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Female version of the male beta: a story.

by MadDoc25 on /r/TheRedPill
03 April 2014 08:43 PM UTC

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This is a story that I think sums up why women string along betas, settle down with them, and then leave/abuse them. Twist though; it's from a male perspective.

Story: So you're a decent looking guy, and you get a modest amount of female attention. You have to play some game to get an attractive girl but there's usually an option available to you. There's this woman at work though, she's infatuated with you and also happens to be incredibly needy/overweight. She usually goes out of her way to be nice to you, brings you supplies you might need for your desk, helps you out with last minute deadlines, and is generally nice and encouraging, always trying to give you an ego boost. But you hate her. Something about her just annoys the fuck out of you and you couldn't imagine pumping your cock into her everyday for the rest of your life.

One office party however, she brings some homemade chicken wings in and they are the best god damn wings you've ever had. Now you look at her a little differently. She has something you want, her delicious meals. So you keep her around you, generally ignoring her texts, calls, and sexual advances because you detest her, but you need her favor of you to continue so you can swing by whenever you need to to get some delicious homemade food before you go out and jam your dick down the throat of that tasty new receptionist. You tell the fatty that you aren’t interested in sex because it’s ruined things in the past for you; meanwhile you’re fucking every tight piece of ass that looks at you twice.

The years go by however and you realize that all these nasty sluts will never be able to cook meals for you the way your beta friend will, so you finally relent and enter into a relationship with her, and soon after you’re married with a couple of kids. You have sex with her pretty regularly with her at first, but it’s gross, you simply aren’t attracted to her neediness/body, so you reject her more and more, making her cook the fanciest of 5 course gourmet meals to earn the chance to suck your dick for a while before you give her a few minutes of pitiful missionary right before you pass out. She’s unhappy with the sexual arrangement, but every time she says something you get pissed and she ends up baking you a magical chocolate cake just so that you’ll forgive her.

Then one day she finds out, you’ve been fucking hot tail on the side this entire time. She’s distraught, doesn’t know what to do, but eventually she wants to make things work and cooks you a fucking feast like you’ve never seen before. The good meals just aren’t enough to counteract the lack of sexual satisfaction anymore though. So you peace out with dirty redhead paralegal who has a body that just won’t quit. On your way out however, you tell beta fatty you’re taking the kids, and she’s going to be required to send you all tasty meals anyway because the court has decided that she’s responsible for maintaining your standard of living. Later bitch.

Analogies: Fat bitch is like beta male. Cooking is like beta male’s money/resources. Sex is sex. You are like a modern day woman.

Edit: Lot's of people are making valid points in the comments, like the guy could just go to a restaurant, learn to fucking cook, or use his wife's infatuation with him to convince her to work out/work on her appearance. That's kind of my point, women could also do all sorts of things to improve their money making potential, but instead they pick the easy way out by latching onto some poor sucker. I know it's not a bullet proof analogy, but it get's across some key concepts, and it was ton of fun to write. Thanks for the gold.

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65 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 years ago

Yep, both genders can be assholes when paired with someone of significantly lower SMV. Problem is the SMV of women in general is highly overrated due to the collective horniness of men. Supply and demand is at the basis of every human interaction.

17 upvotesrobesta6 years ago

Problem is the the SMV that women perceive themselves in general is highly overrated due to the collective horniness of men.


This is the big problem. 7s and 8s think because high value males pump and dump them, that they shouldn't settle for less than that high value male. They get their sexual value confused with their LTR value.....then they hit the wall and their sexual value goes down as well.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 years ago

True, I should have specified I was referring to sexual value not LTR value. Sexual value of any woman is much higher than men in general because of the excess demand from men. LTR value of the two genders is a lot closer.

1 upvotesgloopyboop5 years ago

Wholly agree. But two things... If that woman is only having those experiences with high value males, she should have figured out how to interact with that clientele if she ever wanted to enter that LTR. Secondly, why are high value males fucking with 7s and 8s to begin with??

0 upvotesrobesta5 years ago

If that woman is only having those experiences with high value males, she should have figured out how to interact with that clientele if she ever wanted to enter that LTR.

Getting pumped and dumped gives you experience at getting pumped and dumped, nothing else. She'll just think that men don't want to commit, when in reality those men don't want to commit to her.

Secondly, why are high value males fucking with 7s and 8s to begin with??

Why not? Pussy is pussy. It's not like 7s and 8s are slumming it.

38 upvotesFaithfulJinn6 years ago

Supply and demand is at the basis of every human interaction.

This could not be highlighted enough. You cannot truly compare alpha/beta in male terms over to female terms. Women can get a lot by simply having a vagina. A vagina is a scarce, precious and valued commodity. Vagina is always in the highest of demands and that demand remains inelastic.

The constantly high demand for pussy is at the core of red pill theory.

19 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 years ago

Finally someone with knowledge of basic economics. Nicely said. I wish more men would invest some time into understanding the supply/demand dynamic so they can see more clearly what is going on. Once you realize that... all the rest follows naturally.

