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How to Mind Fuck a Guy: 12 Techniques (With Examples)

Lucio Buffalmano
March 7, 2018

How to make him crazy about you?

Or, how it’s more hip to ask these days: how to mind fuck a guy?

I’m glad you asked.

This post delves deep into the psychological meanders of the male mind to give you all the tricks in the book to make men obsessed with you.

Warning: this post contains a lot of mind games and mind fuck techniques.

Let’s start:

#1. The Dionysiac Mind-Fuck

There’s much external pressure on men to appear rational and in control more times than they’d want to.

That’s why irrationality and a touch of madness can be so appealing to the unconscious.
And a woman who can muster irrational abandon and Dionysiac sexuality will exert and irresistible pull on him (this is one of the reasons men are attracted to the woman dancing the craziest possible way in the club).


Look at this example from “Dating In The Dark”.
She uses a dionysiac spirit of irrationality to make him want to possess her.

Notice his reaction, when he says:

Mindfucked guy: In a weird way I’d still like to see Ilona

And then he ends with “damn”.
He’s been taken for a ride. And he just experienced the power of irrationality:

In this example, she makes him want to fuck her, but she also ends up looking like a low-quality girl.

But madness is not synonymous with stupid and you can do the same without looking stupid.
See the example from Aida Yespica in:

#2. Madonna-Whore Seduction

Carnal desire and a powerful sexual chemistry validate men and enslave their minds.

But there is a danger: you might appear too “easy” if it’s too soon (see: Madonna-Whore Dichotomy).

What’s the solution, then?

As Peter Diamandis says, when you’re faced with a tough choice: take both.
You will resist him AND show an overpowering sexual lust: the best of both worlds.


This is a quick story of a woman (unconsciously) using the madonna-whore seduction on me:

She wasn’t having any.

So I decided to stop charging and let her do some touching.
I took her hand and started running it across my body.

My abs, then down on my upper leg and thigh. Then slowly back up again.

Finally, I slide her hand across my crotch and erected co*k.

And then back up again.
On the next pass, I let her linger a bit more on my crotch. Then lower down again.
Eventually, I let her slip under the underwear’s elastic band. But just a dip.

A few more motions and then I finally let her lace her fingers around my co*k.
And that’s when she jumped on me, panting heavy and her tongue swirling in my mouth.

She was showing me all the signs of pure sexual abandon.

I’m thinking this is it and we’re ready for the final move: I pushed her on her back, ready to rail her.

But she snaps back to rational, again resisting me.

Have you figured out which part is the madonna/whore seduction?

Of course her panting and horny is the whore, while resisting again in spite of her dripping sexuality is the Madonna part.

The succession of unbridled lust and rational resistance lasted for a while. I’m not a fan of women resisting for long, but of all the resistances I’ve encountered… That was the best lead up to sex I have ever had.

I sometimes still think about it…

How To Pull It Off

Show powerful sexual attraction while you also fight off the urge.

  • Let him come to you
  • Abandon yourself in the heat of the moment
  • Suddenly “wake up”: it’s not easy but you’re forcing yourself to stop
  • Rinse and repeat

For more techniques on delaying sex also read: how to turn down sex.

And here is a short video example from the movie “Seduce and Abandoned”:

#3. Push-Pull Seduction

Lust and emotional dependency thrive on mixed feelings.

Anger and lust, passion and fear, warmth and coldness. And, most of all, physical heat and emotional distance.

The key is to alternate them.
Give positive feelings, then take it away. Then have lustful sex. Then rinse and repeat.

A mix of strong and positive emotions alternating with negative ones rarely fails to make men lust and obsess over you.


My date was late and, slightly annoyed, I used that time to shop for groceries.

When I came out, there she stood: a perfect candid baby face with a striped suit (mixed signal).

She didn’t apologize and was cold and distant when I hugged her. That annoyed me once again.
I asked her to help me carry the grocery.

And she refused.

