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One Way To Improve Your Look

October 9, 2011
I am working on a couple posts about female appearance, and while doing some online research for them I came across this website:


In the creators' own words, Lookbook is "a utility that allows members to document their evolving style & a collective gallery from which 'lookbookers' and non-members can draw daily fashion inspiration." Basically, it is a website where anyone interested in fashion and dressing well can create a profile and post photos of themselves in various outfits. The viewers can rank the images, or "looks," and there are lists of the highest ranked pictures, and in some cases, information about the clothes that are worn in the photos.
The feature of the site that I found most interesting, however, is one that I think could be infinitely useful to any girl trying to define or improve her personal look: the site suggests other users with a look similar to the one you are currently viewing, so that if you find a girl with a style you like, you can follow the suggestions to see more examples of the one that peaked your interest. By viewing many variants of your favorite look, you can more easily identify the elements that create it, and then duplicate them yourself. Whereas without this site you would only get to see instances of a given look rarely and by chance, now you can seek out many of them in a single location.

The other good thing about this site is that it gives you the opportunity to compare the same person in different outfits, and see what works and what doesn't. The observant user can learn some important lessons about fit, color and style just from browsing the galleries.

A word of warning though: a healthy portion of the people that go to the trouble of posting on sites like this are more interested in dressing fashionably than they are concerned with looking good. (No, the two do not always overlap, because female fashion trends are controlled by women and gay men.) Because there is no filter on what gets uploaded, trusting this site blindly is like trusting Wikipedia blindly - it isn't recommended, and you should always get a second opinion. But also like Wikipedia, the open format brings in far more useful information than any closed format ever could, and that enables the site to exist. Anyway, you will see a lot of weird bullshit along with the good stuff. As you browse, just remember that classics become classics for a reason.

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