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Does She Like Me? 35 Proven Signs of Attraction (W/ Pictures)

Lucio Buffalmano
November 29, 2018

She doesn’t like me…
She likes me…
Oh God, does she like me yes or not?

Do you know the old game of ripping petals off of a flower to decide?


Well, you don’t need to play that game anymore.
By the end of this article, you will learn all the proven signs of attraction.

1. She listens to you with her head sideways

Allan Pease, author of the seminal book “The Definitive Book of Body Language” says that reclining one’s head is a sign of attraction.

It’s also a sign of rapt interest and, by showing her neck, a is a sign of submissiveness.
Not only she is intent in listening to you, but is she acknowledging your (intellectual) power over her.

2. She asks you lots of questions

If she asks you lots of questions she is either trying to tell you “I like you” or she needs to make up her mind about you.

How tell which from which?
Differentiate between the two:

  1. Questions about your stories, opinions and whatever random stuff pops in her mind
  2. Questions about you, your past, your possessions, your exes

If the former, especially if looking at you with puppy eyes, enlarged pupils and, a slight smile and while leaning at you: she likes you. And she is already fantasizing about you.

If the latter, she is weighing you up for a relationship but first she wants to make sure you meet the criteria.

Either way, lots of questions are a good sign for you.

3. She is very interested in what you say

Don’t flatter yourself: you might not be the most interesting person in the world.
And that’s great news!
Because with her attention she is trying to let you know that she wants something more than your sweet-sounding words.

4. Holds her head on her hand

Imagine a position where she holds her head on one hand -picture below- or on both her hands together.

It’s as if she were putting her goods in display.
She says “here is my face, here are my lips… You may kiss them”.
And later maybe you may get to kiss different lips :).

5. She laughs at your terrible jokes

Unless you’re being a clown, a woman laughing at your jokes and teasing is a strong sign of attraction.

Some men confuse laughing.
Anton W, author of “The Manual: What Women Want” says that many men confuse laughing. it’s a myth, he says, that women love men who make them laugh. It’s the other way around: they laugh at men they already want to have sex with.

Whichever way you see it, her laughter gives you a strong sign that yes, she likes you.

6. She Shows Signs of Preening

If you are at a bar or in any other gathering where you can approach her, she will show preening behavior if she likes.

What’s “preening”?
It’s prepping herself up and “showing the goods”, such as:

  • Straightens up emphasizing her breasts
  • Tilts her hips to show her curves
  • Hikes up her skirt and shows her legs
  • Adjust her clothes
  • Fix her hair
  • Applying make-up or lipstick (especially if while looking at you)

7. Acts like a baby

Whenever one gender regresses and plays the baby, it’s a sign of strong intimate bond.

And sometimes, a willingness to be dominated.
When women act like babies with you, it’s a sign that they want big daddy to take care of them ;).

Baby behavior includes:

  • Giggling
  • “Escaping” from you
  • Covering her face
  • Hide and seek games
  • Acting out
  • Peekaboo games

8. She finds ways to spend more (alone) time with you

One of the most powerful -and helpful- signs of attraction is when she’s helping you move the interaction forward.
And the more intimate that time is, the stronger the sign is.

That includes:

  • Moves you somewhere secluded
  • She stays when her friends leave
  • Tells her friends she’s cool with you
  • Refuses the obligatory “girlfriends going to the bathroom together thing” to stay with you

At that point, you don’t need to wonder “does she like me”, because she is communicating to you, loud and clear, that she does.
So get moving, because attraction has an expiration date and you must strike while it’s hot.

9. She handles cockblocks for you

You don’t need to worry about cockblockers with more assertive women who like you.
Because they will be doing it for you.

This is basically another form of being alone with you, and sends an even stronger message because she is willing to fend external threats to make it happen.
And that’s a strong statement of attraction.

See an example from 500 Days of Summer:

So don’t be an idiot and don’t even engage the cockblocker: she’s already cast her vote and you’ve been elected 🙂

10. She protects herself

This might sound counter-intuitive, so hear me out.does she like me

While the more confident an assertive women will open their bodies, the more submissive and reserved ones might close it.
This is nothing but another sign of submissiveness.

It’s as if she were saying:

you’re the dominant one here, go gentle on me”.

