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TheRedArchive is an archive of all posts and comments submitted in TheRedPill subreddit and various other subreddits and blogs (including RedPillDad) related to The Red Pill community.

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Title Author Category Blog Date (UTC)
RPD goes woo-woo. Why guys shouldn’t despair too much about the state of modern women… RP McMurphy Social Circle, Social Media, SOD RedPillDad 11/06/20 01:33 AM
RPD is a hypocrite–on my love/hate relationship with OLD. RP McMurphy OLD, Online, Tinder RedPillDad 04/06/20 04:12 AM
Day Game FR 5.27 RP McMurphy Day Game, Field Report, In-field RedPillDad 29/05/20 02:22 AM
Field Report: First date lay w/ Bumble girl RP McMurphy A Star Is Born, Field Report, First Date Lay, Instagram, Online, Polarity, SnapChat, Social Media RedPillDad 13/05/20 12:00 AM
Masculine energy gives; feminine beauty receives. RP McMurphy Dating, Theory RedPillDad 06/05/20 10:43 AM
Observations on female patterns of behavior. RP McMurphy RedPillDad 28/04/20 12:43 PM
What happens to the SMP during a pandemic? After? Part 1. RP McMurphy RedPillDad 18/04/20 08:46 AM
Virtual Day Game Scenario: opens, teases, stacking. RP McMurphy Day Game RedPillDad 03/04/20 04:33 AM
Why deregulation of SMP makes pairing up hard. RP McMurphy Game, Hypergamy, SMP, SMV RedPillDad 01/04/20 07:13 AM
Recommended books for players in monk mode. RP McMurphy Reading RedPillDad 28/03/20 02:46 AM
Batching, and the signal vs. the noise. RP McMurphy Calibration, Day Game, Lifting, Night Game, Shit Tests, Style, Theory, Women RedPillDad 26/03/20 04:04 AM
Selection bias and Generational differences. RP McMurphy RedPillDad 24/03/20 03:34 AM
Musings on the society re: age of consent/young women. RP McMurphy Consent, Red Pill, Theory, Women RedPillDad 19/03/20 09:36 PM
Brothers gotta hug. RP McMurphy RedPillDad 18/03/20 07:44 AM
The date flake shit test & value of not burning leads. RP McMurphy Flaking, Ghosting, Shit Tests, Theory, Women RedPillDad 18/03/20 12:33 AM
On the nature of women and the burden of performance. RP McMurphy Red Pill, Relationships, Theory, Women RedPillDad 17/03/20 02:25 AM
In defense of men in game, pickup, and seduction. RP McMurphy Day Game, Evolution, Game, Seduction RedPillDad 02/03/20 01:11 AM
FR: Day game 2.12.20 RP McMurphy Conviction, Day Game, Eye Contact, Field Report, Frame, Front Stop RedPillDad 22/02/20 12:11 AM
RP theory: why I deleted Tinder and you should too… RP McMurphy Cold Approach, Day Game, Energy, Red Pill, SOD, Theory, Tinder RedPillDad 10/02/20 07:32 AM
Quick example of why women are better off getting married and having kids. RP McMurphy Attention, Feminism, SMV, Women RedPillDad 06/02/20 01:06 PM
Field Report: pulled too fast– missed SDL w/ Denver girl. RP McMurphy Day Game, Field Report, Pull, SDL RedPillDad 05/02/20 06:41 AM
+1: I didn't understand how Tinder works til last night. RP McMurphy A Star Is Born, Escalation, Lay Report, Online, Tinder RedPillDad 30/01/20 05:27 AM
Field report: update on the online experience so far. RP McMurphy Day Game, Field Report, Night Game, Online, SOD, Theory, Tinder RedPillDad 28/01/20 12:09 PM
Seduction Tales from before the blog: my first pick-up lays and 10 lessons post-pill. RP McMurphy Cam Girl, Day Game, Field Report, Night Game, Social Media, Socks, Strippers, Yoga Girl RedPillDad 25/01/20 07:11 AM
