"Fake it till you make it" - A Primer

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September 10, 2015

As requested by /u/bubudeamon, here is a breakdown of some tips/thoughts on the red pill mantra “Fake it til you make it.”

“The whole world shines shit and calls it gold” – The Wire

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." – Aristotle

As soon as you discover the red pill network, you are inundated with the expression, “Fake it til you make it.” It is a cliché, but goddamn, it is the key to success. Since a lot of men enjoy nuts-and-bolts specifics, I will give some details on what I literally did on a daily basis to “fake it” until I made it. Hopefully some of these are helpful to you.

Remember all men must shape and craft themselves into men. We are not born men; we are made into men by how we respond to adversity and our ability to realize our ambitions. It can be daunting but luckily you have an ace up your sleeve: Everyone in the whole wide world is full of shit. Everyone is projecting a persona that they would like the world to buy. So project the persona of the man you want to be and soon…you will become him. It’s almost like hypnotizing yourself.

Fake it til you make it is essentially telling you to model success. I recommend you read Tony Robbins’ book Unlimited Power or anything on Neuro-linguistic Programming. Basically we are all running on mental programing right now. It may be programing you don’t like (such as my programing tells me to eat 5000 calories a day, play video games all night, and never approach women) but it is programing nonetheless.

You can change your programing. You do this through action, not solely through thoughts/”positive thinking.” So the three keys things to fake it til you make it are

  1. Observe
  2. Act
  3. Calibrate

Observe. Find examples of behavior/attitude/state that you want to emulate. Study carefully all of the tiny little things that are happening (sub-modalities) at the moment and make careful note of them.

Act. Recreate the behavior/attitude/state that you liked.

Calibrate. See if the new behavior/attitude/state that you are enacting is coming across as sincere. You can best see this though using the reactions you get from people.

Then just rinse and repeat. If you are not coming across as intended, compare your version of the behavior/attitude/state to the one you modeled and try to find why you found your model to be authentic/sincere, and why you are not coming off as authentic/sincere.

Here are some examples of actual things I used to do/still do to get in state:

  1. Do pushups to get that pumped up feeling you get after doing pushups lol

  2. Watched a shit ton of movies/videos of actors/men I respect. Studied their mannerisms, their body language, their gait. I recommend older movies, as modern movies have a lot of fruity guys employing feminine body language where old movies contain tons of macho bastards lol.

  3. Visualize yourself succeeding before you attempt something, step-by-step. If you are about to go on a date, stop for a moment and see yourself and the girl meeting, talking, having some laughs, you touching her leg, you kissing her, you banging her, etc. Literally see these things in your mind. Each step. The more detail (sound, specific shit like envisioning your room) the better. A lot of men do better with a road map, so create your roadmap before you head out for the evening.

  4. At the gym I don’t stare at girls (hell I don’t hit on girls at the gym at all, that place is my temple and I don’t shit where I eat). Instead, I stare off into space and envision the body I want. I see the ripped and lean version of me that I am trying to create. Even though I don’t look like that yet, I am seeing the change I want to create. I change it up too: one day I am at the beach walking along, another I am riding a horse or at a club. Sometimes I am wearing a suit, sometimes, a tank top or no shirt. The point of the variety is it forces me to visualize that version of myself each time. Sometimes I forget but I usually do this for at least 30 seconds each time I go to the gym.

  5. Dance. I dance at the gym, sometimes while driving. It doesn’t matter how long or what you do. It could be a few silly steps or humming to yourself. You are not doing it to impress the people around you; you are doing it to prove to yourself that you are not afraid of the judgment of strangers and care more about being silly/having fun because it pleases you. You may get some strange looks. Mostly these people are amazed you arent afraid to be silly. A lot of times they will smile and feel a little freer themselves. I know this because when I have seen these kind of people in the world, they make me happy. Like when im in traffic and I see a guy or girl laughing their ass off to the radio or smiling a big ole smile. It makes me smile. So be a positive force.

