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The Female Mustache

October 31, 2012

Every once in a while I meet a girl who is cute, aside from a noticeable dusting of hair on her upper lip. Usually it isn't visible from several yards away (i.e. visible enough to prevent an approach or introduction), but can be seen clearly at conversational distance. What usually follows in these situations is a brief conversation, the earliest possible (and polite) exit, and then a comment between me and any other male I am with - out of earshot, of course:

"Dude, did you see that??"

"What, the hair? Yeah man, what a shame. She was cute otherwise, and pretty cool too, but that shit was creepy."

I've always been shocked that girls don't do something about it on their own initiative. It occurred to me that they might not realize it is unattractive - or maybe that they don't think it is noticeable. So if you have more hair than the average girl, get rid of it. I am not entirely sure what the best methods are, but it needs to be taken care of: wax it, get it removed by laser, or at very least, bleach it.

Below is a picture that illustrates the upper limit of what is acceptable. If you have less lip hair than this, you can probably get away with it unnoticed. If you have this much hair or more, take care of it.


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