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The art of losing interest

September 19, 2017

One of the most important and powerful skills a man must have is the art of losing interest. Basically, you have to be able to subtly look like you're losing interest in a girl that is misbehaving. It’s a rare skill, but it is very important. Let me explain:

Girls live in the real world about 80% of the time. They deal with their parents, their boss, customers, their teachers, etc… All of these people treat girls like they are real people and react to them like real people would. They get angry at them, they get bored at them, they get frustrated, they get offended.

However, when girls run into guys that are hitting on them, it is completely different. Men that are hitting on girls often turn into “dickbots” – a dickbot is just a guy who is so excited to be a talking to a girl, or so excited about getting laid, that he is letting his dick do the talking. Dickbots don’t care what the girl is saying – she could be acting like a complete fucking idiot or bitch, and they will continue to act interested, because they are thinking with their dick.

The problem is that girls know that they are talking to a dickbot, and its really unattractive. Girls KNOW when they are being boring, stupid, or offensive. The 80% of the people in their lives let them know that they’re being stupid, so if you act like she’s interesting/smart/nice when she’s not, she’ll know something is wrong. I even think that girls acting mildly bitchy, or uninteresting, or whatever is a mild shit test to see how the guy reacts. If the guy rolls over and pretends like she is saying some awesome shit, she will lose respect for him and see him as a supplicating loser. If, however, she calls her out on her shit, she will become more attracted. It is totally counterintuitive, but that’s what this blog is for. At best, the girl will think you’re just a corny, uninteresting loser if you are acting interested in her boring ass stories. At worst, the girl will realize that you are a creep that just wants to fuck her and she could be reading the phone book for all you care.

The key to not coming off as a dickbot (even though really are excited to be talking to this beautiful woman) is to perfect the art of losing interest. Basically, whenever a girl is being a bitch, or acting stupid, or being uninterested, or whatever, you have to subtly lose interest, with your body language. Girls are very adept at picking up on subtle body language clues and they will quickly get the message that they are not acting right. Its better to express your disinterest through body language than through words, because girls are very nonconfrontational and saying to a girl “you’re being boring” can hurt her feelings and create a tense situation that you don’t want to have to deal with. By sticking to body language you will continue to communicate to her on a subconscious level and not bring her logical thinking abilities (and defense mechanisms into it). Also, by sticking to body language you look like a really nice guy – you look like a guy who is understandably bored out of his mind, but is too polite to say anything mean.

Now, how can you subtly lose interest when the girl is being boring/uninteresting/stupid? Well, here are some of my favorite methods.

Start looking around the room as if there might be something more interesting somewhere else.

Put your elbow on the table and your head in your hand like you’re sitting at your desk bored at class

If the girl says something bitchy/rude offensive, recoil back like she just slapped you with a look of disgust on your face, and then change the subject. A good bitch face/disgust expression will work wonders for you.

Look at your watch or phone or something

There may be more methods , you will have to figure them out yourself.

One time I was on a date with this really hot girl and it wasn’t going well. I didn’t feel like she was very into me and she was just blabbering on and on about some boring shit and not asking me anything about myself. As she was going on and on about some boring thing, I put my elbow on the table and my head in my hand like I was going to sleep. I immediately regretted what I did, because I thought I would look uninterested. But I quickly noticed she started to act more interested when I did that. I then realized that SHE KNEW SHE WAS BEING BORING. The fact that I started to act disinterested turned her on because it made me look like a real guy rather than one of these many pathetic losers that hold on to her every stupid word. Later in the date I tried this move again, and once again I saw her IOIs perked up.

Now, everything I said here is subject to a bunch of caveats. This is a very subtle method, and very easy to fuck up.

First of all, the secret to any handling any shit test is to just power through it. Either ignore that she said it, or defuse it with a joke, or something like that. It’s no different with a girl being boring. If a girl is saying something that is objectively boring, you should just ignore it or change the subject. This method is only for situations where you can’t do that, or the girl keeps continuing with the boring/bitchy talk.

Secondly, only lose interest when she KNOWS she is being boring or a bitch. If she is talking about her grandmother who just died and its clearly very important to her and you try to change the subject you’ll just look like an asshole.

Thirdly, there are some things that you have to verbally address. If she says something extremely rude and disrespectful to you (like, I hope your mother burns in hell), then a grimace is not enough. Or sometimes when a girl is in a really boring story, you can’t just pretend to fall asleep – you have to say something (very politely) like “can you just get to the good part please.”

Finally, and most importantly, you can’t look like you’re not listening to her. You see, one of the biggest challenges of being a girl is that people don’t listen to you when you talk and/or talk you seriously. Their dream is to find a man that will honestly listen to them. So even if she is being boring, you have to still look like you’re listening, just that its very hard. Like I said, losing interest only works when she knows she is being boring and when done very subtly.

All that said, this is a very powerful technique. It demonstrates that you are a high-value man that doesn't have to sit through boring or rude behavior to get laid. Also, it affects a powerful psychological change in you as well - you feel more powerful and in control of the interaction. The conversation becomes less one sided and more even. It's a great way to get power back.

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