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Social Power – Reviews

Lucio Buffalmano
May 8, 2020

These are only some two of the latest emails I have received:


email snapshot of a review for power university


an email feedback for power university


Public Reviews

I could go and on with emails.

But every time I saw a list of email testimonials on some program I always had to wonder.

So instead of a list of emails, these are public testimonials.

  • So good it gets you hooked:

You can read this one online here.

  • Two lessons of Social Power better than a whole course on Udemy:

You can read that one here.

  • Social Power can help you turn over a new leaf:

You can read the post here.

  • Using Social Power to ace casting jobs:

You can see the review here.

Customer Service

The people enrolling for Social Power are actively improving their lives.

And I feel like we are kindred souls. 
People who want more for themselves and their lives, and take concrete steps to have it.

And without them, this website wouldn’t exist.
I always prioritize customers above anything else:

That was one of the first customers. And since then, the customer experience has only improved

Those Who Didn’t Vibe With It…

ThePowerMoves.com is different than most other businesses.

One of the ways ThePowerMoves is different in by being far more open as to what happens behind the curtains.

So I’m including here also the feedback of those who didn’t vibe with Social Power.
It’s rare, but rarely it happens. 
Most often someone was looking for something shorter:

Social Power can be a life-changer… If you are willing to spend some effort

I immediately refunded P, no questions asked.
P was not a good fit for the course, and I knew it.
Social Power is not good if you’re looking for a quick fix.

Granted, this is condensed wisdom.
As condensed as it can be. 
But it still requires some effort on your side. 

Female Power

Social Power constantly improves.

The last major update was thanks to a customer called Kristina.
Kristina thought Social Power was too male-centric:

I am extremely grateful for Kristina’s feedback. 
This is what she went on to say:

Kristina had a great point.
There was no such resource to teach women how to strategically handle power and success while still remaining likable and feminine.

I had to provide one.

Since then and for 5 months I did nothing but research women and power.
All of my quarantine days also all went into this project.
So I got the books she suggested. And many more. I delved into the research literature for women and power, and women in the workplace. 
And I scoured movies and YouTube for real-life examples.

The literature was great, full of wisdom to help driven women to be successful.
And I condensed all that knowledge in 3 lessons for women only. One addressing the mindsets, one addressing career strategies, and one on how to combine power and femininity.
All with practical examples and videos.
Now Social Power is the best course on the market for women who seek to combine personal success with social success.

And I will end with another public review. 
This is what Alexander, a customer of Social Power, says of the people he has learned from:

You can see there review here.

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