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TheRedArchive is an archive of all posts and comments submitted in TheRedPill subreddit and various other subreddits and blogs (including TheRedQuest) related to The Red Pill community.

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Title Author Category Blog Date (UTC)
Recent additions to the sex club guide book The Red Quest advice, books, culture, game, sex clubs, sex parties TheRedQuest 13/03/20 02:42 AM
Yes, the coronavirus is really dangerous and no, your view of the “media” being wrong is not relevant The Red Quest coronavirus, media, politics TheRedQuest 12/03/20 11:08 PM
Dating sex positive and non-monogamous girls… and a ramble about the game The Red Quest non-monogamy, preferences, ramble, rambling TheRedQuest 10/03/20 06:33 PM
What to learn from famous guys, acting over the long term The Red Quest game, ramble, rambling TheRedQuest 08/03/20 04:30 AM
Where spinsters come from, “I would love to get married at some point” The Red Quest dating, Don't get married, spinsters TheRedQuest 04/03/20 04:32 AM
“Winners continue to win, and winning builds structural advantages” The Red Quest game, ramble, rambling TheRedQuest 02/03/20 05:15 PM
Unwifeable, a memoir, by Mandy Stadtmiller The Red Quest books, boredom, boring, image match, unwifeable TheRedQuest 26/02/20 12:00 AM
What to write about in your game/player blog The Red Quest blog, media, observation, writing TheRedQuest 24/02/20 04:43 PM
Rollo Tomassi Rational Male post The Red Quest rollo tomassi, the rational male TheRedQuest 20/02/20 09:22 PM
Festivals, parties, etc. and the network’s power The Red Quest advice, dating, ecosystem, network TheRedQuest 18/02/20 08:59 PM
The three-date “rule” before sex The Red Quest dates, game TheRedQuest 18/02/20 12:05 AM
The game’s endgame and picking up a girl at a private party The Red Quest field report, game, group sex, non-monogamy, sex, threesome TheRedQuest 11/02/20 03:59 PM
Guys building a big non-monogamy ecosystem The Red Quest game, non-monogamy TheRedQuest 10/02/20 07:35 PM
I don’t tell other guys what to do. Personality traits and dating The Red Quest leadership TheRedQuest 10/02/20 10:15 AM
“The cat years” The Red Quest link, spinster TheRedQuest 10/02/20 02:03 AM
Write your player blog. It’s an advertisement, but not in the way you think. The Red Quest advice, players, skill development TheRedQuest 08/02/20 05:48 AM
Don’t ask for nudes. Don’t be pleased if you get them too soon. The Red Quest advice, game, nudes TheRedQuest 03/02/20 07:18 PM
How many marry out of tiredness or desperation? The Red Quest ramble, rambling, speculation TheRedQuest 02/02/20 04:54 AM
“Why meeting another’s gaze is so powerful:” the power of eye contact The Red Quest eye contact, eyes, mesmer TheRedQuest 30/01/20 11:34 PM
“He is exactly the kind of partner a liberated woman is supposed to want, and yet she despises him for it” The Red Quest bdsm, choking, link, novels TheRedQuest 27/01/20 05:59 AM
“GOD it feels so good to get picked up.” The Red Quest field report TheRedQuest 26/01/20 03:20 AM
Women don’t think that women can make adult decisions and be held accountable for those decisions The Red Quest game, irresponsibility, women TheRedQuest 20/01/20 07:02 PM
Passionate love and companionate love for guys The Red Quest companionate, love, lust, passion, passionate TheRedQuest 13/01/20 07:17 PM
How not to be boring on dates The Red Quest conversation, conversationalist, players, seduction TheRedQuest 13/01/20 04:14 AM
Game, intelligence, IQ, image match The Red Quest intelligence, IQ, rambling TheRedQuest 09/01/20 07:54 PM