Field Report: Night game fail and lessons. RP McMurphy Fail, Field Report, Night Game RedPillDad 21/01/20 03:29 AM
On feminists and what all women should understand. RP McMurphy Biology, Feminism, Red Pill RedPillDad 14/01/20 02:36 AM
Guest post: Game Modalities, Yields, Logistics, etc. RP McMurphy Day Game, Night Game, Online, Sex Party, Social Circle, Tinder RedPillDad 09/01/20 01:19 PM
Field Report: 1st date sex party w/ a girl from Tinder. RP McMurphy Date, Day Game, Lay, Lay Report, Sex Story, Shit Tests, Tinder RedPillDad 07/01/20 12:28 PM
Game and TRP orthodoxy; plus, long term viability. RP McMurphy Cold Approach, Day Game, Red Pill, SMV, Style, Theory RedPillDad 28/12/19 01:44 AM
Your full RP potential is far greater than most everyone else, especially chicks. RP McMurphy Cold Approach, Day Game, Red Pill, Self Care RedPillDad 20/12/19 01:34 AM
A mid-monk mode field report and a theory on IG. RP McMurphy Day Game, Instagram, Long Game, Theory, Warm Approach RedPillDad 13/12/19 09:58 AM
Red pill observations: a sad story, lessons from an 8, and a trip to college… RP McMurphy AWALT, College, Red Pill, The Wall RedPillDad 04/12/19 09:35 PM
A night game primer: the basics and how to pull. RP McMurphy Books, Night Game, Routines, SDL RedPillDad 30/11/19 04:03 AM
FR: Day Game session and an SDL that was mostly luck. RP McMurphy A Star Is Born, Day Game, LMR, Night Game, SDL RedPillDad 23/11/19 11:57 AM
Are all hot chicks constantly fucking Chads? RP McMurphy K-Selection, R-Selection, Redpill, Theory, Thots RedPillDad 18/11/19 05:20 AM
Congruence, and why you don’t fuck w/ broken women. RP McMurphy Broken Women, Manosphere, Mission, Red Flags, Red Pill RedPillDad 18/11/19 02:42 AM
Why smart men date younger women, and what older women don’t get. RP McMurphy RedPillDad 08/11/19 05:05 AM
Musings on how to decrease flakes; a sleight of hand? RP McMurphy Cold Approach, Day Game, Flakes, Pick-up RedPillDad 01/11/19 10:25 AM
The power of storytelling in cold approach and game. RP McMurphy Cold Approach, Day Game, Night Game, Storytelling RedPillDad 23/10/19 06:48 AM
Thoughts on IG/social media game; another 1st date lay. RP McMurphy A Star Is Born RedPillDad 21/10/19 09:08 AM
Day game and cold approach in warm situations. RP McMurphy Cold Approach, Day Game, Warm Approach RedPillDad 21/10/19 12:39 AM
Deregulation of the sexual marketplace is showing why feminism doesn’t work. RP McMurphy RedPillDad 15/10/19 12:23 AM
A player’s loneliness and what guys can do to stay mentally healthy. RP McMurphy Loneliness, Self Care RedPillDad 11/10/19 01:12 AM
Follow up to Players Play: why setting yourself apart is so important. RP McMurphy Game, Socks RedPillDad 10/10/19 01:16 AM
Players play: why women viewing men as disposable makes LTR’s dumb. RP McMurphy Coaching, Red Pill, Theory, Women RedPillDad 05/10/19 05:32 AM
Red flags in game, TRP, and the manosphere. RP McMurphy Game, Manosphere, Red Flags, Red Pill RedPillDad 28/09/19 01:09 AM
Social circle low hanging fruit, but game still matters. RP McMurphy Booty Girl, First Date Lay, Social Circle RedPillDad 21/09/19 05:37 AM
FR: The last dick standing–Night game pull (Boise). RP McMurphy Day Game, Night Game, Pull, SDL RedPillDad 15/09/19 05:10 AM
Field Report: warming up, when to freestyle, and hugs? RP McMurphy Day Game, Field Report RedPillDad 14/09/19 06:54 AM
