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Woman is honest: Men being too explicit and asking permission for sex is a turn off

The Red Quest
June 15, 2022

A chick named Jordana, of the “U Up?” podcast, admits what players and all women know: a guy who waits around and doesn’t make any moves isn’t attractive to women. A guy explicitly asking a woman to consent to sex is a turn-off. Women are creatures of indirection and uncertainty, and they live in the land of “maybe,” and they want a story for themselves and others about how whatever happened sexually “just happened.” Women don’t want to take responsibility for their sex lives. They want to get offers and say “yes” or “no” to them in the moment it’s happening, and that’s it. Jordana takes about 35 minutes of beating around the bush while talking to the guy to get to the main point: despite feminism, despite her progressive politics, despite her political beliefs… she wants the guy to make the move. She finds him asking her explicitly for sex to be a turnoff.

The strange thing isn’t that this is true… the strange thing is that she’s willing to admit it, publicly.

The mask comes off, all the usual nonsense about consent is dropped, and what do women really want? Not what most say! No shock to this crowd, but important to guys who buy into the troll. Most of the talk about needing “explicit consent” for sex is a troll… the guys who buy into it aren’t the guys women want to f**k. If you don’t like the word “troll,” you could look at it as a “filtering mechanism.” Women are going to run around talking about verbal consent… but they’re going to like best and f**k the guys who “get” what they really want. The more complicated a woman makes it, the higher a man’s social intelligence, navigation skills, and desire must be. He has to wink and nod at what’s stated explicitly, while knowing what’s really going on. Young guys don’t know how to get through the fog of war and the dark forest to the castle… of pussy. Is a member of the Secret Society, or is he not?

Women want a guy who can read her signals and react. I will state the obvious too: you must respect a woman’s “no.” Lots of women, when I’ve leaned in to kiss them, have said “no.” Lots of women, when I’ve taken their clothes off, have said “no.” I have a strategy that I sometimes use if a woman is ambivalent about moving forward, in that I position her closest to the door, and myself farther from the door. I’ll point at the door and say, “any time you want, the door is right there.” Very few women respond by walking out. This is a form of “roll-off” against last-minute resistance (LMR). Many chicks are ambivalent about f**king and ambivalent about life in general… they need the force of male will to give them direction. But, point is, if a woman says “no,” she says no. Often, there is a dance, where the woman kind of says “no” at first, but then responds well to re-engagement. This is part of learning to read women and their life in “maybe.” Some women are mature enough to own their decisions and decide forthrightly what to do, but they are not in the majority.

Men who have been trolled by feminism don’t get laid as much as men who haven’t. It is sad that I need to write this post, and that men don’t understand this already, but today many men are pussy, which is part of the reason so few young people are having sex. Women already have a pussy and don’t need another. The opposite of “being a pussy” is not being a disrespectful barbarian or, worse, doing something illegal… it is being assertive and making sure the woman gets what she wants. It is accepting “no” gracefully and moving on from that. Listen to what women say after a couple of drinks, listen to what they admit to their girlfriends, look at what and who they do… and you will figure out what they really want, which is often different from what they say they want. It takes Jordana 35 minutes to sort-of admit, publicly, what she wants! We live in a sterile society that is heading towards Japanese herbivorism. We can do better. Don’t follow feminists into the void.

One marginal downside of sex clubs and non-monogamy is that verbal consent culture is real and must exist for it to work. These spaces and practices can’t exist without explicit verbal consent (they will be destroyed by boorish men without a culture and practice of explicit consent). In the normal civilian dating world, however, women love men who “just get it” and dislike men who have bought into the feminist troll of “you must ask me explicitly.”

Normal women are pro sex and appropriately enforce their boundaries. A woman knows what “Come back, I made this awesome playlist you should hear” means. She knows what “I have this great bottle of wine back at my place” means. If you’re a man, don’t freak out over a small number of weirdo outliers. Biology is older than women’s studies professors. A small number of women hate sex and men, but they are the women who currently control a lot of the media culture, leaving persons like myself to correct the record. Read BradP’s Diary of a Pickup Artist and you will by the end know more about “consent” than you need to. What a woman says and what (and who) she does often differ. Be the guy she does. That is what Red Quest is about.

Sadly, we have moved from a written culture to an oral/video culture, so the place you will see and hear women be more honest is by podcasts, not text. Text is too transparent, too explicit. With her voice, a woman is harder to quote and her words are more shaded and coded. This is bad for the culture as a whole, as we return to the Dionysian barbarism of the past instead of what should be the Apollonian clarity of the written word, but I cannot help it, only observe it. Women’s podcasts show you things their writing does not and so they have some utility, if you can wade through the nonsense.

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