My patience was running out.
I was teetering between telling her to get the fuc* off back home and take her back, rail her, and then dish the same shit*y treatment back.
Of course I decided for the latter.

We walked without exchanging a single word for a couple of minutes, and then she went from cold to teasing.
She made fun of sulking me.
She told me I should call her “miss no” and teased me if other women do the same (she sets herself up as “different” and “superior”).

Then she finally swung the opposite direction.
She apologized, took more than half the grocery and lightly hit me with her leg as if to say “wise up, I was just fu*king with you”.

I was already horny, but with that turnaround, damn!
I wonder how did I resist from bending her over and possessing her in the street.

How To

Make him feel like the best man in the world, make him feel like he can make you so happy and satisfied.

Then take it all away and keep him guessing.

  • Make them angry
  • Be cold and distant
  • Have great sex (remember: you’re sexually attracted to him)
  • Be warm and make them happy (they’ll think they have you)
  • Rinse and repeat

#4. Mixed Signals Seduction

Similar as above.

Push and pull is a typical form of mixed signal and the most famous example, but there’s more you can use:

  • Angelic face (paternalistic instincts) + naughty undertones
  • White dress & blonde hair (purity)+ revealing clothes
  • Baby face (naivety) + suit (seriousness)
  • Striped suit, back from office (power) + submissively asking him to rail you

The Madonna-whore sexual seduction also leverages push-pull and mixed signals

#5. Regression Seduction

Nobody really ever leaves his mother

Here’s a sum of Western women’s dating strategy:

  1. Show no emotions
  2. Pretend you’re not into him
  3. Make him chase and invest

While that definitely can work (albeit often with the wrong guys!), the opposite strategy can work even better.

And the opposite is what Robert Greene dubs “regression seduction” in his seminal The Art of Seduction.
Greene says that the most powerful Regression, the Infantile Regression, is all about unconditional love.


An ex-girlfriend of mine was a natural when it came to oedipal regression strategy.
This was what my ex did:

Healing Kiss

  • I woke up one morning with little sleep and dark circles around my eyes. She leaned in and kissed the area under my eyes

That was unexpected.
I fumbled a “thanks” and a smile.
I couldn’t even remember my mother having done that, and I was smitten by her display of caring.

Sleeping Kiss

  • During sleep I realized that before going to the bathroom she kissed me on the temple

Tucking In

  • When I’d join her in bed, she would raise the cover to help me in
  • On a night flight, I fell asleep and woke up with the sleeping cover snugly arranged on me (she did that for me)

You will realize that the above are caring signals the way a mom would care about a baby.

How did that affect me?

It’s easy to tell sex stories, but it’s less easy to be open with emotional ones. But the truth is that I still feel emotionally connected to my ex. I think of her as “my baby”, but probably the opposite would be more correct.
And if I have to think of an ex girlfriend with whom to cuddle, it would be her.

Example 2:

It also works the other way around, with women wanting to baby a grown man.

Watch this interview with a former girlfriend of Charlie Sheen.
Listen well to what she says:

She will always love him because she sees little Charlie in need of protection.

How To

You can use this one when you want a strong long lasting relationship.

For the specific moves, you can copy the above examples and add some of these:

  • Caressing
  • Remove lints, fixing his clothes
  • Show unconditional love when he makes a mistake

Best With

It works with everyone.

And it’s especially useful if you want to hook great, wealthy but rascal playboys.
They will use and forget all other women, but they’ll always come back to you.

#6. Inverse Regression Seduction

This is the inverse regression. Here you regress to childlike behavior.
In the presence of youth, men feel like their own youth is coming back.
They get to feel like father and take care of you, but with the addendum of the sexual side.

Mixing sex and innocence is exactly what made Marilyn Monroe so appealing.


As you can imagine the movie Lolita has tons of great examples.

Only issue is, she is a kid.

