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feminist logic

This is a very (pseudo-)scientific, efficient, and fast-track kind of logic. Its algorithm involves the following steps:

- Assumptions and rules common to all cases:

- If something good has happened and a male did this:

  • Stay silent.
  • If that is not possible, find some female related to the man in any way (say, his third-cousin or great-great-great gramma). Then, while praising the man, also include this: "Sisters and mothers like have been supporting and encouraging their menfolks forever; their contribution is invisible but now is the time that we must recognize it." etc.
  • If that is not possible (the man is an MGTOW, for example), attribute it to the man, and make sure not the entire manhood gets a positive mention by saying something like, "If only a few men were like him" etc.

Since the above logic lacks any democratic legitimacy (because most people won't find this logic reasonable if presented directly), the feminists (or the women buying into the feminist narrative) have to always appear angry and be permanently on the offensive while putting their points, so that people won't dare raise any questions or check their lies and distortions, and thus the feminist status quo is kept maintained.

This is also why the feminists (or generally most women) cannot be funny or humorous, because of their inherent/acquired hatred toward men - hate is not funny, and their indifference/insensitivity toward the pains and sufferings of the men.

For example, they don't like it when men make rape jokes, while the hypocrites themselves have no problem making rape jokesmisandric jokes, and all other kind of insensitive and non-PC jokes (actually they're called the "iconic feminist role model" for their 'bravery', cruelty, and insensitiveness toward the men in their lives). In fact, in order to perpetuate the victimhood, they even just make up rape jokes out of any statement that's not about rape at all by attaching their own 'unique' perspective to it.

You can kill a man, but you can't kill an idea.

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