Now when you see this sign of attraction, you gotta be careful: it might be a positive sign, but it can also be she is generally submissive, or also possible, it can also mean that she is attracted, but not yet comfortable..
If she likes you, you can probably get together by pushing it a bit, but to be even safer -and make her feel safer!- talk a bit more. Connect with her a bit more.

Then, as soon as you notice her opening up and smiling more, you can make your move.

11. She moves backward while looking at you

Similar to above, she is re-enacting a dominant-dominated dynamics that usually end up in bed.

Go on the assault brother, she wants you in.

12. She is angry… But she’s actually horny

When women are horny but are not getting the cigar, so to speak, they often get cattier as well.
So when you see:

  • Fake angry, but can’t hold smiling when you tease them
  • Angry for not apparent reason

Then it can easily be because they like you.
Another strong indicator of sexual chemistry is when you sexually tease them, or jokingly objectify them, and they get fake-angry. But they’re actually glad you’re doing it.

Case in point:

Sometimes, there can be a fine line between anger, excitement, aggression and sex. If you want to enjoy some speedy seduction and steamy sex, you have to learn how to walk that tight rope.

13. She draws attention to your nether region

I remember many years ago, sitting on the couch at my place with a Kazakh girl (I seem to remember) beside me.
She was nervous and exhibiting closed body language. So I thought to take it easy and slow.

Then she crunched over, analyzing and commenting on how great my belt buckle was.
That’s when I realized I was taking it too easy :).

She doesn’t care about your jeans, belt or buckle my friend… She cares about unbuckling.
Or, well, lemme fix that: hopefully you have nice clothes and she also likes your belt. And what’s lying beneath 🙂

Any other similar situation in which a girl is drawing attention to your nether region, it’s a glaring sign that she likes you (sexually) and you gotta get moving.

14. She draws attention to her erogenous zones

As we mentioned earlier, while more reserved women close down, more assertive and sexually confident women open up instead.
And that can include pointing to the erogenous zones of her body.

They might touch her uncovered bellies complaining about the cold, fix their decollete… Or let a hand hang right between her legs.
Catch the drift… ?

signs she likes him

15. She shows her neck

Do you like vampires?

You should: most women do.

The act of biting on her neck is more than just a sexual hint: it’s sexually arousing.
Male cats bite female cats on their neck while copulating, and probably so should you from time to time.

Showing her neck is a sign of attraction because it releases pheromones, says Vanessa von Endwars in Body Language of Love and Dating. But also because it’s another sign of submissiveness.
She is basically saying “come take a bite”.

indicator of interest

Similar messages are:

  • Placing a hand on her neck
  • Running her fingers on her neck

16. She touches you

If while talking she looks at opportunities to touch you, then you have another huge indicator of interest.
For example:

  • Laughs and reaches your arm with her hand
  • Places her hand on you to emphasize a point
  • Touches your arm (and maybe asks if you’ve been working out 🙂

Here is an example from Crazy, Stupid, Love:

Another powerful sign of attraction within a group is when a girl gets up to go to the bathroom or get another drink, and she touches you briefly.
That’s the equivalent of saying “I’m going to come back to you”.

17. She makes you horny: sexual tease

Some women, the master seductresses among them, are masters of the sexual tease.
The sexual tease is basically telling him:

I might be ready for it… Will you be man enough to come take it?

That’s the kind of sexual provocation the top coquettes go for.
It’s like waving the red flag in front of the bull.

When you find yourself horny in a way that you’d like to f*ck her hard, almost as if to deliver punishment, then you know you’re dealing with a master coquette.

Don’t go thinking it will always be as obvious as Sharon Stone crossing her legs. I mean, it might be, but more frequently it will be something like this:

  • Raising her eyebrows
  • Slightly wetting her lips
  • Touching the side of your leg, below your belt
  • Flashing one eyebrow only

Notice the slight tease of this win, pure sexual tease:

18. She jokes a lot with you

Similar to the sexual tease, but with less sex.
As much as guys flirt with women they like, so women flirt with men they like.

19. She is nervous

You might think that men are the only nervous ones asking “does she like me”.

But women equally obsess over “does he like me”.

And if you spot signs of nervousness, chances are that she likes you. A lot…
You will see this one especially from younger women, inexperienced women, and women who think you’re out of their league.
If that’s the case, you have to put her at ease, let her feel that yes, she has a shot with you because you like her too.

