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"I, for one, will welcome our new Sexbot masters . . . "

Ian Ironwood
January 14, 2013


Vox Rox, once again, as he hits on a subject I’ve been eager to explore but, alas, I’ve hesitated to, due to the occasional anti-nerd bias that appears from time to time in the Manosphere.  I get enough heat over my hyperbole, and the following is going to seem like crazy sci-fi, not a rational and reasonable prediction of the future.  But since the always-well-respected Vox Day has broached the subject, I can get my nerdy little hands on it without looking like the geeky kid.  Here’s the thing:

The Sexbot threat to feminism is real.


No one wants to admit it, but it’s coming.  Indeed, the only people who recognize it as such are the radical feminists and the radical nerds, and rarely do folks take those groups at face value when they speak.  But they both have it right, sexbots are in our future.  Indeed, they’re closer than you think, and their capacity to seriously screw with the SMP is very, very real.

When you think “sex bot”, you’re probably thinking of the Austin Powers’ version, or perhaps just a solid-core doll with a vibrating twat.  The reality of the situation is this: Japan, the undisputed global leaders in male masturbation technology, are investing literally millions in research into this market.  Why?  Because of the herbivores.

The “herbivores” are the adult males (I hesitate to call them men) in Japanese society who have opted out of the dating-and-mating SMP entirely.  In consideration of the exhausting and complex web of social and financial penalties involved, these men have just . . . given up on women.  When they do look for sexual release they either masturbate or (more rarely) visit a brothel.  They do not, for the most part, mate.

The Herbivores are considered the natural result of post-industrial society, so its within the interests of the Manosphere to pay close attention.  They tend to range from 25-35, and they live simple lives pursuing their hobbies and going to work and . . . that’s it.  You think American women feel entitled?  Japanese “princesses” put them to shame.  Their demands and requirements for a husband are often so grandiose or unrealistic that they have turned-off an entire generation of Japanese men to the very idea of marriage, just at the point where their female contemporaries, themselves working in corporate jobs, are starting to consider it.

"Rebecca" Model, complete cooking/cleaning
/fellatio software standard, $9,999.99 Today Only!
But when your day consists of going to work in a cube farm and playing the corporate warrior competing with women all day, apparently it saps your desire to deal with them all night, too.  Instead, these men have turned their backs on emotionally investing in either.  Sure, it sounds like one of those crazy Japanese social stats,  After all, the problem can’t be that bad, can it?  How many of the young men between 25 and 35 have self-identified as Herbivores, and do not actively plan on marrying?

Over 60%.

Ladies, think about that figure for a moment.  Even if you subtract a generous 5-10% for homosexual men, that still means that only half – at most – of men in Japan’s advanced post-industrial society will be available for marriage.  And despite Japan’s unique forms of feminism, that issue has become a very, very big one for Japanese women.

Enter the Japanese sex companies.  Long an important part of international sex culture, the last few decades have seen rapid advances in masturbation technology, including the disposable Tenga “egg” stroker you can buy in a vending machine for those long lunch hours.  Japanese dudes whack it a lot, and that’s big business.  So Japanese firms are preparing for, and feverishly developing, the Sexbot for sale in the near future.

At this point they’re still pretty crude, so you ladies can relax for half a decade.  But by 2018, and certainly by 2020, we’ll see animatronic Sexbots available for purchase that you will not be able to distinguish from a human being more than ten feet away.

Every aspect of the phenomenon is being developed: realistic-feeling skin, realistic-looking eyes, realistic-sounding voice, realistic weight and mass, realistic movements . . . the Japanese are highly detail-oriented.  When you see what they offer in a high-end sex doll now, just imagine what they can do when it’s actually a robot.  The Japanese LOVE robots.  When they build them, they build them like works of art.

"Linda" Model, used, some aftermarket parts,
5 years old, $4,400.00 OBO
The current state-of-the-art is still primitive, but that’s changing rapidly.  By 2020 your Sexbot will be able to walk, talk, see, hear, suck, fuck, give you an endless handjob, take it up her vibrating butt and do stuff no mortal woman can.  You will be able to order them in any style, from African to Asian to European to Latin and beyond, any height, any weight, and you will be able to personalize them to suit your particular fetish.  Advanced models will have changeable bust sizes and other options.  Hair, eyes, and accent?  Standard options.

And just how much will dudes have to shell out to get a perfectly-programmed girlfriend delivered to their door?

About the price of an economy car.  Estimates indicate that the best consumer price-point for a Sexbot is about US$7,000.00 (2013).  Leases will likely be available.  So will financing.  But for the average dude, shelling out that kind of cash for the perfect sexual companion is a no-brainer.

Imagine a dude getting home from work in his single apartment.  His Sexbot has been pre-programmed to start his dinner and have it ready on demand.  She greets him at the door, asks about his day, gets his dinner, and then spends the rest of the evening satisfying him any way he chooses.  With a sophisticated AI (one of the major focuses of the effort) she will be able to converse with you on nearly any topic or stay blissfully silent.  And you don’t even have to ask about how her day went.

