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Your Love Life Is in Trouble If...

March 23, 2013
Your love life is in trouble if...

  • You minimize the time that you put into looking good because you believe that "only shallow men care about your appearance."
  • You tell yourself you have plenty of time to find a guy.
  • You over-analyze what you should text men and when.
  • You actually believe your friends when they tell you that you have "a Beyonce thing going on" or compare you to any other heavy-set-but-attractive female celebrity.
  • You behave differently depending on the kind of guy you are with (dating) at the time.
  • You blame the fact that you are single on "all men being assholes," the male "fear of commitment," or "all the good men being taken," instead of acknowledging the only real problem: yourself.
  • You reflexively criticize hot girls for being "ditsy" or "stupid" - even if they are.
  • You assume that a man means something else when he tells you he "isn't looking for anything serious right now."
  • You are trying to date a guy who is cheating on his wife or girlfriend with you.
  • You don't own high heels.
  • You don't have a gym membership.
  • You believe that you "just need to be patient" and soon you'll fall madly in love with a man who unexpectedly stumbles into your life, just like in the movies.
  • You don't think you can get more attractive than you are right now.
  • You believe that the best way to get more attention from the men who don't approach you is to instead approach them.
  • You are tall for a girl, and believe that slouching makes you more attractive because it takes the emphasis off your height.

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