This is an example with a mature woman instead.
Notice the man is also partially regressing, but he’s the aggressor:

He is the father figure, while she gets to play the baby

How To:

  • Play naive, lost… In need of protection and guidance
  • Laugh out loud and with gusto: you haven’t experienced the darker side of life yet
  • Feel free to be awkward: you haven’t yet internalized society’s rules of “proper” behavior
  • Emphasize weaknesses and vulnerabilities

The rules bend with inverse regression.
Don’t worry about entitlement mentality or asking too much: children are egocentric and believe the world revolves around them.
And he will act accordingly and do everything for you (OK, now I link to Lolita).

Best For:

This is perfect to get a sugar daddies to pamper and spoil you.


Almost every guy will enjoy a bit of childlike spirit, but don’t overdo it.

Men with no pedophile tendencies can be put off (I had to tell a girl playing baby with her Tweety underwear not to wear them anymore).

And remember, it’s lightheartedness with sex undertones, not full-on baby. The first part here is good, the last one is too much:

Too much baby games can be off-putting to some men

#7. Guilt-Trip

How to make him crazy about you isn’t necessarily directly related to attraction, sex and seduction.

If you can instill a major sense of guilt in his conscience, that will also push him to you.

Out of guilt, yes, but that doesn’t necessarily need to replace love or sexual attraction, but can be on top of them.


There are many sexual moments I’d like to relive in my life.

Some of them, because they were great.
Some others, because I didn’t have her and thought I should have had her.

But if I could go back in time one time, and one time only, that would be to change things with the woman who told me:

Ex-fling: I wish I had never done it with you.

Something changed the day she uttered those words.

I could no longer look at myself and say I’m a giver.
In a way, those words stole my innocence and burned a little hole in my conscience.
And even to this day, after she forgave me, I still feel I need to make it up to her.

How To:

  • Let him feel he pushed too hard for sex
  • Tell him you feel so hurt
  • Let him know you’re devastated after he cheated

The Cheating Guilt Trip
Steve Harvey in Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man says that men who cheated often go back to being perfect husbands.
That’s true, but it only happens when she denies him first, lets him see what he’s missing… And makes him feel guilty about it.


It will not work with narcissists and sociopaths.
Some of them will even see it as a badge of their deceptive skills.

#8. Dangerous Woman Seduction

Danger mixes well with madness and irrationality, and takes it a step further.

Danger is exciting, that’s one of the reasons why heart-breaking players appeal to women and why James Bond is so alluring.

And, if present, it also plays into possible latent masochistic tendencies.


We were pillow talking and she was prodding about me and my life -funny how some women remember to do that after, BTW-.

I love after sex conversation. You can drop the masks and really be yourself.
But back then “myself” was a bit of a childish tw*t.

So when it came to love and past relationships I delivered my line which I thought was cool as hell:

Me:just don’t fall in love with me

With a serious and stern tone she said:

Her:No, I will fall in love with you and then I will kill you

I laughed at the beginning thinking how that was the best comeback I had ever heard.
But I also realized later I was perversely more attracted to her.

The “Dangerous Woman Seduction” is also one of the driving seduction forces of the movie “Basic Instinct”, where in the final sex scene he suspects and fears for his life.

#9. Sex and Violence Seduction

Let’s start with the due disclaimers: violence sucks.

Emotional abuse sucks.
And latent aggression, based on the need to be superior to one’s partner, makes for terrible relationships and has no seductive appeal whatsoever (check combative relationships for examples).

However, that being said, aggression, violence and attraction can powerfully overlap.

Physical domination appeals to women more than most people would care to admit.
For many women, rape-like sex is a fantasy.

And, sometimes, more than a fantasy. Relationship researcher John Gottman, in The Science of Trust reveals he was shocked to meet woman after woman confessing that their best sex was right after a beating.

Men have it too.
Domination impinges on males’ masochistic tendencies.
And many say that the most powerful men have it more often and more strongly.

I wouldn’t recommend going to extremes.
There are no statistics, but I suspect masochists are not a majority -and it’s probably not the relationship you wanna have-.
Yet, in milder forms, it will get most guys very into you.


