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Sex Nerd Update!

Ian Ironwood
August 31, 2012
Just a quickie before Labor Day...


(...and who DOESN'T want a quickie before Labor Day?!?)

Wanted to let you know that I FINALLY posted the long-promised list of recent porn recommendations suitable for couples (that is, not strokers).  In full disclosure, I work at all the sites I link to (NSFW) but they are 30 year old reputable firms, and you won't get any viruses or such when you go there.

(Oh, and the one site is having a sale on video-on-demand this weekend -- all VOD titles are just $1.95 for 48 hour access.  I feel kinda obligated to give that a shout-out, just because it's a freakin' incredible deal.)

Y'all have a good weekend!

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