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Beta Move: Play Nurse

Ian Ironwood
February 9, 2012
One of the implicit aspects of marriage that men all too often gloss over is the whole "in sickness" part.  But when your wife has a lousy cold, then think of it as an opportunity to do some Beta DHVs (yes, there are such things).


Here's a couple of tips:

1) Ensure she has the right medications for her symptoms.  If that means you have to learn the difference between a decongestant and an anti-imflamitory, then so be it.

2) The softest, cushiest tissues money can buy.

3) Spring for the expensive cough drops.  She's worth it.

4. Juice.  Go ahead and get a lot.  It's going to be a bumpy ride.

5. Soup.  Homemade if you can, Campbell's if you can't.  Put it on a tray and bring it to her in bed.

6. Sleep.  Ensure she gets as much as she needs to recuperate.  She will appreciate you MUCH MORE if you handle every possible detail, and her symptoms as well.

7. Entertainment.  Go ahead and grab some mags and some DVDs.  It will help keep her from getting testy and bored.

8. Attitude.  Be cheerful.  The last thing she wants is to feel like she's being a burden.  When you start to think she's milking it, start easing her back into the realm of the living.

9. Doctor.  If she needs it, make her go.  Drive her if you must.  And don't complain about the expense -- that's a DLV.

10. DON'T use it as an opportunity for seduction.  Unless she's into that sort of thing.

Often we avoid our wives like the plague when they're sick -- but this is just an opportunity for resentment to set in if you do not care for her properly.  What you DON'T want to do is have her use it to have endless relationship discussions out of boredom.  Take care of her . . . but take care of your business, too.

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