are “higher up” than them, they often don’t really go crazy for men who over-invest.
That much is true.

However, in a cynic world where most men seek not to look to into her, a man who does the opposite can be supremely attractive.

Swarming her with passion includes:

  • Texting her
  • Caling her
  • Scheduling dates
  • Behing upfront about your lust
  • Being upfront about your willingness to see her
  • Doing gallant things for her (opening doors, protecting her, checking up on her, etc.)
  • Picking her up and driving her back

All of the above show that you really like her.
And people love people who like them, it makes them feel good. Plus, it shows you’ve got the balls to to go directly and unashamedly what you want.

Why it Works

Robert Greene in The Art of Seduction calls this style “Ideal Lover” and says that its allure is that of making the woman the center of his world.
Swarming her with attention, time and effort is not just about sex or finding a partner.
But it appeals to greater ideals of romance, love… Passion.

Rudolph Valentino is the example of a man who swarms her lovers with unrestrained passion (at least on screen).
But many of Casanova’s conquests were also based on over-investment and unrelented show of affection.

However, don’t think this is all about lovey-dovey stuff.

There is also a powerful element of sex here.
Indeed anything unrestrained powerfully hints at the sexual.

Have you noticed how serial-killer psychopaths have lots of women who wants to have sex with them?
Well, the unrestrained passion touches on similar attraction triggers. But it removes the most anti-social traits of psychopaths and adds romance, making its appeal much larger and, I’d dare to say, almost universal.

Doing It Well

How do you do it?

First of all, the big distinction: there is a big difference between the run-of-the-mill, nice guy average Joe who over-invests and the way the Rodolfo Valentino-type of man operates.

What’s the difference?

The average Joe is plain and boring.
There are hundred of thousands of average Joe operating the same way.
An army of men in ill-fitting clothes and all working for the man.
And ordinary is bland and unattractive.

Valentino instead is over the top.
He is passionate, outlandish, his style is out of this world.
Something like women have never experienced before.
He shows unrestrained abandon in his pursuit.
His out-of-this-world style suggests romance and sex that are also out of his word.

That’s the way you gotta do it if you want to sweep men off their feet.

The Notebook beginning here, one of the all time most favorite chick flicks ever, is all about him over-investing and blatantly chasing. Hanging with one hand at the risk of dying to get a date is the ultimate over-investment example.

Note of Caution For Women

Sadly, this is not just the style of incorrigble romantics and Casanova-style womanizers.

There is indeed an of overlap between this seduction technique and the style of cluster B personalities (narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths).

Cluster B men make their targets feel like they are the only thing that matters, and the best woman they have ever met.
They add a shower of praise and admiration to stroke her ego and make her feel like a queen who’s living the romance of her life.
They crowd her time, write her first all times, they are constantly on her mind.
And she’s walking on clouds during the initial stages of romance.
But there is no happy ending. Once she is completely under his thumb, the romance turns into nightmare.

The thousands of women who fall prey of sociopaths and who later join websites like are the eery testament that this technique does indeed make women go crazy (almost literally).

So watch out if some guy romances you like this.
It might be the romance of your life. But it might also be a sociopath who doesn’t even know what romance is.

2. Pursue Her With Abandon

The popular dating advice is never to chase a girl.

And for good reason: chasing a girl is a not too dissimilar as over-investing.
It communicates that you have little going in your life and few other female options.

That makes sense.
In general.

However, the simple fact that chasing evolved in men and comes natural to almost everyone, shows that, at least sometimes, it worked -or its genes would have died with the very first men who started pursuing-.

And with a few tweaks, chasing can be turned into a technique to sweep her off her feet.

A note of caution though: this is not the easiest seduction technique.
Chasing a girl who doesn’t want you over months can be ego-battering and outright scary.
And it’s not the simplest to execute: it’s a bit like a tight-rope walk.
Indeed the difference between an effective chase netting you a girlfriend (or a lay) and a restraining order can be dangerously thin at times.

But it’s doable.

Why It Works

We live in a fast-paced world.
Most men have little time for romance and the #meToo movement is only the last drop that makes men skittish of persistence. Even when it’s called for.

It’s a pity, because persistence is a big female fantasy.
Lots of romances and even fairytales entail the man persisting and overcoming hurdles until she finally relents.

And in a world where everyone is too busy for romancing, the hard chase becomes all the more effective.

How to Do It Well

Chasing in style can be done in two different ways:

  1. With the Valentino style, over the top
  2. With constant pressure

Over the top would mean things like sending flowers to her workplace (always huuuge effect), delivering a small gift at her place, sending a love letter full of flowers.

This is an example from Grand Cardone on how to do it with constant pressure.

The constant pressure seduction technique is a bit more common and bland, so you should offset the chasing with lots of personal value.
Cardone in the video for example was still working hard on his life and becoming a more and more successful man.
That also made him attractive.
Had he been a bum, chasing incessantly would have probably gone nowhere.

The Bad Ways to Do It

The worst way to deploy this seduction technique is best summarized with the attitudes of the following sentences:

Why don’t you call me back

You are the woman of my dreams

Please give me a shot..

I can make you so happy!

They are all example of supplicating, begging or clueless behavior.

Example: How Chasing Worked for Me

I very rarely used this seduction technique, and never until the end.
But I’ve dabbled in it enough to know first-hand it can work.

Here is an example:

Some years ago and for a period of time I was calling a girl who picked up the phone, but didn’t want to go out with me.

When we met, she said she wasn’t interested in dating but she kept a polite conversation going on.

After our interaction, I called her 2-3 times over a rather extended period of time while I was walking on the way home. And we’d had these very open talks about our lives.

I was careful to communicate I was interested, but I never bugged her too much about meeting. Our calls had the frame that “I’m interested, but I’n not going to harass you”.

