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Ask For Feedback If A Guy Breaks Up With You

October 5, 2011
I dated a girl not too long ago that was clueless about how to deal with guys. She was incredibly sweet and very attractive, but not very discerning and highly emotional. Although I think she acknowledged my insufficient interest pretty early on, we stayed in touch for a little while because she wasn't fully convinced I didn't like her. As she realized more and more that we weren't going to start dating, she started confiding in me about a couple of guys that she met and went on dates with. Whether or not this was her attempt at making me jealous, I really couldn't say for sure, but I don't think it was. Anyway, I gave her advice, she largely ignored it, and before long those guys stopped talking to her. In frustration, she texted me one day - something along the lines of "OK so tell me what I did wrong with you. Apparently I need to learn a thing or two about guys, because nothing is working out for me right now."

I hesitated because I know the truth can sometimes be tough to stomach, but she insisted and seemed sincere about wanting to know. So I thought about it for a minute, then proceeded to tell her (nicely) that she shouldn't have slept with me on the first date, that she probably shouldn't have hit on me to begin with, and some of the other things she did wrong or I thought were impediments to taking things further. I should mention that this girl was not a slut, was very highly educated, and was well-off. I think she had been quite sheltered growing up and didn't have very much experience with men, so she was honestly confused about why guys were losing interest.

While we stopped talking soon after that exchange, I was exteremly impressed that she asked. She walked away wiser than she was before she met me, and she had herself to thank for that, because she had the guts to ask for real criticism. She is the only girl that has ever done this with me, even though I would have constructive things to tell the vast majority of the ones that didn't. I recently applied this lesson in my own life when a girl that stopped responding to my calls and texts. She explained without hesitating, and her answer was a real eye-opener for me.

Most guys will be more than willing to give you this kind of feedback, especially if you are candid and legitimately curious when you ask (as opposed to bitter or defensive). Guys have a knack for being very clear and direct, and if they liked you enough to go on a date or two, it is unlikely that they will be mean or abrasive with their answer. If they beat around the bush or ignore you, it probably means that they decided you weren't attractive enough; but if they were willing to go on an initial date or two, there is probably something else you could improve. As long as you have the guts to ask, and the objectivity to consider his answer, you can learn a lot from this kind of feedback.

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