And, ideally, seal the deal ASAP.

20. She asks you if you have a girlfriend

Oh boy, this is a big sign of attraction.
Any girl who asks about your relationship status is interested in changing that relationship status.

Never answer this question with a joke such as “nah, girls don’t want me”. Women get worried at that one instead of laughing and you will break the mood.

Instead, avoid answering too directly and hint that you might be free. Especially tonight, if she wants to come back to your just for a drink.. ;).

21. She tells you of her relationship woes 

In this case, you are either her good pal friend… Or she wants you to replace her boyfriend.
As long as he’s not completely asexual, chances are that sexual chemistry will increase when she complains -and maybe cries- of her current relationship. That’s how some women end up having sex with friends and sometimes even gay friends.

Basically, 8/10 a woman complaining about her boyfriend is really bad news… For her boyfriend. And a strong sign of attraction for you.


The biggest sign being, of course, when she sends you a message out of the blue saying her relationship is going very badly. That’s like saying “I need rebound sex”.

22. She asks you if you know any single guy

Women don’t usually ask men to make intros.
If she asking you for a friend of yours she is actually asking about you.

23. She tells you of her ideal guy… Who sounds a lot like you

If she tells you about her ideal and said ideal guy sounds a lot like you, then you don’t need to ask yourself “does she like me”.
She is basically telling you.

Now, guess where I’m from..

24. She comments on your pictures and statuses

Usually, it’s men who do this -and do it all wrong of course-. And when it’s women who do it to you, it’s a big sign she is interested in you.

25. She hints you two should spend time together

People don’t ask to spend time with people they don’t like.

So any time a woman hints to spending time together, especially the two of you of them alone, that’s a strong sign of attraction.
It can be a coffee, lunch, or a request for help because “you’re so knowledgeable” about something.
They’re all signs that she is helping you move the interaction forward.

An example from the movie The Terminal here (and raise your hand if you’d gladly take that opportunity with Catherine Zeta Jones):

26. She gets physically close

Space among humans is an interesting phenomenon.

The individual who gets more space can either communicate dominance or… Dislike if the people move away because they don’t like them.

In dating, if you get close or lean in and she doesn’t back away, she is communicating both comfort and attraction.
Same if she is looking for opportunities to get close to you, hug you and touch you.

Especially telling are all situations where sexually erogenous areas come in direct contact. Pressing her breasts against you, or crotch her against your leg for example. All signs she’s excited by you.

27. She asks your friends about you

People don’t ask about people they don’t like.
If a girl is asking your friends about you, she likes you.
Sometimes, she will try to hide her feelings though because she’s actually happy to let you wonder “does she like me”. And she will try to gather intel about you “under the radar”:

28. She’s available for you

If she’s always available to talk, hang out, or text, there is little wondering “does she like me”, because it’s clear that she does.

29. She tells you how good you look

I cannot count the number of men I’d like to slap in the head when they ask me if a girl is into them and they tell me that the girl is complimenting their looks.

Heck! She is telling you she likes you, what else does the poor girl have to do?
Of course, she might play the “we’re still friends” cards if you’re really friends, but she still likes you. So keep going.

This is what a girl was telling a guy who was asking me for advice:

Her: You’re such a handsome guy

Her: (talking about a girl he had started seeing) You can do better than her

Her: (talking about her interest in engaging her vagina a bit more) Ah, I have spiderwebs down here

Her: I like a guy who slams me against the wall

And he asked me what he should do with her…
Here is a tip: if she is telling you what she likes, maybe you should try doing that.

30. She lets you know she is single

Women who tell you they are single do it for two reasons:

  1. They feel bad about it and need to get it off their chest
  2. They want you to change their relationship status (and get their clothes off their chest)

More often than not it’s the second.

31. She texts you a lot

She texts you a lot and often writes first.

This is a big sign of attraction, and you should move the conversation ASAP from texting to in person. And from in-person to your place.

32. She sends you long texts

The length of texts is an indicator of investment which, in turn, is an indicator of interest.

And a woman who is investing you is doing so hoping you do the same. If you like her, don’t stand there wondering “does she like me”, invest back in her and escalate investment together towards bed -and maybe a relationship-.