That guy fucks. Girls know. RP McMurphy Lifting, That Guy Fucks RedPillDad 11/09/19 11:30 AM
Field Report: torched on Twitter for teasing, and another *sigh* first date lay RP McMurphy Day Game, First Date Lay, Socks RedPillDad 03/09/19 10:26 AM
Anti-game, feminism, and why love triumphs after all. RP McMurphy RedPillDad 30/08/19 09:21 AM
Rant about volume, logistics, adjustments, finding hacks. RP McMurphy RedPillDad 23/08/19 10:03 AM
FR: day game keys and a same day lay. RP McMurphy Field Report, Night Game, SDL RedPillDad 23/08/19 09:41 AM
Predictions on the state of the sexual marketplace. RP McMurphy RedPillDad 15/08/19 08:04 AM
On day game venues and logistics for pulling. RP McMurphy RedPillDad 06/08/19 05:59 AM
FR on game (day and night), dating, and an alpha widow. RP McMurphy Field Report, Night Game RedPillDad 05/08/19 05:03 AM
Revisiting dad frame/game; why your mission and health have to be a priority . RP McMurphy RedPillDad 04/08/19 04:01 AM
Date fail, bathroom bang, day game fiasco, etc. RP McMurphy Date, Day Game, Night Game, SDL, Theory RedPillDad 01/08/19 02:45 AM
Saturday game–weaseling, instadate fail and one-off. RP McMurphy Day Game, Fail, Instant Date, Theory RedPillDad 24/07/19 01:13 AM
Some meta thoughts and reflections on Day Game. RP McMurphy Day Game, Instant Date RedPillDad 20/07/19 02:29 AM
‘merica B-day stats; plates falling? And Trouble is… RP McMurphy Day Game, Red Pill RedPillDad 13/07/19 06:39 AM
10 mistakes I’ve made in game; avoid these pitfalls. RP McMurphy A Star Is Born, Day Game, Mistakes, Texting RedPillDad 10/07/19 01:38 AM
Why the manosphere can sometimes seem so bitter. RP McMurphy RedPillDad 03/07/19 01:13 PM
FR: 6.29 and 6.30–reps, reps, reps, plus texting strategy. RP McMurphy RedPillDad 03/07/19 02:22 AM
A whirlwind week in game–managing the vortex. RP McMurphy Date, Day Game, Red Pill, Sex Story RedPillDad 25/06/19 04:49 AM
Randomness in game, 2 dates vs. 1, why chasing is futile. RP McMurphy 27+, Abundance, Day Game, Red Pill, Theory RedPillDad 19/06/19 12:22 AM
Build your value–trust your value. RP McMurphy Cold Approach, Pick-up, Red Pill RedPillDad 14/06/19 04:35 AM
Genuinely curious: is it worth going for women 27+? RP McMurphy Cold Approach, Day Game, Field Report, Pick-up RedPillDad 11/06/19 12:12 AM
We didn’t choose this; TRP or MGTOW are the only rational options for modern men. RP McMurphy Feminism, Red Pill, Social Media, SOD, Women RedPillDad 06/06/19 04:17 AM
The Cube Routine RP McMurphy Cold Approach, Pick-up RedPillDad 02/06/19 01:11 AM
A year of being a player–lessons post red pill. RP McMurphy RedPillDad 01/06/19 08:28 AM
On being a “high value guy” vs. actually having game. RP McMurphy Cold Approach, Pick-up, Red Pill, Theory, U-Game RedPillDad 25/05/19 12:37 AM
Day Game Field Report 5.22 and a pull/SDL. RP McMurphy Cold Approach, Day Game, Field Report, Night Game, Pick-up, Theory RedPillDad 24/05/19 01:01 AM
Theory on how to more effectively game American girls… RP McMurphy Cold Approach, Day Game, Pick-up, Theory RedPillDad 23/05/19 03:46 AM
Reflection and an interesting question: are American women broken? RP McMurphy American Women, Basic Women, Red Pill, Theory RedPillDad 20/05/19 01:28 PM
Bang. Why you should always push the envelope in escalation… RP McMurphy Field Report, Lay Report, Theory RedPillDad 19/05/19 04:25 AM
Rough patch with a lot of flakes…next steps. RP McMurphy Day Game, Flakes, Game, Women RedPillDad 15/05/19 12:39 AM
