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double standards

Refers to the two (different) sets of standards (usually contrary to each other - one good, one bad) for judging two groups of people based solely upon their natural identity (for example, females and males).

Feminism is full of double standards. When a bad thing is done by a person, the feminists would call for blood if the person is male, but give excuses and justify the wrongdoing if the person is female. A related phrase used to demonstrate the double standards at play with a thought visual of the situation at hand is "Reverse the genders" or "Reverse the sexes" (or "Role Reversal"), which means, imagine if there were a male in place of the female and vice versa in the actual situation. The imagination usually looks absurd, uncommon, and not quite right. This demonstrates how much inequality and feminist hypocrisy is at play where the double standards have been normalized.

See examples of double standards.

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