33. She sends you her pictures

She sends you hot pictures of herself -or pictures she deems as hot anyway-.

female sign of attraction

It’s possible that she asks you what do you think of said pictures. Even sneakier -and funnier- if she sends you made up pictures and says “just woke up”.

If you want to get together with her, don’t fawn on her picture but don’t ignore them either (like I’ve done in the picture above).

Show appreciation or, alternatively, you can go the sexual way and tell her “you don’t know what I’d do to you know”. The risk though is that she will feel like she “has you” and that you have nothing better to do than sexting. And sexting is not a high-value man pastime.

34. She drunk-text you

There is a saying in Latin:

In vino veritas

Meaning “in wine lies truth”. And if she’s she inebriated the truth is this: she thinks about you.
Any drunk or high texting, and possibly even fake excuses of drunk-dialing, they are all major signs that she likes you.

35. She looks down, then up

Looking at you and then down is a sign of attraction and, again, a sign that she is submitting to you and recognizing your leadership.
Angelina Jolie does it often when she mixes together the coyness and the vixen:

Does she like me? More Cues She does

More verbal and nonverbal cues that signal attraction:

  • Looking over raised shoulder
  • Talks to her friends but looks over at you
  • Speaks to her phone loudly when you’re near (a nervous reaction she tries to get your attention)
  • Talk to her phone while she’s looking at you
  • Looks at you sideways
  • Tags her jewelry while looking at your or speaking to you (especially the necklace)
  • Dangle her shoes, going in and out with her feet (mimicking another in and out)
  • Goes up and down with her hand on the glass or the stem of the glass (seen this twice, always ended up well)

Look at a similar example here, fondling with a pen:

Great and realistic scene. Also notice how she walks backward and “protects” herself. Read more in “dominance and seduction” and “leadership and seduction“.

  • Invades your personal space (she wants to get physically closer)
  • Shows the inner side of her wrists or arms
  • Caresses herself
  • Feet pointing towards you
  • Pupils dilate
  • Looks up to you
  • Mirrors your body language
  • Strikes poses (wants to be admired and to increase her value in your eyes)
  • Shows off her goodies (straightens up, show her leg or her breast)
  • Asks you if you have a condom (she’s agreed to sex, just want to have it safe)

Theory of Female Signaling

Some women, the more assertive daters, will try to make it easy for him to guess.
This is a good strategy and the only mistake that can happen is that she thinks her signs are obvious but she won’t catch them.
It happens more times than people think, and it will help him to increase his social intelligence and body language reading skills.

Some other women who read on women’s dating literature instead get schooled on “feigning disinterest” in an effort to make him chase -an often bad idea by the way-.
In this case, he must focus on reading indirect signals, eliciting those signals and, sometimes, just try his hand and “risk” rejection.

This guide presents both direct and indirect signals, helping you in both cases.

Elicit Real Signs of Attraction

Finally, instead of wondering “does she like me” and reading body language and hints like a detective, try to elicit those signs.
Help her like you!

The how is not difficult, it’s simply about the courage of actually doing it.
Here is how:

  • Ask her out. If she says yes, she likes you
  • Ask her to do something for you. If she does, she likes you
  • Ask her to come home with you. If she says yes, she likes you
  • Kiss her, and if she kisses you back she likes you.
  • Start undressing her, and if she helps you, she likes you
  • Have sex with her, and if she does, she likes you
  • Say yes when she pressures you for a relationship, which is, you guessed it, another sign that she likes you

Warning: Move Quick When She Likes You

Have you ever wondered why women don’t stay stuck in the friend-zone?

Women are not as patient as men.
They are also less idealistic and romantic: pragmatism is more their approach to dating.
Women don’t get stuck in the periphery waiting for men because they have a bigger reproductive imperative to obey.
Their biological clock is stricter and their attitude when they like a man is this:

Sh*t or get off the pot

Or, if you prefer:

Do me or someone else who doesn’t waste time will

Women won’t wait for you forever.
You are much better off with a rejection than standing there and trying to read her signs.
So get moving :).


Reading the signs of attraction requires a good knowledge of body language and emotional intelligence.

Don’t forget though that the biggest priority is making yourself into a man who elicits signs of attraction.
Such as, becoming a high-value, attractive man.

Then, you can start enjoying more and more signs of attractions coming your way. This post helps you read and internalize all the signs of attraction so that you will never have to wonder again “does she like me”.

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