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No, It Wasn't In Your Head: Ms. Dustybox Really <i>Was</i> Out To Get You

Ian Ironwood
February 20, 2012
Wonderful post over at The Private Man about this study showing that while male teachers tend to grade boys and girls fairly, female teachers do, indeed, grade boys more harshly and downgrade them more.

We had an old spinster teacher in Middle School we nick-named Ms. Dustybox for obvious reasons.  Very typical eager feminist-educating-young-minds-while-bitching-about-her-love-life sort of teacher.  We all suspected that she hated boys and punished their grades accordingly, while giving generous passes and better grades to girls.  She couldn't shut up about "equality", and it was her tired screeds in front of the classroom that first gave me the inkling that maybe feminist "equality" meant tearing boys down as much or more than building girls up.

So now we have this study that shows that, surprise surprise, female teachers grade boys more harshly.  I wonder what the feminist response to this will be?  HINT: It will involve blaming the men and the system, while absolving any women of any responsibility.  Just a prediction, folks.

But this should encourage every parent out there to double-check their sons' schoolwork, and examine their grades for signs of gender bias.  I know I felt discriminated against in High School and Middle School because of my gender, but I could never prove it.  This might help level the playing field a little.

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Title No, It Wasn't In Your Head: Ms. Dustybox Really <i>Was</i> Out To Get You
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