Singles push politics and societies to be more extreme?? The Red Quest politics, society TheRedQuest 06/01/20 07:04 PM
BDSM dates & sex skills & online dating The Red Quest bdsm, sex skills, tinder, tools, toys TheRedQuest 05/01/20 03:16 AM
Putting the girl into the friend zone: a kind of mean story from college The Red Quest college, story TheRedQuest 30/12/19 05:09 PM
Pablo Picasso, the artist and player The Red Quest pablo picasso, picasso, players TheRedQuest 28/12/19 01:03 AM
Where I’m on-board with alternative lifestyles and where I deviate The Red Quest non-monogamy, polyamory TheRedQuest 27/12/19 07:13 PM
How to frame and execute nude photo shoots with women The Red Quest advice, photography, photos, women TheRedQuest 21/12/19 03:28 AM
Pacing and seduction The Red Quest game TheRedQuest 19/12/19 07:05 PM
Home Friend, again, and the cycle guys choose The Red Quest field report, home friend, non-monogamy TheRedQuest 16/12/19 05:43 PM
“I Thought I Wanted to Go It Alone” Narrator: “She did not.” The Red Quest chicks, family, link TheRedQuest 12/12/19 11:57 AM
Responsibility and later seduction. Internal congruence The Red Quest men, polarity, responsibility, women TheRedQuest 11/12/19 01:30 AM
Group sex and the shift from scarcity to abundance The Red Quest non-monogamy, sex skills TheRedQuest 09/12/19 04:18 PM
Andy from “Kill the Inner Loser” The Red Quest link TheRedQuest 07/12/19 03:43 AM
Loneliness and long term versus libido The Red Quest rambling TheRedQuest 05/12/19 08:18 AM
Woman validates the Red Pill, “The Beauty Exec Fantasizing About the Single Dad Next Door” The Red Quest dating, hypergamy, media TheRedQuest 04/12/19 12:58 AM
My friend Anna, who seems pretty monogamous The Red Quest dating, Life, monogamy TheRedQuest 01/12/19 05:24 PM
How she behaves towards other people is one day how she’ll behave towards you The Red Quest advice TheRedQuest 27/11/19 12:31 AM
“Open marriage considerations” The Red Quest links, rakish love TheRedQuest 26/11/19 01:11 AM
 European sex club report The Red Quest anonymous, field report, sex clubs TheRedQuest 24/11/19 04:17 AM
Why nurses or teachers are positive signs for longer-term relationships The Red Quest evaluating women, family TheRedQuest 21/11/19 06:18 PM
“First swingers clubs,” from a player in a forum The Red Quest field report, good looking loser, link TheRedQuest 20/11/19 08:50 AM
Combining non-monogamy, game, and sex clubs to unlock abundance and commodification The Red Quest commodification, commodities, non-monogamy, sex clubs TheRedQuest 18/11/19 06:04 PM
Basics like asking the girl out and escalation The Red Quest advice, basics, dating TheRedQuest 14/11/19 05:28 PM
“The stripper with the sugar daddy” The Red Quest game, Life, sex diaries TheRedQuest 14/11/19 06:08 AM
Brief one about limited interactions at a sex party The Red Quest field report, game, sex parties TheRedQuest 11/11/19 05:56 PM
“Why 16? Who do age of consent laws really protect” A dangerous story, too The Red Quest age of consent, game, link TheRedQuest 11/11/19 03:32 AM
Don’t trust stupid Internet financial advice. Compounding interest is real The Red Quest career, finance, money TheRedQuest 06/11/19 07:07 PM
“Rich Like Me: How Assortative Mating Is Driving Income Inequality” The Red Quest link TheRedQuest 02/11/19 04:58 AM
Social dancing, social skills, and the game The Red Quest dancing, game, practice, social skills TheRedQuest 31/10/19 06:32 AM
Halloween party and being part of the larger group The Red Quest game, halloween, parties, party TheRedQuest 28/10/19 08:30 AM
“Good Men Aren’t Getting Harder to Find” The Red Quest market, media, sexual market TheRedQuest 23/10/19 12:30 AM
