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Why Large Earrings Are Attractive

January 2, 2013
A reader, Caroline, recently commented on the post about large earrings, offering an explanation about why they are attractive. I thought it was worth sharing:
"I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that earrings create the illusion that the wearer's features are more concentrated in the lower part of the face, thus making them more attractive. Children have big foreheads with their eyes being about half way down their face. So this appearance equals youth, equals fertility. Supermodels e.g. Nathalia Vodianova, Lily Cole, Miranda Kerr have retained this facial structure into adulthood. 
"Big earrings also contribute to the impression of facial symmetry and draw attention to the cheekbones. Also, as you age, your jawline becomes less defined. I'd say hoops [and other large earrings] draw attention to your jaw, so this is another way they make you look young. I'm just spouting pseudo psychology here but I think to varying degrees there is truth in all these points! I also agree with the comment about them being traditionally 'ghetto' and the appeal of the slutty edge they give an otherwise nice girl."
This seems on-point. Thanks for the comment Caroline. If anyone else has seen this explanation and remembers where, please post a link in the comments.

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