After two years, trade her in for a newer, more advanced model.  Repeat as necessary.

It won’t be perfect . . . but it will be good enough for most men.  Our children’s generation will look forward to a whole lot of men (if Japan is any indication, over half) depending on Sexbots for their erotic entertainment over actual human beings.  Even whores.  Because sexbots are safer than prostitutes by any estimation.

And just how are the feminists greeting this miracle, this great liberation of women from the sexual expectations of evil, lusty ol’ mens?

Following the recent Ontario/Canada Roundtable on Gender Equality, the below provisions have been proposed for the new Human-Robot Personal Relationship Act, the first draft of which is currently being finalized.The provisions are specifically meant to target the concerns that were expressed at the roundtable that sexbots will negatively impact the pursuit for gender equality and may unduly emphasize the objectification of women as sexual objects.The suggested provisions fall into the larger framework of regulating the emerging service robot industry that will be governed by the Human-Robot Personal Relationship Act and under the direction of the Ministry of Robots and Artificial Intelligence, to be established in Ontario and other Canadian provinces and territories at the end of next year.

…The use of sexbots in the privacy of one’s home is prohibited, unless otherwise permitted by the Ministry of Robots and Artificial intelligence or a relevant regulating agency as per the criteria outlined in the Human-Robot Personal Relationship Act.

"Jessica" Model, barely used, got as gift last year;
$6500.00, non neg.
See?  The feminists don’t want . . . competition.

Vox rightly points out the thinly-veiled, incredibly obvious motivation behind this freakish proposed law: feminists are upset because when dudes can buy a girlfriend for less money than an engagement ring, and then have elective temporary vasectomies to cover their bases for the few times they do end up with a real woman, then the future looks an awful lot like a male paradise and a female hell.

What happens when you’re a woman, you want to be a mom, but not only can’t you find a husband . . . you can’t even find decent sperm?  When in order to conceive, you have to convince a dude to commit to providing you with semen, which he can do only AFTER he consciously gets his vasectomy reversed?  No surprise pregnancies, no one-night-stands gone wrong, suddenly the only way a woman can get pregnant is if she can convince a man to commit to her?  If she can even find one who is interested?

Several feminist groups have maintained that “Control over reproduction is a basic need and a basic right for all women.”  That is, the control of who gets to reproduce, according to feminism, belongs exclusively in the hands of one gender, despite all the braying about “equality”.  But what happens when that just won’t be the case?  What happens in our society when a majority of working women can’t find husbands – or even dates, thanks to the Sexbot craze – and end up working and paying taxes to subsidize other women’s childbearing?  What happens when a dude with superior genetics can start a bidding war on his balls?  What happens when a woman has to ask a man – pretty please – can we have a baby?

The Agricultural Age sex-for-security swap is obsolete – I get that.  Women can make their own money and don’t need us for support anymore.  Great.  Knock yourselves out.  Women are in charge of their own bodies and own reproductive health, according to international treaty, and they can have kids anytime they want.  If they convince a dude to donate.  I’m envisioning a pretty lengthy negotiation and paperwork session before he ever gets to the clinic.

"Samantha" Model, replaced CPU and customized
vagina and mouth.  Speaks with Austrailian accent
but has seven alternate themes.  $8,800.00, firm.
And I’m also envisioning a whole lot of dudes suddenly asking, in very loud voice, just why the hell they should consent to grant a woman their sperm without a dramatic re-negotiation of the socio-sexual contract?  That’s going to happen anyway, naturally, just as it did with industrialization, the pill, divorce, computers and porn.  The temporary vasectomy is literally just a few years away.  Throw in Sexbots, and suddenly men have reproductive power the likes of which they’ve never dreamed, even at the height of the Agricultural Age.  They will decide when they conceive as a conscious choice, not as a whim of Nature.  Have a bad date with yet-another desperate woman who only wants you for your sperm?  Kandi the Asian 19year old Sexbot will make it all better.

And that’s why feminists are trying to ban them.  Not because they “objectify” women, but because they make women largely redundant to men.  Suddenly the allure of their genitalia will pale in comparison to the outrageous sexual bombshells rolling off of the Kyoto assembly lines.  Indeed, by all practical measurements, Sexbots will actually cure a plethora of social ills: STDs, AIDS, unwanted pregnancy, sexual frustration, loneliness, heartbreak, child sexual exploitation, and more.  Far from making men objectify women . . . it will merely make them ignore them.  Men with Sexbots won’t treat women poorly, because more likely than not, once they have the “perfect” programmed girlfriend at home, there really won’t be any reason to interact with women unless you’re at work.