  6. Whistle a jaunty little tune when walking down the street.

  7. Try different combinations of pickup lines with vocal tonality/facial expression/body language to see what works best for you. For example, saying “Hey” while making a serious face and in a low tone may work on certain types of women, but a more upbeat “Hey!” with a smile and some crows feet from smiling with my eyes work better on another women. There are endless combinations.

  8. Don’t scan the room/gym/coffee shop with roving eyes for the whole time. Walk in look around and then do what you came to do in that room. Women observe, men act. Study the room the next time you are out. Notice all the insecure guys are either on their phones/looking down, have an angry look on their face or are scanning the room like they are trying to find Sarah Conner. The “cool guys” are IMMERSED in whatever they are doing. If they are taking shots, hitting on a girl, talking to their buddy about something they did, they are actively engaged. They are not scanning the room to see if anyone has noticed them.

  9. Smile at strangers when we make eye contact. Say “hi” to strangers when you have smiled at one another and made eye contact.

  10. Sing along to songs in the car when driving places.

  11. Listen to my “power” songs. These are songs that were playing while dope shit was happening. Now when I hear these songs I instantly am transported back to that memory and smile like a champ. Some of the songs have positive lyrics, some are literally just the song that was playing at the club when I made out with a chick or had a blast with my buddies.

  12. Pay attention to my posture, stance, resting facial expression and gait when out in public. You only have to do this once in a while once you get down the look you are going for. Check out CH or Rollo for info on Command Presence, Alpha stance, amused mastery, and masculine body language/expressions/vocal tonality/gait. When you look and sound like the real deal, you feel like the real deal. I have had women who were out of my line of sight turn around and be attracted just from hearing the sound of my voice.

  13. Make eye contact with myself if I see my own reflection and smile. This one is weird but I mention it because it is the exact opposite of what I used to do when I caught my own gaze at the gym (look down like a turtle). I still see guys at the gym who can’t bring themselves to look at themselves. They seem like they are timid. Timid is bad. You don’t need to be Narcissus, staring at your own reflection for eternity, but you should be able to take an assessment of yourself and see the good and what needs improvement.

  14. Talk to myself. I give myself praise when I do something good (like make out with a girl or jump out of a plane) or change the subject when I start having negative thoughts by saying “stop that, were not gonna do that.” Then I think of something positive instead. Sometimes I literally push my hand across the sky, as if I was literally pushing away gray thoughts so the sunshine of positive thoughts can come through.

  15. Make a list of awesome but small victories I have made recently (anything from a girl at the gym flipping her hair and smiling at me to fucking 2 girls in the same day) create mental images of these moments. Recreate them in vivid technicolor with sound in your mind so you can recall them when needed (all this is in Unlimited Power). These will pump you up, get you feeling invincible. Stack as many as you can. Then, when you are in a shitty mood you can play this "highlight reel" in your mind. I swear, it takes me out of the funk every time by reminding me what an awesome guy i am with concrete examples.

  16. Study people and identify behaviors that you should NEVER do and catch yourself when you are doing them. That is the only way to stop the behavior. For example, I noticed I used to do that thing heavy people do which is constantly pull down the corner of your shirt or hoist up your pants. Now that I am not fat anymore I don’t really need to do this but the behavior was so ingrained I had to consciously stop myself each time until this behavior was minimized. Similarly, I used to touch my face a lot. I learned that is because I was insecure and by touching my face I was subconsciously comforting myself, assuring myself that I look ok. Well guess who else does that shit a lot? Women lol. So doing this means you are literally putting out feminine body language. Alphas don’t give a shit if they have a booger hanging out let alone that they just pissed themselves. Remember don’t take yourself so seriously, no one gives a shit about you (and this is a good thing! Lol), they are all too wrapped up in their own world thinking “what are people thinking about me?” Alphas naturally get catered to because they are handsome/charming/athletic. People praise them for doing retarded shit or call them geniuses for bringing chips to a party all the time, so they have an inflated sense of self-worth. Copy that. Tell yourself you are better than every other guy out there. Believe it. Yeah its narcissistic and unrealistic but who gives a shit? Once you have actual confidence, you won’t need to do this and that is the whole goal!