Try to avoid basic girls in game and in general. RP McMurphy Cold Approach, Game, Pick-up, Theory RedPillDad 11/05/19 01:02 AM
Field Report 5.5 and 5.8 RP McMurphy Day Game, Field Report RedPillDad 10/05/19 02:56 PM
Field Report 5.4–approached a 10*. RP McMurphy Day Game, In-field RedPillDad 06/05/19 04:10 AM
Logistics for pick-up and cold approach–U Game. RP McMurphy Cold Approach, Pick-up, U-Game RedPillDad 05/05/19 02:32 AM
It’s a numbers game, but cold approach still beats SOD. RP McMurphy Cold Approach, Numbers Game, Pick-up, SOD RedPillDad 05/05/19 02:19 AM
Field Report: 1st Instant Date from Day Game. RP McMurphy Day Game, Field Report, Instant Date RedPillDad 04/05/19 01:57 AM
Never lose the frame; always play it cool. RP McMurphy RedPillDad 03/05/19 07:02 AM
Field Report: punk rock chick first date lay. RP McMurphy Date, Field Report, Lay Report RedPillDad 27/04/19 05:36 AM
Field Report: Day Game 4.20 RP McMurphy Dad Game, Field Report RedPillDad 27/04/19 01:46 AM
Field Report: Day Game 4.18 RP McMurphy Cold Approach, Day Game RedPillDad 19/04/19 11:34 PM
What girls should understand about sex and relationships, but don’t. RP McMurphy Don't Get Married, Red Pill, Theory RedPillDad 18/04/19 04:36 AM
Field Report: girl approaches me at a bar, next day lay. RP McMurphy Pick-up, Strauss, Torero, U-Game RedPillDad 14/04/19 08:51 AM
Life goes in streaks–and that’s true with women too. RP McMurphy RedPillDad 11/04/19 03:22 AM
Field Report: daygame fucking works! RP McMurphy Day Game RedPillDad 08/04/19 02:56 AM
Field Report: failure due to lack of opportunity. RP McMurphy RedPillDad 08/04/19 02:12 AM
Field Report: first date lay. RP McMurphy Field Report, Lay Report RedPillDad 08/04/19 02:07 AM
Back to square one, and how much do looks matter vs. game? RP McMurphy RedPillDad 04/04/19 04:27 AM
Lift, motherfucker, lift. RP McMurphy Lifting RedPillDad 04/04/19 04:26 AM
The power of pre-selection and long game with working girls. RP McMurphy RedPillDad 04/04/19 01:27 AM
The Royal Flush w/ Yoga Girl RP McMurphy RedPillDad 01/04/19 04:03 AM
New LTR and reminder: sexual strategy is amoral. RP McMurphy RedPillDad 28/03/19 03:15 PM
When in doubt, approach–there is no substitute for experience. RP McMurphy RedPillDad 24/03/19 03:11 AM
Approach Diagnosis: not building enough attraction, using proper tactics. RP McMurphy RedPillDad 22/03/19 04:52 AM
The upside of the downside–rookie mistakes & observations. RP McMurphy RedPillDad 20/03/19 02:03 PM
Random field reports running u-game. RP McMurphy RedPillDad 20/03/19 11:38 AM
Don’t let flaky bitches kill your vibe; every chick turns 35. RP McMurphy RedPillDad 16/03/19 04:12 PM
My summary of the red pill basics. 10 things all men should know. RP McMurphy Red Pill, Theory RedPillDad 12/03/19 03:42 AM
The beginning, why SOD sucks & the introduction of U-game. RP McMurphy SOD, Theory, U-Game RedPillDad 10/03/19 02:27 AM
Girls know absolutely nothing about what they’re looking for… RP McMurphy Game, Women RedPillDad 08/03/19 04:43 AM
On being a dad who runs game… RP McMurphy Dad Game, Theory RedPillDad 07/03/19 09:41 AM
My Journey in Game and Pick-up RP McMurphy RedPillDad 07/03/19 01:44 AM
Why Friday and Saturday nights are tough, plus: bulls and hens. RP McMurphy Field Report, Game, Pick-up, Theory RedPillDad 06/03/19 10:19 PM

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