One side effect of many people here failing to grasp the economical realities of the dating scene is that they think it is possible for all of the male population to become alpha and get lots of pussy. If every man improved by the same amount (no matter how great that amount was) absolutely nothing would change of the collective experience of men.

27 upvotesFaithfulJinn6 years ago

One side effect of many people here failing to grasp the economical realities of the dating scene is that they think it is possible for all of the male population to become alpha and get lots of pussy.

I wholeheartedly agree. Not to mention by definition of the word "alpha male" all males cannot possibly be alpha males. Alpha males are the top/most desirable males in a society. We can't ALL be alpha. The word would be meaningless if it could apply to the entire male population. Alpha males are the high tier males with access to lots of attractive pussy. Beta males are everyone else fighting for the scraps. That's just the way it is.

What I find more concerning is that people also think that just because they accept red pill philosophy, that they are now alpha. If you're short, ugly, fat, socially inept, broke, or whichever combination of the aforementioned, and you realize the truth of red pill philosophy you are no more alpha than you were before you woke up to the truth. You're still a bottom tier male with little to no access to attractive pussy. Being an alpha male is not a state of mind. It is not something you do it is something you simply are. Now it's possible to hit the gym, get better style, make more money, and do things to improve your looks and social status and go from beta to alpha. But simply being aware of the truth of red pill does not an alpha make.

15 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 years ago

It certainly makes it easier to function in this world as a man, alpha or not, if you know and understand what is going on via TRP.

3 upvotesRelaxation16 years ago

I don't know. I have seen some fat, ugly, short, and broke ugly guys with hot chicks. Not impossible. It seems like the way they acted and carried themselves really helped. It is rare, but possible. Maybe they are rich and they dress like they are broke.

2 upvotesPaulRivers106 years ago

If you're short, ugly, fat, socially inept, broke, or whichever combination of the aforementioned, and you realize the truth of red pill philosophy you are no more alpha than you were before you woke up to the truth.

I'm tired of hearing this whining about this stuff, this isn't the truth either. If you're all of these things, yeah, you have a serious problem.

But I watched a medium-height (but shorter than her), ugly, somewhat fat guy in his 40's pick up this girl in her 20's that was only there because my friend (also in his 20's) had invited along. She was hot...not very trustworthy, but definitely hot both visually and emotionally (as in she was fucking passionate).

The guy in his 20's was over 25 and had never even kissed a girl, he went on to sleep with several girls (though I got the feeling the sex wasn't great) until he met his now-girlfriend, who's he been dating for 9 months and the sex was fantastic. He was definitely some (but not all) of those things to begin with.

I'm tired of hearing the self pitying whining. You want compassion for being in a crappy situation? I can honestly say I'm fine with that. You want to try to tell everyone your situation is impossible when it's not? Bull. It can definitely be a pain in the ass, yeah. But alpha is not a mystically property you have to be born with.

1 upvotesRelaxation16 years ago

I know man, I don't get how people think you have to be in shape and rich as hell to get women. Yes, a lot of in shape guys and rich guys get hot women. But that doesn't explain the skinny guys and the fat dudes with hot chicks. Confidence and game go a long way with women. Being a good conversationalist goes a long way too. Upvote for you good sir.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 years ago

Way to miss the point by a mile. No one said you can't have any flaws or that looks and money are everything. How you beat your competition is up to you. However to use that logic to argue that everyone has the same chance of success or that every guy can become an alpha is simple ignorance.

Stop that fucking hamster. It is making you delusional.

1 upvotesMadDoc25 [OP]6 years ago

I agree that knowing the truth does not make you an alpha male. However, the truth still has power in itself. Roosh wrote that just not exhibiting beta traits greatly increases your ability to get girls. They may be low quailty girls if you're a low quality guy, but you're still doing better than nothing. You are also able to protect yourself from being used.

3 upvotesRobbenQC6 years ago

I disagree, the price of pussy is artificially inflated by the sisterhood. Look at the huge debate going on in feminist circles over prostitution at the moment, a woman's dominion over her own body is coming into conflict with the price fixing of sex and causing a bit of a commotion. Pussy isn't a physically scarce resource, it's just regulated by the fucking female Fed.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 years ago

You are seriously overestimating any impact the scheming and plotting of whiny feminists can have. They might manipulate some laws but the overall trends are determined by the result of human desires... manifesting themselves as supply and demand.

The high price of pussy is such a basic universal concept that it isn't even limited to humans. You don't see female lions fighting each other to death just to get access to some male lions. In nearly 100% of life on earth, male is the disposable gender facing much harsher competition for a right to access reproductive success.

1 upvotesRobbenQC6 years ago

So you're saying legal and de-stigmatised prostitution wouldn't crash the price of pussy? It's pretty cheap to hire a hooker already, especially compared to the average date, and definitely compared to marriage.

Edit: by the "sisterhood" I mean women as a collective. They artificially keep the price high in their own way, one of them is by slut shaming and opposing prostitution. Women don't like sluts because it cheapens pussy.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 years ago

Oh that makes more sense now. I don't know where you are from but here in Canada prostitution is pretty much legal (supreme court officially made it legal recently actually) and its very easy to do it anonymously online. Yet the price is generally at least 200/hour. So I don't think just legalizing prostitution would solve this issue. Sure if it was destigmatized to the point that every little girl considered it as a career we might see a change but that's unlikely to happen.