Just listen to the music, “bad boys bring heaven to you” The Red Quest heaven, music, pop music, whips and chains TheRedQuest 19/10/19 03:13 AM
What do I mean by “levels” of game/seduction discussion? The Red Quest advice, game, levels TheRedQuest 17/10/19 05:18 PM
Types of girls and dangers of most seduction techniques The Red Quest nash, ramble, rambling, types TheRedQuest 14/10/19 02:04 PM
The player’s journey blog The Red Quest link TheRedQuest 14/10/19 12:57 AM
Yoylo’s first sex club experience [FR] The Red Quest field report, FR, game, non-monogamy, sex club, yoylo TheRedQuest 11/10/19 04:18 PM
Women hate the demystification of romance: commodities, artisans, and the game The Red Quest game, Life, neil strauss, pickup TheRedQuest 09/10/19 02:27 PM
That one and only one about incels The Red Quest incel, incels, involuntary celibate TheRedQuest 07/10/19 03:15 PM
Basic sex party. Relationship skills The Red Quest game, sex party, sex skills TheRedQuest 07/10/19 01:46 AM
Threesome management. How to do and arrange FFM and MFM The Red Quest dating skills, skills, threesome, threeway TheRedQuest 03/10/19 03:33 AM
Asking a girl too many questions, date structure The Red Quest blackdragon, dates, dating, game TheRedQuest 26/09/19 04:07 PM
On choosing life The Red Quest Life, link TheRedQuest 26/09/19 06:57 AM
“Picking up girls” skills and “long-term relationships” skills The Red Quest Life, relationships, skills TheRedQuest 25/09/19 04:53 AM
“The mom having an affair because her husband did first” The Red Quest game, Life, relationships TheRedQuest 19/09/19 10:46 PM
Tough conversations. Downside of being known as a player The Red Quest game, Life, ramble, relationships TheRedQuest 16/09/19 11:49 PM
Sex skills for guys: psychology, preparation, and practice The Red Quest sex, sex skills TheRedQuest 11/09/19 01:57 AM
Three chicks on the state of big-city dating The Red Quest game TheRedQuest 10/09/19 10:19 AM
Ghetto-world girls #1, Shannon The Red Quest degenerate, game, ghetto, Life, lower-class TheRedQuest 05/09/19 04:50 AM
You are not a special and unique sunflower: Jung and game The Red Quest carl jung, jung, king warrior magician lover, masculinity, men TheRedQuest 27/08/19 05:51 AM
Girls who do stupid things, like yell back at a carload of guys late at night The Red Quest advice, Life, life stories TheRedQuest 26/08/19 10:29 AM
“Types, truth, bad vibes, and the red pill attachment style” The Red Quest advice, days of game, link, nash TheRedQuest 24/08/19 07:05 AM
More backsliding The Red Quest foursome, Life TheRedQuest 20/08/19 05:54 AM
Gay guy hits on me as I walk back from coffee The Red Quest daygame, game TheRedQuest 19/08/19 01:06 AM
Whoops. Last weekend. Backsliding in game. The Red Quest ramble, rambling, stories TheRedQuest 17/08/19 12:09 AM
*Sex and the City* and the woman’s age The Red Quest candace bushnell, media, sex and the city TheRedQuest 15/08/19 02:44 AM
Is it you talking, or your ego talking? Drop dead leads fast The Red Quest dead leads, drop dead, leads, messages, women TheRedQuest 08/08/19 11:14 PM
Why everyone is fat and has no money The Red Quest link, money, sugar TheRedQuest 08/08/19 02:46 AM
Bodi’s book *Death by a Thousand Sluts*, on pickup and escaping being a gamma The Red Quest bodi, books, death by a thousand sluts, john bodi, pickup, pickup artists TheRedQuest 08/08/19 12:59 AM
What graceful femininity looks like and sounds like The Red Quest femininity, game, girl game TheRedQuest 06/08/19 12:12 AM
Sex club culture and socializing there The Red Quest non-monogamy, sex, sex clubs, socializing TheRedQuest 01/08/19 01:09 PM
