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A dictionary of terms, words and laws used in The Red Pill (TRP) community. The definitions are added by the users of the community, and new words are constantly being added.


domestic violence

Domestic violence, also known as DV, is violence happening among people residing together including elders, siblings, and children, but mostly between a married or live-in couple.

When a woman carries it out (no matter if the man was completely silent and stable, and no matter if the man is the one who reports to the police), it's considered self defense, by law (so even a video proof will be void).

When a man performs this (even if it's in self-defense, or even if the woman claims falsely), then it's domestic violence. Even though the domestic violence laws in some countries are seemingly gender-neutral (and so the male victims of domestic violence can look for the same signs in their partners' behavior as the female victims), the policy of the feminist-trained police and judges to respond to the domestic violence complaints from the male victims is extremely female-favoring, and the man who complains can face counter allegations and be considered the perpetrator himself. So the gender-neutral wording merely exists on paper, not in practice.

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