1 upvotesJeenyusJane6 years ago

Vagina is not a scarce resource. There are more Women on this planet than men.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 years ago

Vagina is not a scarce resource.

It is when there is limited access.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 years ago

Two important points you are missing here:

  1. The sex ratio at birth is 1.04:1 men to women. There are more women because they live longer... by that time they are long out of the dating market so it doesn't matter. Sure 4% more is not much more but enough to cause significant attitude change in the market (think of 4% unemployment vs thousands of vacancies). The marginal impact of such seemingly small differences is huge.

  2. Men have a much higher sex drive and modern dating is not monogamous. This results in one high value man taking multiple lower value women off of the market. (either by girls willingly dating a guy knowing he is seeing others or simply waiting out for a high value guy while he dates other girls in the mean time).

That said, I agree... vagina is not a scare resource. Just that the demand is astronomically high compared to the supply. If it wasn't prostitution wouldn't be a viable career.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 years ago

Economics is such a powerful way of looking at sex, I love it. Part of what I think makes TRP so unpalatable to many is how such "mysterious" processes such as sex and attraction can be broken down into simple universal principles.

219 upvotesWarsmithOrgruk6 years ago

For 500 points, what is a paragraph break.

50 upvotesMadDoc25 [OP]6 years ago

Haha you're right. I tried to make it a little more readable.

56 upvotesFerinex6 years ago

it's super effective!

130 upvotesZR6X6 years ago

This is the type of shit you show new people who don't understand Alpha fucks/beta bucks. Solid post

11 upvotesmast0rz6 years ago

I showed it to this guy who's on the front page of /r/NoFap. Poor bastard.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

6 upvotesnived3215 years ago


1 upvotesPlantNutrient5 years ago

I've been spending the past hour trying to explain to my friend why he needs to stop orbiting this girl, sent him this story to explain it.

10 upvotesSatchmo846 years ago

I've had experience with this, my former neighbor used exactly this strategy, overweight but man she could cook. An attractive female friend of mine kept trying to set up a three some with the two of them that I would fight for obvious reasons but also because I knew how ridiculously needy and attached she would become. She was my culinary inclined orbiter I guess. Still friends but she's long accepted that we aren't going to happen.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 years ago

Being overweight and being a good cook go well together.

18 upvotesThe_Determinator6 years ago

You could say they go... ham-in-ham.

92 upvotesthrowawaybrazilian6 years ago

I felt bad for just imagining taking advantage of someone like that. This is so wrong in so many ways. I'm beginning to hate women.

37 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 years ago

It's sicking to my stomach to imagine being given that type treatment and knowing that the worse I treat someone... the better they would treat me.

He's feasting alright... but not on wings. He's slowly devouring her soul.

That's what is so hard to me with game. You need to get rid of your soul if you're going to consume theirs.

10 upvotesthrowawaybrazilian6 years ago

I've stopped trying to agree with these rules and have stopped trying to play this stupid game. It's just degrading.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 years ago

He's feasting alright... but not on wings. He's slowly devouring her soul.

I think the red pill concept exists as a means for people to acknowledge this kind of situation and hopefully know how to avoid it. What the OP has actually done is prove that women can also use this kind of advice from time to time.

9 upvotes_Just_do_it6 years ago

From what I've seen it's a dog eat dog world. My eyes are open and if some slut's willing to walk all over me, then why shouldn't I take action preemptively. I'm not saying I'm going to go find some sweet girl and ruin her life and trust in men, but in the case of a lot of girls, it's best for you to "assert dominance" first

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 years ago

[permanently deleted]

4 upvotes_Just_do_it6 years ago

For sure man. It's not a game. It's being real about life and true to yourself.

22 upvotesmarc0706 years ago

Women don't care about being moral or good, they only care about APPEARING to be moral. And frankly I can't blame them, honestly why not take advantage of someone like that? We lament women for riding the cock carousel and for using men, but in a way I think that deep down inside, they are the smart ones for doing that, because we all only have a very short time on this Earth, life's just too short to care about others. Thats what most women have realized, and I think that that's why they are so prone to gravitating towards uncaring "assholes" like me, its because men like me embody the solipsism that defines them. We treat them like shit (i.e.: I once told my gf that, instead of being so concerned about my feelings (I was a bit sad at the time because my uncle had recently died), she should just suck my dick and give me anal because all she was to me is "a succulent piece of ass") but in treating them like shit we kind of validate the ways in which they have treated men all their lives, and so they feel less guilty about the way their minds work

I mean, who cares? Its every human for himself/herself in this sick game we call life, where up is down and down is up, where fairness gets trampled on and the only ones who win cheat to get ahead, lets just get away with as much as we can, and have fun doing it!

28 upvotesthrowawaybrazilian6 years ago

I mean, who cares? Its every human for himself/herself in this sick game we call life, lets just get away with as much as we can, and have fun doing it!

