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A dictionary of terms, words and laws used in The Red Pill (TRP) community.

the red pill

"The Red Pill" subreddit is a place where men post their thoughts about what women are like, how women operate, and what expectations to have about women that are reasonable, and what standards men should try to conform to for maximizing their success at the sex and relationships game.

There are different types of guys associated with TRP who have different goals. Some are unfuckable incels who just want a community to belong to as they vent and bitch about how crappy women are. Some are casual sex guys looking to get laid. Some cling to the fantasy that if they learn enough Red Pill stuff and get muscular and successful enough and vet women really, really well, they can find a good one and have that sex and respect-filled marriage that lasts forever and a happy family.

But at the core, they all subscribe to generally the same school of thought regarding what women are like and what men need to do to get laid and be successful in relationships.


the red pill

The Red Pill is a community of individuals, mostly men, who congregate with the aim of learning, sharing and discussing topics and uncomfortable truths that are too politically incorrect to be openly acknowledged and appreciated by society at large.

The Red Pill is a subset of the larger “manosphere” constellation, dealing with varied topics such as life strategies, power dynamics, male rights and general self-development.

But the main course are gender relations, dating and relationships.

The popular expression “taking the red pill”, means opening up to the hidden truths of life that society hides from most people.


the red pill

A red pill is a person who is purported to have woken up to the fact that society discriminates against men, not women; to red pill is to do the same. The term is a reference to The Matrix in which taking the blue pill means remaining part of the sheeple and thinking nothing is wrong. The term is used among the more militantly misogynistic and conspiracy theorist manosphere groups.


the red pill

The recognition and awareness of the way that feminism, feminists and their white-knight enablers affect society. An awareness of the dark truths surrounding human sexuality; hypergamy, women's AF/BB strategies, society's Feminine Imperative, sexual differences in emotional attachment, women's attraction to DT traits and sexual dominance/violence; Extremely politically incorrect, expect reflexive social ostracism for even mentioning the red pill in polite society.


the red pill

Signifies the recognition of the true nature of female behavior, including her attraction to traits of dominance, preference for men with status, attraction to men who have been pre-selected by other women, and hypergamous nature. Red Pill men are aware that women are strongly influenced by the culture and that their attraction cues are often outside of their conscious awareness. Increasingly, modern women, and especially Western women, indulge in one-night stands and short-term relationship in their 20s with alpha males, followed by seeking out a beta male provider in their late 20s and early 30s. Red Pill men are aware of this phenomenon and develop a sexual strategy to benefit from a woman's promiscuity as well as avoid the financial peril of marriage. Married men can also be Red Pill, as their awareness helps them handle female shit tests and maintain attraction with their partner.

A man who has taken the Red Pill is committed to self-improvement and adapting to the reality of female behavior whether that be through the application of game in his relationships and/or withdrawing from LTRs.

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