Indeed, Sexbots are so clearly a boon to men that feminist cannot let them be developed.  Consider the advantages to dudes: Men get a life free from rejection or judgment, the two biggest issues for male sexual psychology.  They can indulge themselves sexually with a Sexbot for years, if they desire, before they decide whether or not they want children.  Male sperm is viable until you’re around 70 (and while frozen sperm only lasts a few years, properly harvested and frozen spermatophores, the cells that create sperm, can be frozen indefinitely), so there really is no rush on fatherhood until you’re damn good and ready.  If ever.

Just imagine a society where any man can get his ashes hauled at any time, in any way, without having to ask a live woman to participate.  Just imagine a society where women can’t get “accidentally” pregnant anymore.  Not only is the impetus to marry absolutely killed, but even the impetus to mix with the opposite sex.  And that’s what is scaring feminists, not the potential for objectification.

Sexbots are coming, and the above-legislation is doomed, even if it passes, to languish in court.  Why?  Because the use of Sexbots is protected under  a number of United Nations Treaties dealing with Reproductive and Sexual Rights:

The Cairo Programme of Action clearly spells out the concept of reproductive rights in Chapter 7 which states in part that such rights "rest on the recognition of the basic right of all couples and individuals to decide freely and responsibly the number, spacing and timing of their children and to have the information and means to do so, and the right to attain the highest standard of reproductive and sexual health. It also includes the right of all to make decisions concerning reproduction free of discrimination, coercion, and violence as expressed in human rights documents."

"Brenda" Model, Like New, some issues with house
keeping programming.  Low mileage, great starter bot.
The proposed law, above, would be the state directly impinging on the sexual and reproductive freedom of men.  Because if that law isn’t “discrimination and coercion”, I don’t know what is.  Under UN Treaty, the rights of men and women are essentially interchangeable, so claiming special rights for women (such as the right not to have to compete with an android supermodel who can literally suck the chrome off of a trailer hitch for a husband) is unlikely to withstand legal review.  Further, thanks to NAFTA and other international trade treaties, this law may actually violate Free Trade statutes in addition to other international laws.

Just imagine the result if sex with “realistic” Sexbots is actually made illegal . . . why not just pop an alien head on?  Or a animatronic animal head?  Or just a silvery glass sphere?  That’s the real danger for women when it comes to Sexbots: their ability to be customized in ways no woman would ever consent to.  And just imagine a bunch of feminist attorneys standing up in court trying to distinguish (legally) between a woman’s right to buy a realistic dildo (currently protected under Canada’s generous privacy laws) and a man’s right to buy a realistic pussy . . . that just happens to be attached to a $7000.00 human-shaped carrying case.  Like gun control laws, any regulation that seeks to stop the trade will end up producing variations that allow it to be circumvented.

Can’t have a “realistic” full-body Sexbot?  Then just buy her from the waist down.  And then next year spring for a separate torso and head.  You can use them separately, or together!  Cant’ have a Sexbot that portrays a minor?  Get a really, really small model, and no one knows what happens in your imagination.

Rarely has feminism’s hypocrisy and clear agenda been better on display: women get all the sex toys they want, but when men have the one they want, we can’t be allowed to have it because they don’t like it.  That’s it.  Not that it would “hurt the children”, not that it would “spread disease”, not that it would harm . . . anyone.  Just that it would make them feel bad.  Maybe.  Or at least they think it would, so they want to pre-emptively prohibit the technology that doesn’t even exist yet.

My industry will be fighting this type of law tooth-and-nail, because the profit potential in Sexbots is huge – a hell of a lot better than vibrators.  And feminists will come up with more outrageously blatant rationalizations, sent from on-high by the Great Hamster, to tell us why we can’t have them.  But we all know why.

And it’s coming.

It can’t be stopped.

It can’t be reasoned with.

"Connie" Model, bought for light office duty for three-man office.
Can double as a receptionist or a word processor.  Nine different
Office Fantasy Programs, standard.  We just got a "Alana", and
"Connie" just isn't as satisfying anymore.  $700.00 OBO.
All you can do is accept it.  Because the Japanese are going to build these things, and then the 30 million men in China who have no hope of marriage will buy them like hotcakes, and there’s no way we Americans can let a sweet thing like that slip by us – that would be un-American.

So I, for one, will be welcoming our new Sexbot masters.  It’s going to tighten up the SMP worse than gay liberation did.  And it’s going to make shallow, poor-quality women completely and utterly undatable, and leave them little or no options to reproduce.  And the women who do reproduce will do so only with the permission, consent and acquiescence of men.

One other consequence of the Herbivores that no one is considering?  Think about this: the next generation of Japanese will be the product only of the “Carnivores”, the more manly, aggressive, and sexual men in Japanese society.  The Alphas and High Betas, in other words.  That means that a lot of low-performing mediocrity will be bred out or cultured out.  Which means the 21st century looks pretty good for the Japanese.

Of course, you remember what happened last time things looked good for the Japanese, back in the middle of last century . . .

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