The problem is that men are constantly being pressured from society to restrain themselves to a set of morals that includes honor, civility and diplomacy, so that we don't bash each other's skulls when there's a conflict. I completely agree with enforcing this moral code because it helps us to live better. But why shouldn't we enforce women to follow a similar morality that shames this sort of soul-sucking, psychological violence?

Why should women be allowed to follow their impulses with no judgement or shaming from our part, when our impulses are constantly judged and prohibited in this feminist society?

Why should I go down to their level of morality by allowing my impulses to run rampant and go back to a savage way of living by manipulating without any form of moral code?

It seems clear to me that the best strategy from the standpoint of men is MGTOW, because accepting the current feminine behaviour is accepting that we're just animals.

2 upvotesmarc0706 years ago

I respect your sense of honor, it comes from a time that has left us long ago, but I have to say that I disagree. I mean, the thing is, if YOU want to go MGTOW fine, but honestly, I personally like having a woman waiting for me to fuck her when I get home, which is why I'm in a relationship. I think that, in having sex, even though you are having sex with what is essentially an animal, the mere act of having sex allows you to identify with your primal masculinity. Let us not forget men are the hunters of animals, the soldiers of war, the Kings of Kingdoms, and also the lovers of women (not that we are actually stupid enough to love them, we just like to get off). So I think having a woman available for whenever you want her (instead of staying single and constantly hitting the bars and whorehouses) is ultimately beneficial, for it is the natural order. I mean, even back then, the only reason women stayed by their men and truly supported them was because they were dependent on their men to feed them and protect them. Love never really existed, yet the ancients still got into relationships right?

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

4 upvotesmarc0706 years ago

Yeah I understand that, and I'm saying that YOU SHOULD GET INTO LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPS (although you definitely should not marry). Because then you have access to sex basically whenever you want, you don't have to constantly hit the bars and spend money on drinks whenever you want to get laid. My gf supports herself financially, has sex with me, cooks for me and cleans up after me because I live with her and we been together for four years. My long term relationship gets me so many benefits that I don't even have to work that hard for, that's why I suggest that men don't go MGTOW and instead at least try to enter into an LTR with a hot woman.

2 upvotesRedPillDad6 years ago

Well said... The point of getting good at Game isn't to game more. It's to acquire a worthy fucking prize and game less. Because a guy's time is best spent on building success, not chasing endless new pussy.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 years ago

it comes from a time that has left us long ago

uh... No shits just as brutal now as it was 2000 years ago. In fact technically, you might argue that we live in a more honorably world than in ancient times due to advancements in science and technology. Animals, like people tend to behave less ruthlessly when we dont have to fight over every meal.

Things like Honor exist because it compliments a functional society. This is a timeless concept, its not ancient, its not dead. Its perfectly fine to hold to a code of honor and likewise its perfectly fine to call someone else for being a using asshole/bitch.

2 upvotesmarc0706 years ago

Well obviously in 2000 years ago the world was much more brutal, but I definitely feel that we are less honorable than we were in the early twentieth century, a time when advancements in technology had already arrived and we didn't have to fight over meal but at the SAME TIME people cared more about each other and communities were more tight knit.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 years ago

Can you give me a more solid example?

Communities tend to differ dramatically based on countless factors so barbarisms can typically emerge at any point in time. In the context of the red pill subreddit what is being said is that men and women treat each other worse now than ever before. Correct?

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotesmarc0706 years ago

So what would be your counter-point, do you think a woman is capable of truly loving a man (that isn't her son, brother, father)? If so why do you believe this? You've said that my claims are false, but how exactly do you believe differently? I'm just asking out of curiosity here because your comment peaked my interest.

3 upvotesstupid_fucking_name6 years ago

Piqued*. Common mistake. Carry on.

1 upvotesWe_Are_Legion5 years ago

Rather than type something long-winded, i'll elaborate in terms of resources. Of course, the rational male is nearly required reading for your questions, but there's a wealth of information otherwise.

do you think a woman is capable of truly loving a man (that isn't her son, brother, father)?

Yes, I think a woman is capable of feeling love. I believe she is able to melt with love for a man. And gush like a schoolgirl happy and blissful romance. And I have experienced that, and accepted it for what it was and experienced joy and harmony from it. No anger, bitterness or misogyny is needed. The world was always like this. TBP wasn't wrong, just misguided. RP makes needed corrections, leaving you with options for something new or essentially the same dream you always had.

If so why do you believe this?

Again, I could type at length, or recommend red pill authors who've done so earlier and better. Sidebar>>> Just search for "love" or any manner of questions about it, as its a topic explored at great length by experienced RP authors over the years.

a woman is capable of truly loving a man (that isn't her son, brother, father)? If so why do you believe this?

According to Briffault's law, she will associate with you. And similarly, according to the love you create, she will love you.

It is all about the value you can extract and the basis of the relationship you create. You keep her as your fuck-toy. Ergo, she is your fuck toy. But there is no happiness in fuck toys. http://www.reddit.com/r/TheRedPill/comments/1x0gln/the_five_stages_of_red_pill_and_how_to_read_rtrp/

As the cliché goes; Red Pill Women are not born. They're made. And as the other red pill cliché goes; as the man, you are responsible, entirely, without exception, for the success or failure of your relationship. For her happiness with you and your happiness with her.

