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The 10-Point Scale

August 15, 2011
Most girls already know about the 10-point scale, but for those who don't, here is a brief explanation:

Men are shallow assholes and routinely judge women based entirely on their external appearance. We use a 10-point scale to rank our perception of a woman's looks, and on occasion will use it to judge her personality as well. Rarely, the two will be combined on the same 10-point scale (see below).

The lower end of the scale is a 1, and represents the ugliest girl a man has ever seen. Usually this is a woman with a combination of physical deformity and obscene obesity, but it does vary slightly depending on a man's taste. In some instances, 0 actually represents the bottom of the scale. However, but because most men actually feel some slight compunction about ranking girls this ugly, the lower end of the scale is not used very frequently and is therefore less prone to scrutiny.

A five usually represents an average girl, which is as a girl that you would be on the fence about sleeping with if you were sober, ignored your ego and any other external factors like pregnancy or STDs.

The upper end of the scale is a 10, and represents the most beautiful woman a man has ever seen. This is usually some combination of supreme physical fitness, perfect facial structure, expensive lingerie or nakedness, professional lighting and air brushing. It has been suggested that 10s do not exist in nature, though this is debated. There is also a high degree of disagreement when it comes to ranking girls at the upper end of the scale; but because the scale is mostly used to rank personal opinion this controversy is widely tolerated.

The rankings between 0, 5 and 10 are interpolated based on the benchmarks described above.

The ranking system assumes that female attractiveness follows a Normal or Gaussian Distribution. Few have tried to dispute this, since to assume otherwise would dramatically complicate the scale, and it seems to be accurate enough for its typical applications.

Normally, the minimum precision used is a half-point (0.5), since the scale is largely used for initial impressions only and these often change anyway based on proximity, make-up, clothing, lighting, inebriation, and a variety of other factors. Though there is no explicit rule against using higher precision, men who attempt (for example) to rank a girl an 8.4 instead of rounding up to 8.5 are normally laughed at or told to shut the fuck up.

Though there are some shortcomings, men continue to use the scale for a number of reasons:
  1. We are analytical by nature and it allows us to quantify and communicate our gut feelings.
  2. We would be mocked endlessly by our male friends if we used adjectives descriptive enough to convey our impression of a woman's appearance.
  3. Most men do not possess a vocabulary large enough to use words anyway.
  4. The use of words is highly prone to misinterpretation.
  5. Because most men have ten fingers, the scale can be used across language barriers.
  6. Girls hate it.

Example of a combined looks-personality scale:

"Who was that you were talking to?"

"Oh, just this girl that wanted to play volleyball with us. She was cool."

"Yeah, she was kinda cute too; she has a great ass, is she going to play with us?"

"I know man, it's weird, I'm not that into her looks-wise, but there was something about her that I liked."

"Haha, yeah her ass..."

"No, like, on the looks scale I'd give her a 6.5, maybe a 7, but she was really cool; I'd say her personality brings her up to an 8, maybe even an 8.5."

"Nice! I love girls like that. See if she'll come out with us tonight. Tell her to bring her friends."

"Haha yeah I am going to."

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