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epiphany phase

The Epiphany Phase is that period when a woman hitting the Wall has to reassess the last decade of her life and determine why she's still single even though she's "smart", "attractive", "successful". She's much more conscious and serious about long-term commitment for 3 reasons:

  • She can't compete with younger women entering the dating market.

  • The social pressure of her friends getting married and starting families while she's still single.

  • She needs validation that she's worth more than sex to men on the carousel.

The main indicator that a woman is in her Epiphany Phase is when she's in her late 20s/early 30s and complains about wanting to "settle down and start a family". This is usually accompanied with complaining about how she's almost 30, how she "can't find a decent guy", and how all her girlfriends are getting married while she's still single. Women often bring up "school" and "career" as being reasons for delaying marriage, but usually they were hooking up during that time.

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