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Power Moves Recommendations

Lucio Buffalmano
March 21, 2019

This page lists the resources that helped me in my business (or my life).

Some of them include affiliate links.

#1 SiteGround

I use SiteGround for ThePowerMoves 

If you want to launch your website or if you are planning to move hosting provider, I can highly recommend SiteGround.


  • It’s easy to exceed the amount of CPU / allocated on shared servers
  • My upgrade to virtual servers wasn’t super smooth

I had issues with CPU and RAM spikes, but that was my very own issue.
My TTFB (time to first byte) on virtual servers wasn’t as fast as on shared plans, which I thought was very strange.
But I didn’t work on it long enough because I later downgraded back to GoGeek, the highest shared servers’ plan (my move was too rushed).


  • Fast

Speed is super important because it has a direct impact on SEO and users’ experience -the two are correlated anyway-.

  • Secure

Siteground has HTTPS on all plans, offers two-steps login, pushes patches and updates automatically and they take good care of their servers’ environment security, which is even more important on shared plans.

  • Reliable

100% uptime which is awesome.

  • Lots of own plug-ins and services

SiteGround develops own caching solutions and plugins that will help you get rid of a lot of plugin bloats. All with the advantage of seamlessly integrating into the SiteGround ecosystem.

PRO Tip: if you are planning to grow or if you are already growing, it might be a great idea to start with a higher plan at a discount.
Because when you start with the smaller plan at a discount, you won’t carry that discount when you’ll have to upgrade to higher plans.
So pick the GoGeek and carry that discount for a few years until you’ll move to dedicated server.

Start your website with SiteGround. 

#2. Tax-Free Today

Guys, if you plan on starting a business you need the best information available on:

  • Maximizing taxes
  • Minimizing bureaucracy
  • Legal and asset protection

And the best information available, bar none, is at Tax-Free.Today.

If you’ve already been around entrepreneurial-minded people you know that this is a world where everyone talks about legal entities and tax optimization.
But you will quickly realize that the truth is this: everyone talks about it but nobody knows anything about it.

It’s against this backdrop of widespread ignorance that I was absolutely in awe of Christoph’s work.
Christoph is a well of knowledge and on, he delivers it in a simple, practical and actionable format.

I am very happy that today (May 2019) I have had my (first) consultation with Christoph and I couldn’t be happier.
His team can also help you with the actual process of incorporation which is what I am doing right now.

I’ll keep you updated on the actual results with a more in-depth review.

But in the meanwhile do yourself a favor and inform yourself on what, where, when and how you should incorporate:

#3. LearnPress

For the online course Social Power, I use LearnPress (the website and company are called ThimPress as they also make WordPress themes). 

The two major competitors of LearnPress are Learndash and LifterLMS.
Bot of them is relatively expensive while LearnPress is free to start with (you only pay add-ons, which still makes it cheaper and you don’t need add-ons to start with).

I haven’t tested the other two, but LearnPress was so simple and effective that I never had the need to.

I use LearnPress with the following add-ons:

In the future I am planning to also get:

Basically, I am thinking to move from a one-off payment to a weekly payment system for Social Power and I will need those two add-ons to make it work the way I want.

LearnPress Support

Online reviews complain of a lack of support. 
On the WordPress page of the plugin indeed there is little to no support, but you will get support on their forums on their website.

I can’t compare with the support of other LMS, but I can tell you that Huyen not only got back to me, but actually logged in on this website more than once to fix some coding for me (thank you Huyen!).

LearnPress Themes

When I got LearnPress I was already running Genesis with a different theme and didn’t want to undo all of that work.

If you are starting with the idea of selling a course, it might make sense to go for both LearnPress and Thimpress theme all at once.

Get LearnPress Themes here.

#4. Content Views Pro

To organize the blog page and, most of all, the Reading List that makes me so proud, I use Content Views PRO.

I absolutely love those guys.
There is nothing in the market that gets even close to them.

They also have a free version which I kept for a while.
But once I bought the pro version I had to wonder why I waited so long.

At $29 a year, it’s so cheap anyway that I recommend you get the PRO right away.

Get Content Views Pro

#5. Genesis by StudioPress

I run Genesis by StudioPress on top of my WordPress installation and I also use a StudioPress theme.

Some people prefer Divi.
Divi is more customizable and makes it easier to change pages and homepage.
That’s cool, but I chose Genesis because it’s sturdier, safer and, some say, better for SEO.

That sealed the deal for me.

StudioPress Themes

First I had Magazine something, which was better for blogging purposes and showing off the latest posts on the homepage.

Then I changed to Academy Pro, the current one, which is better to use the homepage as a sales page for the course.

My goal is to have something in between though. I love writing and sharing wisdom and I think some of my latest work should find its way on the homepage.
It’s in my to-do list.

#6. Fiverr

My go-to service when I need to hire external help.

You can hire developers, CSS experts, data entry workers, translators, and even photoshop help.

My recommendation is that you find someone you like and then stick with him. 
It will save you time and money.

Ask me for a specific recommendation on the right people.

Use this link and you get 20% off:

Get 20% Off Your First Order

GA Tracking Analytics

Learning what users are doing on your website is crucial to understand in which direction you need to develop and improve.

The default Google Analytics installation might not be enough for many. It wasn’t enough for me for example.

Particularly, I wanted to know what users were doing before buying a membership.

To add customer goals and events, I was super happy with Tobias’ work. 
He was fast and thorough at the same time.
More thorough than anybody else I’ve seen on Fiverr, which I highly appreciated:


While Fiverr is better for smaller work, Freelances is better suited for bigger projects or for custom projects.

Write a description of what you need to get done and watch tens of people apply.
Then you can comfortably sort and choose depending on price, feedback, and expertise.

It’s great.
Use this link and we both get a $20 bonus:

Get started with $20 bonus

#8. Airbnb

Airbnb will be your best help while you launch your company.

It provided a survival income stream to my business partners’ while they bootstrapped. 
If you have the opportunity, I can highly recommend you do the same.

Apply here and you get a $30 bonus right off the bat!

Travel with Airbnb


Begin hosting & bootstrap with a $30 bonus!

#9. Asgaros Forum

For the forum, I use Asgaros Forum.

There is no affiliate link here because it’s free and I highly recommend above the more popular bbPress. 

It looks beautiful and works wonders right off the bat while bbPress looks terrible and you’ll waste weeks (and hours of developers’ money) to make it acceptable.

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