I recommend reading this answer I wrote earlier: http://www.reddit.com/r/TheRedPill/comments/21ocrx/raskwomen_thread_is_chock_full_of_women_talking/cgf4b8e

And if this doesn't make sense, and you are still curious enough(and I really hope you are) regarding how to engineer long-term sustainable love and RP happiness then search LTR game by occam's username. It will explain in detail how to have a woman love you, and become happy with who you are and how to make yourself happy with who she is(or who she can be).


Anyway, that's it, I'm in a hurry. This is a vast topic, if you have a more specific question(this one is vast), I will definitely answer to the best of my own ability. I've had plenty of success with these ideas.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesRedPillDad6 years ago

They are stunted not enlightened.

Wow. That hits the nail squarely.

1 upvotesmarc0706 years ago

Yeah, honestly you're probably right about that. But the core tenants of my argument: have as much fun as possible and stop caring about others, still remain intact, even if the women are too stupid to realize this and just do it because they are shallow. I mean, I used to love philosophy (and I still am interested in it) I always loved examining moral systems and notions of right and wrong, but ultimately there's no point, just get as much money as you can, and get as much ass as you can. Because those moral systems you so diligently abided by aren't going to give you anything of tangible value, and women couldn't care less about you anyway.

5 upvotesaalewis____6 years ago

the red pill isn't sweet like they say

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotesVZPurp6 years ago

He meant something along the lines of: "Like they say, the red pill isn't sweet."

2 upvotesaalewis____6 years ago

wrong order of words

1 upvotesPIBagent6 years ago

I tend to agree, even with the roles reversed I couldn't justify treating someone who hasn't done me wrong like that for something so trivial. I would be more inclined to learn how to do it on my own if it were really that important to me rather than force myself and the other person to go through something like that.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 years ago

Many of us have been there. Don't hate them; women are not worthy of stong emotions like that. Don't let them bother you; don't let them use up energy, that would be better invested in working out or learning something.

Just ignore them and start going your own way, brother.

3 upvotesmodernneo6 years ago

They're like petulant children. They are incredibly frustrating, hypocritical, and unpleasant, but it's not worth wasting your time hating them because it won't get you anywhere.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 years ago


2 upvotesBRINGMETHEBITCHES6 years ago

True words. Don't get too emotionally involved especially if like me you love sticking your dick in crazy.

54 upvotesbama79rolltide6 years ago

Reading that can make any reformed beta like myself feel shame and disgust. Sometimes we just need to read things in a different perspective.

Well done, sir!

9 upvoteslikelybaked6 years ago

Dig it. Good read.

19 upvotessir_lurkzalot6 years ago

My roommates and I are guilty of this, except the girls are semi-attractive and not fat; totally bangable. The variable here is that the girls would use their cleaning and cooking as a way to get in with us and after they were getting laid steadily, they'd stop. Alternatively, if they weren't getting laid they'd stop too, but we wouldn't try to get them back.

We never lead them on so I didn't feel bad. If someone offers to cook and clean we're not going to turn them down.

5 upvotesmodernneo6 years ago

Free maid service with benefits? You guys are living the life!

-1 upvotessir_lurkzalot6 years ago

Indeed, it's been happening on and off for three years now. Pretty much different girls every year

32 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 years ago

LOL nice, but I wouldn't fuck a fat bitch even if those wings had crack in them.

46 upvotesCarlsPudding6 years ago

Have you ever tried crack wings? They're delicious.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

6 upvotesCarlsPudding6 years ago

How close are you to Baltimore?

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotesCarlsPudding6 years ago

They have them in Philly too, but not the way my man Omar makes them. They put cheese whiz on it and shit.

8 upvotesTheBrownChrisBrown6 years ago

Im Rick James bitch

3 upvotesaalewis____6 years ago

you obviously have never tried crack

1 upvotesCarlsPudding6 years ago


6 upvotessoupermain6 years ago

Have you ever had your dick sucked by a chubby? They do it like they're hungry

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 years ago

In my experience, they were far lazier about it than a regular girl.

3 upvotessoupermain6 years ago

Any woman that doesn't offer to enthusiastically choke herself on it regularly thinks she has higher SMV than you

1 upvotesCarlsPudding6 years ago

I agree it's a mixed bag. Best and worst head I've ever gotten was from fat chicks. But on average they're better.

1 upvotesmodernneo6 years ago

Same. Some of them feel they have to do well to make up for their less-than-ideal bodies, which is great if you're even an average-looking guy. Others...not so much. Fat chicks can be weirdly entitled due to the "fat is beautiful" acceptance movement (gag).

1 upvotesenticingasthatmaybe6 years ago

Yeah, mine too. Contrary to the fat-girls-give-great-head myth. The only women who couldn't seem to keep my cock out their mouths were always on the kind of hot to smoke show end of the looks / body spectrum.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 years ago


-1 upvotesDarkCircle6 years ago

You beat me to saying it.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

6 upvotes_Just_do_it6 years ago

Now if only women were able to feel this emotion that you just felt reading the story, hmm what's that called, oh yeah, guilt.

