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Black Girls Are Easy

June 23, 2013
I was recently given a link to a blog that I found hugely impressive. Not only did I agree with the author on just about everything, but he also makes many of the same points that I do on this blog - and he is a lot funnier. His writing is geared towards black women, but the underlying principles apply across the board.

Go check it out:

An unfortunately necessary disclaimer (which I am adding a day after the original post): obviously the blog title, Black Girls Are Easy, is intentionally provocative. And although it plays on a stereotype about black women, it does so in an effort to help correct the problems that cause the stereotype. It also does this in the best way possible: by offering sound and practical advice about how to correct them. While the reputation of being "easy" is undoubtedly a burden for the black women who aren't out there perpetuating it with their behavior, the author of the blog is doing more good by highlighting the issue and offering solid advice than he would by ignoring it.

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