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Underwear Is Important

September 29, 2011
Men are barraged by images of women in their underwear. We see them in movies, on billboards, in magazines, on the internet - all over the place. This means that we are extremely used to seeing women wearing

(a) expensive underwear, and
(b) matching bras and panties.

Furthermore, the women wearing all this nice, coordinated underwear are hotter than 80 % of the female population. While I honestly believe a lot of girls could actually get close to that top 20 % if they worked at it, in the meantime, you can do yourself a favor by not wearing mismatched bras and panties. Your failure to do so only highlights the differences between you and the lingerie models that have long ago pegged our standards for female beauty. And this is one difference that takes very little effort to correct, but makes a pretty big difference. You can make all kinds of excuses about not having the money to afford nice stuff, but there is no excuse for not wearing a matching set. You can get that shit at Walmart.

And one more rant: I get it that girls throw on the matching or nice stuff when they know they are going to have sex. Great. Appreciated. However, it is infinitely more impressive to have spontaneous sex with your girl and find her wearing matching (or nice) underwear, because it is all the more rare. It says she pays attention to detail and is classy.

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