5 upvotesFloranHunter6 years ago

It turns out that a civilization-wide mantra of victimhood and empowerment almost completely purges guilt from subsequent generations.

14 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 years ago

I wish this was required reading for all teenage men. Too bad this shit isn't taught in schools.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 years ago

Only a sith deals in absolutes.

Lots of valuable stuff is taught in schools, the trick is to cross-reference everything, take what you need, and discard the garbage. Just like this subreddit.

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Only a sith deals in absolutes.

Which is, itself, an absolute. Obi-wan was a sith!

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The Sith were pretty RP.

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It's all just a giant shit test and if you fail you'll live the rest of your life in chains and bondage.

Nope. No matter what school, and how well you go, everyone gets the same lessons.

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Don't forget bathroom cleaning. I fucked my girlfriend three times in a row after she cleaned my bathroom. Nothing says "I love you" like cooking and cleaning.

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Why would you marry someone who can cook and clean when it is just cheaper to hire a maid ?

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[permanently deleted]

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And you can fuck your maid, then get a new one at no added cost!

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In this analogy, this guy is feasting alright. But it's not wings he's eating... he's slowly devouring her soul.

This is what happens when you break down the opposite sex to ONLY what they can provide of immediate benefit to you.

The sum is greater than the whole of its parts. But everything's in pieces now, and beta-ing up and marrying some bitch isn't going to put humpty dumpty together again.

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[permanently deleted]

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this is gold. I see it has been posted a long time ago. Maybe it's time for a repost?:


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It should have been side-barred.

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Girls want sex and money. Guys want sex and money. It is easier for girls to give sex (they have a vagina) and get money ("beta bucks," in RP terms) than it is for guys to get money (market competition with other males) and give it for sex. It's fucking simple economics and people on here treat it like it's some freak of nature secret.

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This is a good attempt at bridging the gender gap view on this and perhaps it is just the best we can do. It still does not convey the woman's perspective because men and women are different. How often does it happen that a man marries a women to whom he is not attracted? How many men can seriously say "the sex is gross." How many men marry a woman for her 'resources.' My point is women use this far more often as cold, calculated play and there is no comparison.

Plus in real life if a woman is that infatuated with a man he should be able to get her to the gym. In real life the fat wife stopped having sex with him after dropping out the first kid...

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Men can't fake sex with an unattractive person unless they're willing to pop pills. Women just have to lie there. The logistics play a role, for sure.

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Clean this up, and switch her cooking ability to something more accurate. Only reveal the perspective of the truth at the very end, making every reader agree that he is an asshole right up until they realize that this is what many women do.

Then this needs to be distributed all around the internet. Now that I think about it, all of these "flip the gender" type stories might be a good way to show people how retarded they can be.

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That is a great idea, we will give you the opportunity to create such a story and take the credit for it. Here lies your challenge, nay, your duty. Accept it or walk away like a little bitch.

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this is the real

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Had to give gold for this one. Thank you

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I wonder what the obesity percentage of the average person in /r/deadbedrooms is.

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Alot of fat women i meet either seem overly nice or needlessly hostile,both are trying to compensate for their body

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I would never drag a woman on like this for material gain. It hurt me inside just reading this shit. The only thing this serves as is a reminder of women's lack of sympathy for weak men. If you work in a cut throat field for a while I can imagine someone being like this, but it seems to be an innate ability from women. People say you shouldn't hate women because that's just nature. Well I think baboons are a creul animals and the world would be a happier place without them. I also dislike cockroaches even though they are just trying to survive. Just because it's their nature doesn't mean I should like them. It's just a non sequitur. Women are often called nurturing, but only to their female friends (sometimes) and their children. They will even leave their own husbands at the sign of weakness. Dragging someone along in the friendzone because do shit for you is something that will never stop bothering me. I know pretty quick if a girl is interested in me and and if they're not I just ignore them. Some girls can make friends because they basically think like guys, but they are rare enough that I just assume otherwise.

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slow clapclapclapclapclap

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Golf clap.

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[permanently deleted]

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I would be ok with this in the sidebar, but at some point we need to condense. The sidebar is supposed to give a brief rundown of TRP.

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This would be better for the side bar.

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If that's the case, I would just fuck her for the recipie in the beginning, then practice until i get it. Problem solved.

OP, I totally get what you mean, but we should not have to commit to a girl to get what we want. Instead, we should gain the skills and resources necessary to get what we want. And the one thing we should not trade is our sex and our commitment, unless it is for other people's sex and commitment. Furthermore, the one thing we should never trade away is ourselves.

2 upvotesmr_throwz6 years ago

The thought of doing this to someone makes me cringe.

2 upvotesEducatedCavemen6 years ago

in the end, the ones that suffer are the Betas and Fatties(for lack of words that describe beta girls). You either step up your game or you become somebodies disposable asset.

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This should be mandatory reading. Sometimes, you just can't fully understand a situation until you see it from the other side.