If I’d ask her out and she’d decline, I’d always step back and make it seem it was nothing.

The last time I called her I could feel some excitement in her tone.
And by the end of it, she was inviting me to go out with her group.

I never followed up on that, but it was enough proof for me that I could make persistence work.

Note: chasing and persistent romancing becomes part of the culture when there are more men than women: read the article science of dating for more.
And also note that when you chase hard you might start the relationship with the balance of power skewed on her side. But you can correct that during the relationship.

3. Drop Babies Hints

The widespread dating advice is that you should not rush things and you should not show too much interest.

Rushing means you don’t have many options and that you don’t screen for high quality women. Which, in turns, communicates you don’t even like her and you would take just about anyone.
And albeit that’s not necessarily true, in our culture rushing is also associated with poor decision making.

Again, that makes a lot sense… For most normal situations.

But we’re not talking normal here.
We’re talking about sweeping off her feet seduction techniques.

And if you can evoke the allure of a great inseminator, things will move to bed with passionate abandon.

Why it Works

Let’s not forget that dating, at the core, is nothing more than looking and screening for a mate to pro-create.

Hinting at babies is only a more direct way to tap into that subconscious drive that all women have.

Research showed that women rate higher men who attend to children and that general display of kindness are also favored (Bleske-Rechek, 2006).

If you do it well, it unleashes a strong, carnal sexual desire.
Not simply the more common desire for sex and sexual pleasure, but a desire for impregnation.

Shall we be even more explicit: a lust for your semen.

How to Do It Well

Don’t broach the babies topic too serious or too directly.
Albeit you could make that work too, I see more ways it would backfire than it would work.

Basically you want to plant the seed for her to think about you as a great baby-maker, not you asking her to give you a child.

The ways to do it correctly then are:

  1. Hint babies while making it clear you’re not fully serious (Tinder text flirt for example)
  2. Drop far away hints and let her connect the dots

The second is the best option.

When to use it:

This is going to be much more powerful when women start thinking about children.
That’s related to age of course, but also by culture.

A girl in the west in her younger twenties won’t be thinking about children most of the times.
But in parts of the world where women give birth early, you might be astonished at how early the baby-mindset starts.

Example: How I Seduced With Babies’ Hints

Since this can sound very abstract, here is the most glaring example I have:

A couple of years ago I was having dinner and wine at my Airbnb place with a girl.

Given the circumstances, things were probably going to happen anyway (in the texting guide I show how I set it up as a first date).

But as they say, better safe than.. Masturbating :).

Sitting on the table, we were also playing with the laptop as we got to know each other.
And I got to know she had had a bad childhood (to be accurate: a general-style abusive father).

At that point I knew that showing old pictures of my happ-ish family and childhood was probably going to take her into fantasy land.
The fantasy land of the family she never had.

Then, once in the right mindset I showed her the pictures of me as a baby.
And I let her connect the dots.
The dots being she could have had the same…. Maybe starting that night :).

I expected it to be a good boost in attraction.
But I was quite surprised at how powerful it actually ended up to be.
She went into a frenzy-like state, grabbed my hand and started squeezing it.
Little later, you can imagine what happened.

4. The Broken Man Seduction Technique

The lives of 99% of men revolve around trying to look stronger, cooler and wealthier than they actually are.

And that makes sense, one might argue: for obvious reasons women of all species are attracted to strong mates.

However, again, that’s the bland way of dating.
And run of the mills seduction techniques don’t sweep anyone off their feet.

Enter, the broken man.

Why it Works

To begin with, too strong and perfect figure is unrelatable.
So it’s not even an ideal one should strive for.

A shady past shows a glimpse of deeper layer, a mystery. Maybe even a slight sense of danger.
And we know that’s exciting.

A vulnerability, an uncontrollable emotion, even some tears, they are reminiscent of the byronic hero, the sexy but flawed man in need of fixing.
That works in two ways: the “normal” sexual attraction plus it evokes maternal instincts of protection (here’s the female version of this seduction technique).

And it’s particularly powerful when she thought you were an extremely high value man, almost out of reach.
In that case, she will think that by taking care of you she can make you 100% hers.
And that’s another woman’s dream: the man everyone wants, just for herself. The only lady who found a way to complete him.

How to Do It Well

Doing it well means showing cracks and deeper layers of personality that you normally keep hidden.

From an overall frame of a sexy being, you are showing her a brief peek into your troubled soul.
In a way, you are gifting her of that glance into yourself because no one else gets to see it.

She feels special.
And she feels bonded.

I am still searching for the perfect example in a seduction environment.
But in the meanwhile, this is the execution (outside of a seduction environment):

What makes it good?
It’s a moment of fleeting weakness in an overall solid frame of high quality man.
He is opening up, which takes courage. He is striving to control himself, which shows he is not a low quality, out of control man.
And then he regains his balance.

Just a glimpse.
Maybe there is more, baby, but I can’t spill all my beans just yet.

Bonus point if your vulnerability resonates with her.

The quick peek into your soul is the emotional equivalent of a skirt up in the wind. Sexy as hell, isn’t it?

Doing it Wrong

Doing it wrong instead means showing your vulnerability:

  • Too early (she might not be into you yet)
  • Too often (you’re not a constantly crying baby)
  • Too much (being fully out of control is not sexy and a sign of BPD)

This is an obvious example of doing it too much.


For swee-off-her-feet seduction you need to break the rules.

Yes, breaking the rules is risky, but big seductions require big risks.

On average, the better you get, the more rules you can break.
As a matter of fact, to get into really powerful seduction, the ones that she will remember for a lifetime, you need to operate outside all the rules.

This article gave you four examples of how breaking most dating rules is the most effective way of sweeping her off her feet and delivering a memorable seduction.

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