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"Ian, that Marriage Post was too damn long."

Ian Ironwood
December 21, 2011
I got no less than five emails from regular readers (and that means most of you) complaining about how long my three posts on the Evolution of Marriage were, and a request for a summary.

So here's the basic table.  If you can see anything I missed, let me know.  It's a work in progress.

Ironwood’s Economic Evolution of Marriage

Version 1.0 Tribal Marriage (Subsistence economies)

1.0 Tribal Marriage \ Hunter-gatherer economy
1.1 Tribal Marriage \ Herder-Rancher-Fisher economy

Version 2.0 Grain Agriculturalist economy
2.0 Agricultural Marriage
2.1 Religiously Sanctioned Agricultural Marriage
2.2 Upper-Class Marriage

Version 3.0 Industrial/Post-Industrial economy

3.0 Serial/Single Marriage
3.1 Culturally/Religiously Based Traditional Nuclear Family
3.11 Hybrid Culturally/Religiously Based Traditional Nuclear Family
3.2 Domestic Partnership Model Traditional Marriage
3.3 Domestic Partnership Reconstructive Marriage
3.4 Companionate Marriage (“DINK Marriage”)
3.5 Perpetual Spinsterhood/Bachelorhood

There.  Got that?

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