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Am I the only one thinking losing attraction over neediness is strictly something that occurs among females?

you detest her Because she's fat. Why does her availabilty factor in at all? Doesn't really rhyme with my personal experiences.

3 upvotesredderthanpurple6 years ago

I wouldn´t want a too needy woman. With neediness follows the controlling behaviour, like her calling/texting every minute to know where you are etc. You are probably right that "neediness" is an inherently unwanted trait in men when seen from a female perspective.

Just an anecdote; I specifically remember when I was asked out by a girl when I was around 14-15 years old. When I told my father ( I had to get permission to go out) He told me "Good on you son! Keep it up!" While when I told my mom (for her to drive me to do the date) she told me "She must be desperate, is she ugly?" The same thoughts were expressed by my sisters.

In my mind, women always judge neediness negatively, however, independence is judges positively. Even if you blow a date off because you have more important things to do, if you have built enough attraction, she will be happy to reschedule, no matter how flimsy your excuse.

What is requiried is getting a woman who needs you, but who is still great with accepting your emotional boundaries. You dont need to tell her shit.

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Even though this type of stuff is obvious to the regulars of this sub, it's fascinating how so few men understand this concept until it's written in this way. I chalk it up to the fact that beta men have zero understanding of abundance mentality -- something every female 6 and up has experienced all her life.

Once you understand abundance, behaviours like that of the modern women are pretty predictable.

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I think you are forgetting one significant point that is particularly relevant.

After discovering that you have been having sex with other, more attractive women, she immediately logs into Reddit and posts in /r/relationships.

She seeks validation from the hive mind, and in the process, swallows an entire bottle of blue pills and overdoses as the white knights artificially inflate her SMV.

With renewed strength and courage she attempts to impose her will and establish some dominance.

By the time she realizes the futility of her actions, you've already left.

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except this is a fake story, the guy would never get the kid, and nobody has ever fucked a fat hog for some chicken wings

2 upvotesJaneH16 years ago

Reminds me of "The Good Earth" by Pearl S. Buck. That book is pure Red Pill, set in late 19th century China.

A young man marries an ugly servant who is amazing at cooking and housework, frugal, hard-working, loyal, subservient, etc. It sucks that she's ugly, stupid and uninteresting but he knows that he only needs a good wife at this point.

The young man becomes older and establishes an upper-class estate from his hard work. He's the richest guy in town at this point. He gets a hot young prostitute to become his mistress. The mistress just sits on her fine ass looking pretty and buys expensive shit with his money. He's infatuated with her, showers her with gifts and feels guilty that he doesn't feel the same way with his first wife, who is ugly and old but still works like a pack mule.

One day, his daughter from his first wife tells him why her feet are bound (extremely painful beauty procedure in ancient China) because otherwise "my husband would not love me even as you do not love her".

First wife get sick and dies, knowing that she was too ugly to be loved.

Second wife (the hot ex-prostitute mistress) gets old, hits wall. Continues to sit on her (now fat and saggy) ass and eat bon-bons.

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[permanently deleted]

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The difference is that what counts for women is youth and beauty, while what counts for men is social dominance, status, money. Her curve must go down with time. His curve can go up, IF he puts effort into self-improvement.

Therefore women can not copy the TRP strategy for themselves, because they are not working on the same curve. The situation is asymmetric.

Women should not invest in themselves in the long-term (career, status, money). (They can, but it will not benefit them on the SMP). They need to go short-term: immediately improve their looks and then fight to keep it (get slim and prevent aging).

Many women try to bag alpha males by becoming alpha males. It can not work for them.

3 upvotesmarc0706 years ago

No, not really, and this is why, women are NOT supposed to be "providers" in the sense that we men are supposed to be. Basically, the woman's attractiveness rests almost solely on her physical appearance, not on her ability to cook or provide (especially since the notion of a woman cooking for her man has been demonized by the feminists). And so if a woman is unattractive, she's screwed, she's not going to get with anyone who isn't extremely desperate (which is why women obsess over plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures).

However, unattractive men (or men who simply are not confident in themselves) foolishly feel that they can make up for their assumed sexual inferiority by going beta and becoming slaves to their woman. And we all know how that ends: with her cheating on him, neglecting his needs, or outright leaving him. So he must become the confident alpha male, in order to to keep her loyal to him. This is why redpill knowledge is of use to him, it helps him realize that bye must become alpha.

tl;dr: Women make themselves more attractive by enhancing their physical qualities, men make themselves more attractive by turning into Alpha's instead of Beta's, which is what the redpill helps people do, so women don't have to use the redpill or any advanced sexual strategy, they only need to be skinny and have clean skin.

2 upvotescandyman4206 years ago

The red pill: food edition!

For people that have never heard of restaurants :/

2 upvotestrying2testhumanity6 years ago

Add into the end the number of people who commit suicide or go into drug-abuse from this sort of shit, I like to quantify things.

Amazing post. If TRP never produces anything worth-reading ever again, I'd die a happen man.

1 upvotesredderthanpurple6 years ago

OP, holy shit! This is exactly what modern life is! I have nothing more to add, you put everything into perspective and made it relevant to any guy willing to read it.