The Coast of Utopia: A lot of women would rather focus on their children The Red Quest feminism, link, women TheRedQuest 29/07/19 12:24 PM
Book updated again The Red Quest sex, sex clubs, sex sills TheRedQuest 28/07/19 12:01 AM
35-year-old New York City woman can’t understand why she’s single The Red Quest bad advice, dating, link, SMV TheRedQuest 25/07/19 12:24 AM
“Why Online Dating Can Feel Like Such an Existential Nightmare” means do daygame The Red Quest cold approach, dating, daygame, game, online dating TheRedQuest 24/07/19 01:12 AM
The people who pursue and practice and the ones who don’t The Red Quest deliberate practice, game TheRedQuest 18/07/19 01:03 PM
Location-independent businesses are rarer than online seminar hucksters would have you believe The Red Quest advice, career, income, location independent TheRedQuest 16/07/19 02:46 PM
“Three Women” hamster, by Lisa Taddeo The Red Quest books, lisa taddeo, three women TheRedQuest 15/07/19 12:48 PM
Two kinds of women in non-monogamy: The reluctant and the feral The Red Quest flakes, game, non-monogamy, poly TheRedQuest 13/07/19 12:10 AM
Location and logistics, married guys The Red Quest TheRedQuest 05/07/19 04:48 PM
Americans are lying about their sexual desire: they want more variety and violence than you’ve been led to believe The Red Quest TheRedQuest 03/07/19 12:16 AM
“The Woman Searching for the Lust She Didn’t Have Before” The Red Quest rough sex, sex, sex skills, women TheRedQuest 29/06/19 04:00 AM
Short Dancer vignette The Red Quest dating, rambling, short dancer TheRedQuest 26/06/19 02:07 AM
“The Startling Rise of Choking During Sex” The Red Quest choking, game, sex, sex techniques TheRedQuest 25/06/19 03:03 AM
“Sex is Sex. But Money Is Money.” The Red Quest observation, rambling TheRedQuest 22/06/19 12:32 AM
Who counts and who doesn’t in the game The Red Quest advice, SMV TheRedQuest 18/06/19 12:16 AM
Boredom = death The Red Quest boredom, boring, chicks, media TheRedQuest 13/06/19 03:56 AM
Two points on loneliness, family, and evolutionary biology The Red Quest evolutionary biology, loneliness, lonely TheRedQuest 07/06/19 10:20 AM
Perspective, “First Wave at Omaha Beach” The Red Quest link TheRedQuest 06/06/19 09:45 PM
Oh, I was wrong about the Tinder thing, it is that bad The Red Quest field report, game, online dating, tinder TheRedQuest 04/06/19 12:01 AM
Saw Ms. Slav last night for her birthday The Red Quest Life TheRedQuest 02/06/19 11:10 PM
Moby book, “And Then It Fell Apart” The Red Quest And Then It Fell Apart, book, links, Moby TheRedQuest 28/05/19 03:01 PM
Could Instagram be becoming an important adjunct to game? The Red Quest game, instagram, social media TheRedQuest 27/05/19 07:50 AM
The unexpected one from Feeld: she is a tourist from another country The Red Quest Feeld, field report, FR, Marcia, online dating TheRedQuest 23/05/19 03:58 PM
“Enrollment Shortfalls Spread to More Colleges” The Red Quest college, school, university TheRedQuest 21/05/19 11:40 PM
Date-onomics: players should go where the gender ratio is good The Red Quest advice, date-onomics, environment, game, jon birger TheRedQuest 20/05/19 01:30 PM
Woman unhappy: High-value men won’t commit to her The Red Quest link TheRedQuest 17/05/19 12:36 AM
“Sometimes I wonder if everyone is cheating and marriage is just a stupid façade” The Red Quest Don't get married TheRedQuest 16/05/19 12:38 AM
Bike Girl: One year away thoughts The Red Quest blog, game, observation, rambling TheRedQuest 13/05/19 03:53 AM
An article that inadvertently reveals why women who don’t have kids are permanently damaged The Red Quest family, link, spinsters TheRedQuest 11/05/19 02:24 AM

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