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Best Songs For Romance & Make Her Fall In Love

Lucio Buffalmano
January 4, 2018

Nothing lubricates the gears of the seduction machine like soft and romantic music.

A great soundtrack is one of your best bets to increase the chances of getting laid, make her fall in love and give her an unforgettable time.

Even for couples the perfect music will make your evening together all that more special.

So let’s review a few ideas on how you can build a great soundtrack for romancing:

1. Bruce Springsteen

Romance The Mannish Way: Show Her Who’s The Boss 🙂

The Boss is passionate and romantic at the same time without ever getting corny.

He’s also a handsome and mannish performer that will reflect well on those who choose him.

An old favorite of mine, here are a few picks:

  • I’m On Fire: a masterpiece of condensed sexual desire.
    “hey little girl is your daddy home, did he go an leave you all alone, I’ve got a bad desire, I’m on fire” 
  • Tougher Than The Rest: the her asks if she’s for “rough love” in a perfectly romantic tone
    Well it ain’t no secret I’ve been around a time or two, Well there’s another dance All you gotta do is say yes  
  • Human Touch: Smooth and with positive touchy-feely lyrics
    You can’t shut off the risk and pain – Without losin’ the love that remains 

2. A Song To Dance On

Dance Is Love… While Standing With Clothes

Of course, when you want to put the full romance moves on, the most archetypal romantic moment cannot be missed: the dance.

Dancing is a mix of romantic and sexual. It hints at, and can be the prelude of, more carnal, physical contact to come (damn I wish I could dance :).

Unless you’re prepping out and pre-gaming for clubbing, stick to slow classics.
She might think it’s corny, but if done well it always has a big impact, even when it’s corny.

Here are some good options:

And here is a great example of “there is no corniness in romance”:

It’s also a good move before sex to start getting in a romantic mood.

And you can use it as a tool to gauge how you stand with her.
If she hugs you tight you can likely go ahead and become lovers soon.

If she stops moving completely and just rests her head on you, she’s smitten and really likes you a lot (and tread carefully if you’re not into commitments!)

3. Mellow Classics

The Romance Bread & Butter

These will form the bulk of your playlist.

You can talk over them, or cook while you listen or, well… Also get down to it of course.
Expand your romantic playlist with mellow classics until it’s several hours of songs, so it can cover a whole night.

A good playlist will draw from many different artists and vary the beat.

Pick depending on your tastes here as long as the sound is mellow, romantic and warm.

Ideally, these will be timeless, time-tested songs that parade your romantic heart.
But also melodic and popular enough that she knows at least some of them. That’s why you must avoid filling your romantic playlist with too many niche songs.

Some ideas:

4. Love Hymns: Your Songs

The Hymns Of Your Romance

Love Hymns are songs with an “us vibe”.

They either speak to you two or they highlight the Beauty of the fleeting, yet unending romantic moment.

It’s always good to stress and state openly the positive moments so they get burned into the memory.
But instead of stating it yourself here you will let songs do it for you.

For example, when I was having a relationship with a girl flying to see me, a song that spoke to us was “leaving on a jet plane” by Peter Paul and Mary.

Or if you meet a woman during your party years, it might be a party song, too (“Sky and Sand” by Paul Kalkbranner was another big one for me).

When I’m living in Berlin, another popular artist has been David Bowie.

Love Hymns don’t necessarily need to be sentimental in the stereotypical way.
But they must give you two the feeling of being bonded, special, eternal, or living an unforgettable moment with no past and no future -simply suspended in time-.
The essence of romance.

Some examples of song with a powerful story, songs with a soul:

  • We Can Be Heroes: Romance for the underground. You two can beat The Man. Just for one day. Or for ever and ever. The essence of romance.

We can be heroes, just for one day; we can be heroes for ever and ever

See what I’m talking about here? We can be heroes. Just for one day, on this very special day you’re living together.
Or we can be heroes for ever and ever, hinting at possibly budding love story.

Design our own world, Ain’t nobody understand. As long as we are flyin’, All this world ain’t got no end

See again?
We design our own world, that nobody understands because the two of us, we’re special, we’re living in a bubble where there is only the two of us.

The more they talk about you two, the better.
Play these songs more than once and she will come to associate that song with the night -or with you-.
And they can become the songs of your relationship.

5. Trance Rhythm

We’re In Our Own World 

Which situations capture our senses the most?

Those that stand out the most from that boring thing called “normal life” of course.

Robert Greene in The Art of Seduction says that the best seduction-inducing alcoves of love are superficial looking one.
Full of glitter, colors, lights.

The more artificial the better: it must look and feel like a fantasy.
It must block the “real world”, with the need of being serious and.. Conservative.

This is a pic of my room when I go for that atmosphere (it’s not great yet but much better than in the pics).

