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AFC Spreadsheet Challenge Ends This Friday!

Ian Ironwood
October 29, 2014


If you recall, a few months back I issued the AFC Spreadsheet Challenge, inviting all married men who were curious about the Red Pill to track their sex lives with their wives over a 90 period, starting August 1 and ending October 31.  As that day draws to a close, I encourage all of you to make that final push to get your numbers up or, conversely, begin the painful process of data analysis with the data pool that you've assembled.


How many times did you approach?  How many times did you initiate? How many times were you successful?  How many times were you rejected?  What reasons/excuses/rationalizations did your wife give you?

Remember, there is no right answer, except in the sense that you are evaluating raw, hard, objective data about your sex life.  Every relationship is different, so don't feel competitive with other men about your stats.  What's important is what you feel when you look down at those raw numbers, and realize what they say about you, your wife, and your relationship.  Without real data, it's impossible to spot a problem, much less fix one.


Feel free to share your results here (Anonymously, if you like), because while this isn't a competition, the whole secondary purpose of this exercise is to share data with your peers for review.  If you're working a Red Pill strategy, how does it stack up to the Blue Pill strategies?  Let's see what the data says.  And no embellishments, Gentlemen.

I'll probably leave this post up awhile.  As a brief programming note, I'll probably be neglecting this blog for a few months, thanks to one of my projects being green-lighted (could be an Ian Ironwood-written porn movie coming out, it seems) along with some other writing projects I need to focus on.  I'll still be lurking, don't get me wrong, but if I'm not as active on Twitter, here, and Reddit for awhile, don't get worried.  This is one of my most productive times of year.

Lastly, Happy Hallowe'en, and to my Pagan brethren, may you have a productive and reflective Samhain!


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