I think this should be standard thinking for all the guys. No woman wants you unless you have something to provide. In fatties case, you provided attention, commitment and some semblance of love.

Dont ever commit to a female who cannot provide what you want or need. EVER. Actually, dont ever commit to a female without realizing you have OPTIONS. Committing many times is essentially like "riding the CC" you dont know shit about the opposite gender and you give them what you think they want all for a short while of having what you wanted. In your case a warm fuck hole, in her case some hard dick.

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Very interesting read. Thanks for writing this up

1 upvotesthredditsowaway6 years ago

This is an awesome analogy. The fact that the court can order her to keep cooking for you is a perfect way to describe just how crazy alimony sounds from any perspective that we aren't accustomed to.

At first, I did think "I cook for myself," even though it's a metaphor, but then I realized there's truth to that: learn to cook, learn to clean (or pay someone else to), run your own finances, get good male friends, learn to manage your emotions so you don't need to constantly talk to someone about it... and basically have power over your own life. Finally, learn to differentiate between wanting her sex for validation and wanting her sex because you just want sex.

Then, what are women? They're like male friends, except they create more drama than your guy buddies and are less likely to be honest with you when you ask for advice. The only thing they can provide that your male friends or yourself cannot provide better is sex. Imagine how the story would have ended if they guy was the one bringing the wings to the party, and all she brought was take-out pizza (with a slice missing... or two... and she bought a box of garlic bread but "dropped it").

Edit: that said, until you do happen to find a girl who provides actual, honest affection, of course. But she has to be hot, too... just like women can appreciate affection and generosity, as long as the guy is alpha.

1 upvotesMessedupMakeup6 years ago

People don't marry people they don't like though in the vast majority of circumstances?

1 upvotesFuck-Your-Stuff6 years ago

Side bar this is gold

-2 upvotesfrazzleddd6 years ago

Who the fuck would marry someone for food

1 upvoteshyorilee6 years ago

imagine every single meal you ate when you went out, fast food, diners, fancy restaurants and there was no bill at the end, doesn't that seem like "good enough" reason for you?

1 upvotesduckducklandwhale6 years ago

Really...cooking? Oh brother.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 years ago

Ahahaha hilarious loved it, very funny way of looking at things.

1 upvotesEvesest6 years ago

Fire. Dead accurate analogy.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 years ago

This is actually sorta depressing. What am I supposed to get out of this though?

1 upvotesSupaPineapple6 years ago

Don't let them use you. This particular post really hit home 'cuz since I've followed the Red Pill, I don't bother seeking a relationship anymore. But with that, I don't care about women anymore. I used to care so much then I went on a streak of being used. I thought they were evil for a while. The Red Pill showed me the truth; they just don't care.

0 upvotesincraved6 years ago

You forgot to say that I'm also a massive dickhead...

No, I wouldn't use a woman like that, that I know is attracted to me. Believe it or not, I wouldn't do that.

I think it's more likely for women to do that though, because of their "I'm weaker" mentality which justifies being unjust to others who you regard them as "stronger" than you. That's is, women have way less sympathy for men, especially weak men (evolution?). In fact, I would say the whole society has less sympathy to men.

I, for one, feel much more sympathetic to an old woman than an old man. I don't know, it's just a natural thing.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 years ago

Alan from "Two And A Half Men"

-4 upvotes • [deleted] • 6 years ago

I'm sorry but no, fat women are generally self absorbed cunts, sorry but this is projecting, beta caracteristics to a fat chick.

So you keep her around you, generally ignoring her texts, calls, and sexual advances because you detest her, but you need her favor of you to continue so you can swing by whenever you need to to get some delicious homemade food before you go out and jam your dick down the throat of that tasty new receptionist. You tell the fatty that you aren’t interested in sex because it’s ruined things in the past for you; meanwhile you’re fucking every tight piece of ass that looks at you twice.

No man alive would do this, leading on, is something only women do(and sometimes the pussiest of betas), and the line about ruining sex is absolute female bullshit.

No man keeps a female orbiter around. Especially not for cooking.

This has been said before, so I apologize for those readers that know this one but OP is clearly missing a huge point here.

Keeping it simple, men have male attention, consideration, a ability to judge worth and females have sex, relatively of course they are just gate keepers to sex. Both are desired by both genders but each places more value on the things that the opposite gender wants more, i.e. sex for females and attention for males.

Betas give their attention without getting sex, they believe they attention is so cheap they need to trow it at their partner, this of course makes it cheap and doesn't get him the sex and confirms his preconception that his attention is worthless. Sluts, give sex at a high volume even for small amounts of attention, the inflationary spiral is also seen in them as with age their sex currency plummets. Sluts don't slut it out just because they can, but because that is the currency that has the greatest liquidity and is universally accepted, the same goes for betas, they have been trained that "niceness" is easaly exchangeble and universally receivable, both have been lied to by society, but only the slut rationalises her behavior trough feminism.

Edit: Yesterday I was wondering who the fuck could write this, now I'm wondering who the fuck would upvote this bullshit. I honestly don't know anymore if this sub is full of trolls or has this bullshit become acceptable content.

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