Changing lights, booze, futuristic nudes, scented vaporizers and trance music.
The message is that you’re in a different world.
Outside of society’s boundaries. “It’s just you and I my friend” (to quote Springsteen).

Trance music will help you build a theatrical atmosphere where you can both play the role you like.
Or, in a twist of fate, where you won’t actually play anyone.
But simply throw away the masks and be fully yourself.
Carnal desires included ;).

6. Romance From Exotic Sounds

The Romance Of Far Away Lands

Relationships born in the same cultural and socio-economic background are the most common.

And also the most boring.
Give her a dream of a far away place and time instead.

A music from a place with no boring jobs, traffic, and inept men. A music from a land of unending romance and love

Gondolas in Venice, sopranos in Spain, “elle ne regrette rien avec toi” when it’s hailing from Paris.

If you have nothing that screams romance about your background, weave a story around the song as it starts playing.
Say what it talks about, what it reminds you of.

Pristine white mountains, sunsets on the beaches, backpacking adventures…

7. A Song For You To Sing On

Taking It To The Next Level

Put in your playlist a few songs you can sing along with.

Sing them along on your own as they play and you’ll get better.

It wouldn’t hurt to have a great voice but you don’t need to be great.
Actually, you might even get some points for singing badly: it will show you’re not afraid of making a fool out of yourself.

And sing early if she’s a bit nervous, it will release tension and put her at ease.

Like Ashton Kutcher shows you:

The good thing about singing also is that it shows a positive, happy personality.
An attitude of “Lust For Life” to quote Iggy Pop. That’s a very, very positive trait. We all want to be around positive people.

I know the lyrics of most songs I like, so I can pick whichever moment I want to make a fool out of myself.
This one is the most stereotypically romantic song I have in my playlist, which sounds difficult but is actually rather easy to sing on: The Che Mi Hai Preso Il Cuor.

And bonus points if you have a guitar of course.

Note: we’re talking about just a bit of singing here, a few lines of lyrics. It’s not a performance.

8. Break Pattern Songs 

Roller Coaster Ride

If you are staying for long in the same place and keep playing uninterruptedly it’s good to switch mood.

Too long in the same mood can get heavy and too saccharine.
Mix your playlist with something happy and lively as well.

For example:

  • Dancing In The Dark: Keep the romance mood but with more rock power
  • Summer of 69: The melancholy of reminiscing on a great young love mixed with an uplifting beat. An air of rebellious freedom from the ’60 plus 69 in the title :).
  • It’s My Life: It’s now or never, I just wanna live while I’m alive, my heart is like an open highway , an optimistic shout to enjoying the moment
  • You’re Simply The Best: It’s great using song with highly positives connotations. She’ll think about it later and associate it to you
  • Rolling Stones: most from the Stones is great, a great mix of rock and sensual
  • Libiamo: the perfect classical song for the situation. Explain her it’s about drinking and enjoying life: you set the right frame and even come across as cultured
  • Rihanna: there’s something perversely beautiful in the whirlwind romance mixing of craziness, love and abuse

Avoid These Songs

Unless you’re already lovers, skip any song with guys who:

  • Promise they’ll do anything for her
  • Cry their heart out
  • Complain about breakups / women / life

They send the wrong message.
And unless you’re thinking about getting serious or are already serious,  I would avoid all those (many) songs falling in this category:

  • Professing eternal love

I would personally avoid anything too overly sentimental. For example, I used to like Elvis Presley a lot but too many of his songs are a bit too mushy.

The Mindset of Romancing

The perfect romancing playlist starts with you as the romancer. The best playlist won’t make for a great evening of romance by itself.

But a cool guy who knows how to move plus a great romantic playlist will take her to heaven.

Here what needs to go along with that romantic playlist:

A Man Leading

You can ask her opinion or also to pick her own songs if you’re having a discussion or are doing something informal like a picnic.

But once you’re 100% in romancing mode, don’t ask her what she likes it or if the music is OK for her. This is no “getting to know each other time” or the moment to go for parity of the sexes.

One must let go to fully experience romance. So let her go 100% without worrying about anything.
You let go 90% and with the other 10% make all the rest happen (the songs, the drinks, the dance, the light conversation and then the love making).

It’s your world she’s stepping into, you’re leading this dance. Take her by the hand and bring her along on a beautiful journey of romance.


You’ll notice this post is not really a list of songs like many you can find on Internet.

It’s because the songs must mean something to you.
Romance is feelings, and feelings are notoriously contagious.

You must love the songs you pick.
At times you will describe them, explain what’s so great about them, why you like them so much and sometimes you will sing over them a bit.

Be passionate, love the moment and she’ll be passionate with you.

Best Songs for Romance Summary

Think about most romantic movie scenes you know.

Or some great romance in your life.
Probably there was a song or a few songs linked to them.

Good music is indeed an essential moment to enjoy a great night of romance and you should take good care of building your own romance playlist.

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