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Never Tell a Man Why He Shouldn't Want to Date You

February 28, 2012
One of the funniest but wisest quotes I've ever read was from the recent bestselling book & Twitter feed "Shit My Dad Says." The author recounts a time when he was telling his father about a girl he'd just been on a date with. Dejected, he tells his dad that she is obviously out of his league. His dad replies:
"That woman was sexy...Out of your league? Son. Let women figure out why they won't screw you, don't do it for them."
Of course the advice in this specific instance is about sex and women. But encapsulated in his words is a lesson that many people - men and women - painfully need to learn. Regardless of how bad your situation in life is, you should always hold your head high and illustrate or describe your personal situation in the best light possible. There is simply never a need, under any circumstances, to highlight the negative aspects of your life. There will always be external factors working against you - biology, genetics, social stigmas, gossip, etc. You don't need to contribute to them. Never tell a man why he shouldn't want to date you.

I've been dumbfounded at some of the shit women tell me on dates. It reflects so poorly on them, yet they tell it to me voluntarily. I get the impression that they are trying to be "candid" or "unfiltered," but that intention is only appropriate for people who have nothing in their life that needs to be filtered.

Although there are some situations in which it is necessary to do so, as a rule you should never voluntarily talk about or even mention any of the following:
  1. Guys that have broken up with you, or any failed relationships
  2. Difficulties you have finding a guy
  3. How much it sucks being single
  4. That you have been raped or physically abused
  5. Any bad life experiences you've had (or are having)
  6. Family drama (e.g. that your mother despises your father's parents)
  7. Your lack of a social life
  8. Your dissatisfaction with your current life situation
  9. Your struggles with depression, a disability, or being a single mother
  10. How much you hate your job
I am not making this list up. I went on a second date with a girl once who spent the whole time telling me about her parents' ongoing divorce, how crazy it was and how she and her siblings kept fighting. Word-by-word, she painted a hugely unattractive picture of her life, and I lost attraction for her because of it. Another time - before we'd even gone on a date - a girl told me she'd been raped by two black men in college (she was trying to disarm a comment I made about her being "innocent"). I never asked her out.

It isn't as if all negative comments need to be purged from your conversation. It is fine to mention small things, like "God, it's so frustrating; the seats of my BMW are taking sooo long to break in..." or "Argh! I hate this cell phone, it is constantly auto-updating." While these kinds of comments might make you seem frivolous, it is better that these are the problems on your mind, rather than your upcoming psychiatric exam or how you can't possibly pay the rent next month. When it comes to big things, keep your mouth shut about anything negative.

If you have serious issues that you think your boyfriend should probably know about, like a serious STD or an alcoholic father, you can and probably should tell him about them - eventually. Bring up the bad things only after he's had a chance to see the positive aspects of your life that outweigh them.

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