Having sex during a fight, or when it seems you two are on the verge of splitting, is extremely seductive. And so is a mix of sex and aggression.

Do you think this scene is sexy or not:

Notice again the mix of emotions: hate, carnal passion and love.
P.S.: unluckily my own upload with the full sex scene has been flagged (damn you prudes! :), so you get the PG-13 version here.

How To

To stay in the safe zone, you can do the following:

  • Show him some bite and resistance, let him “earn you” in bed with some domination
  • Pillow fights
  • Play wrestling

#10. Private Area Pokes

This is a big weapon in the arsenal of the teasing seduction styles (see: seduction styles).

The below the belt touches are a form of waving a red flag in front of him. It’s like saying

Teasing Seductress: I might be into you… Are you gonna be man enough to come get me?

And rest assured he will want to fuck you and obsess over you the whole night (or life) long.

A similar and equally effective technique is “accidentally” rubbing the pelvis or chest against him, which were rated as the most effective technique to turn him on by David Buss’ research (Buss, 2003).


See an example from this real-life documentary:

If you want to fuck him, this move will mindfuck him to want to fuck you 🙂

If you want to be more provocative and you’re in private, you can have grab/poke or touch his private parts.
Just remember: don’t be too direct or thirsty, this is not you who wants him: this is you making him want you.

How To

  • Touch his upper leg when seating
  • Rest your hand on his inner thigh for a split of a second
  • Touch the side of his leg while waking
  • Joking “hit him” below the belt (not necessarily crotch, side of the leg is also fine)

#11. Sex-Talk Seduction

Actions speak louder than words.

But that doesn’t mean that words can’t have their place in making him crazy about you.
Indeed sexually-laden talk is a great, great way to arouse someone. It’s also a game men use with women, and it works even better from women to men.

As we’ve seen in the text flirting guide, it’s best when implied, understated and hinted.
Direct can also work, but be aware it’s at a higher danger of slotting you into the short term type of gal.


The best way to do it is to pass obvious hints at sex, but without using curse words.

That way, you make him want to fuck while still coming across as a high quality woman.

Notice that when she implies he will masturbate she is also implying he’s attracted to her.

Check this forum entry for a couple more ideas on talking about sex without using curse words.

#12. Sexual Bursts Seduction

Uncover your wild side… Then take it away.

Quick bursts of whirlwind sexual passion will leave him speechless.

Actually, better than speechless: it will leave him dazed and confused, horny and excited.

And that’s when brain neurological patterns are more easily shaped: you’re literally branding him.
Obsession guaranteed.


Watch Summer’s perfect execution:

How To

Catch him where sex is not to be expected. Then turn him on:

  • Stroke his package beside a clerk’s counter
  • A footsie under the table meeting the parents
  • Throw yourself at him in a fitting room


Some men will love a woman taking charge. The most dominant men might not appreciate it much, though -especially if it’s the first time-

There are a few more techniques to make him obsess about you and want to fuck you.

I dedicate less space to them as they are either less effective, more destructive, or more tailed to certain types of men.
They include:

  • Refuse him (many men have an inborn stalker within them only waiting to be awaken)
  • Make him feel he’s close to sex, but never deliver it (some gold diggers can effectively use this one)
  • Break up with him (some men only realize what they miss when they don’t have it anymore)
  • Take charge of the seduction (I never liked it when women did it to me because I’m one of those guys who like to take charge. But some men will love it)
  • Triangulation and jealousy games

Here is a triangulation example a woman played with me:

Triangulation makes him defensive and protective

However, the above techniques are nasty and high quality men will not stick around when you play them.
That’s why I don’t recommend them.


As strange as it might sound, to make a man sexually addicted to you, sex is just a tiny part.

Sex feels similar to most men, and orgasms are always the same, whether she stands there like a log, or if she’s got the best twerking game in the world.
It’s what around the sexual act that makes men addicted to you sexually. And this article showed reliable techniques to get him hooked.

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