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Alpha Move: Stand Up Straight

Ian Ironwood
February 18, 2012

A lot of guys in the first few days of taking the Red Pill are at a loss about how to begin.  They’re still coming out of the Blue Pill stupor, and the task in front of them seems daunting.  Some are so intimidated by it that they abandon it altogether.  Sure, they can work out, but that takes weeks to have any significant visible effect, so they feel trapped.  They want to see some instant results.  

What the novice Red Pill man needs to remember is that the goal of Game, Married or Single flavors, is not necessarily to become an Alpha male (most of us are simply not equipped to handle full Alpha – and the drawbacks are almost as severe as the advantages), it’s to present as an Alpha.  Big difference.  Even if you aren’t chiseled out of granite and endowed with a big, bulging trust fund, you can still use the subtextual cues of dominance associated with Alpha to improve your presentation.  One of the most subtle yet dramatic ways you can do this is through the simple expedient of standing up perfectly straight.

The customs associated with military life – our attempt to institutionalize the aggressive masculine Alpha – include standing at attention.  Why?  Because standing perfectly straight, balanced on both feet, makes you taller and more intimidating automatically.  Slouching is for Betas, Sigmas and Omegas.  Alphas have good posture.

Don’t underestimate the effect of this cue.  If you wish, try an experiment.  If you are learning Single Game ala Roissey and Roosh V, then try an approach with your shoulders slumped and with you leaning casually.  Then try another approach standing perfectly straight, shoulders back, head fixed firmly on one spot, with few if any extraneous movements.  I think you’ll find that there is a definite difference in result.

If you are learning Married Game, then make a slightly annoying, slightly unreasonable request of your wife or girlfriend slouched over, casual style.  Then wait an hour and try a different annoying, slightly unreasonable request standing straight up, balanced equally on both feet, shoulders squared and facing her directly.  Note the difference in reaction.

The secret to maintaining good posture is known to ballerinas and models the world over: you simply imagine a string pulling you skyward from the top of your head.  It requires a little effort at first to maintain that posture, but with time and practice it becomes automatic.  And you will notice a subtle but decided shift in how people treat you from this very simple change to your presentation.  Standing up straight makes you taller (DHV), take up more space, and it makes people literally look up to you (well, shorter people).  More, your willful attention to your own presentation will increase both your confidence and your focus – both of which are essential to Game, and hallmarks of a mature masculinity.

So stand up straight.  Smile confidently and have good posture.  No one else might be watching, but you always are – and if you can impress yourself, you’ll impress the ladies.  Besides, it don't cost nothin'.

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