  17. Have an opinion on every topic. Even if it’s the unpopular one, don’t be a neutral. Doesn’t mean you have to be serious or well read. Most loud mouths don’t know shit about what they are talking about, but ill be damned if the women aren't watching them enthralled. Nobody likes the milquetoast guy lol. Practice starting off your sentence/reply with a curt "Let me tell you something..." People always perk up when they hear this one haha.

  18. Don’t get defensive/touchy. You are going to piss people off occasionally. If you have any balls, you learn to stand your ground. Fuck em if they cant take a joke. Remember an alpha acts, a beta reacts. So if you say something controversial, people you are talking to have to react to your statement. If they react negatively, get angry, call you a jerk, etc. you have a choice. If you get defensive, you look whiny and are reacting to them. If you refuse to enter their frame, you win. So refuse to enter their frame by mocking their frame, or reframing, or changing the subject. The key is don’t admit you are wrong lol. Sometimes all you need to do is break out the shit eating grin and keep your mouth shut.

  19. Develop a shit eating grin and smirk. These are useful tools because they show you don’t let things bother you. Or at least they don’t let the other person know it bothered you (never give em an inch, they don’t deserve to know that what they said/did affected your state). So if someone says something totally rude or a girl tells you to fuck off during an approach, remember to smile not scowl.

  20. Remember there is nothing more beta than impotent rage. Most angry people are just trying to demonstrate power by getting you to react to their anger/follow their frame. A real man would have kicked the guys ass by now if it was a real insult/issue, right? And I am not advocating violence. But think about how women and white knights are nothing but hot air, just paper tigers. Be a real tiger. If a little sissy boy tries to get into argument with you, laugh in his face and keep doing whatever you were doing, don’t give him the time of day or treat him like a real threat. That is what he wants. And he isn’t a threat, he’s a bitch. Same thing with guys at bars shoulder-checking/bumping into you because you are talking to the girl that they didn’t have the balls to approach. It’s a pretty pussy move to shoulder check me for your failure to act. If you react, they feel vindicated in some way; so I just ignore or smirk. Of course there is a time to stand up for yourself, but only you will know when you have been pushed too far.

  21. Sometimes I blow out sets on purpose. This is to try out new game techniques, or see what kind of reaction I get so next time I know what not to do lol. If I act like a jackass or piss a girl off it is because it makes me laugh, because it is fun. You’re not gonna win em all. Learn to be ok with being rejected or disliked. It’s not your job to be the goddamn nice guy. Also you may have heard, women don’t really like “nice guys” lol

  22. Similarly, remember “it’s not personal.” The girl who just stone cold rejected your approach doesn’t owe you shit. You are a man; you need to grow a thicker skin. If a little girl turning you down ruins your evening, you have a long way to go. You are a catch, you are a prince. So if they aint buying what you are selling, don’t get mad. Just move along to the next potential customer. Because when you know you have a quality product, it will sell itself. If you have a shitty product, you need to lie and shuck and jive to trick women. So create a quality product (yourself) and you will can expect and demand quality women.

  23. Remember, there is a lot of power in silence. Sometimes not reacting at all or a deadpan reaction, or a reaction that is only raised eyebrows are all that is called for. I have to remember this one alot because i am naturally verbose. Kind of how you never ask a women if you can kiss her, you just kiss her because you both are feeling it. Some things don't need to be verbalized.

  24. Don't be needy.

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"All you know about me is what I've sold you, dumb fuck. I sold out long before you ever heard my name." - Tool

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Not a fan of their style but I dig the message of that song.

Any time a person sincerely uses the term "sellout" they have instantly (and probably irrevocably) confirmed themselves as a sucker and the kind of person I won't have any real interest in dealing with.

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Definitely worth saving. Fundamentally important stuff right here. Nice.

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I wish someone in /r/asktrp showed me this post. I'm extremely lucky for finding this sub. Thank you for the post!

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