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Male Age and Attractiveness

December 7, 2012
When I first published the post Your Age and Your Attractiveness (which graphically illustrates the change in a woman's attractiveness as she ages) I received a number of requests to create similar charts for men. I declined, since - being a straight male - I didn't consider myself an objective judge of male attractiveness. And anyway it was outside of the scope of this blog.

But recently I was reading an interesting post on Hooking Up Smart, and I followed a link to another post that does exactly what those readers requested of me - it plots male attractiveness against time, and even breaks it down into its primary components. I've included the main plot on the right, but the post is definitely worth a read. Here is the link:

The Socionist: Male Attractiveness Over Time

It is a striking complement to the post I wrote on here. There are a lot of similarities. The author discusses variations on typical attractiveness curves and his plots are similarly generated. In fact, if he didn't write his a couple months before mine I'd probably start throwing around accusations of plagiarism. But he did, so I should probably start expecting one from him...

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