TRP'ed myself years ago. Just a vent post.

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July 3, 2014

I posted this on /r/TheRedPill but the mods deleted it. I think it is bullshit that they did because it rocketed to the top of /r/TheRedPill but what the fuck ever.

Below is what I posted:

This subreddit rocks. I have been reading the hell out of it ever since that best of post calling TRP abusive basically.

I'm not a confused lad. I TRP'ed myself years ago without even realizing it. At 17 I was 100 lbs overweight, in the closet, bullied daily at school since the 6th grade, and always just so "gosh darn nice."

I've got only my testosterone to thank for saving me. One day after school I just said man - fuck this. I might be fat, ugly, shitty, weak, but the next mother fucker who talks to me or says something at all - I am just gonna go down swinging. And lo' and behold - that was the last time I was bullied. I never had to swing a punch.

Astonishing right? Not really. Not if you understand reality. Not if you know that people know and they are always on the prowl. We are animals full of unbelievablely developed instincts. Instincts that are still active at all times regardless how many pretty TV shows, movies, and books show us something else.

My mother was a very powerful very over bearing lady. Still is. She taught me many correct things. She also taught me many incorrect things. One of the reasons I was so "nice" is because every time I went to her for help about bullying I was told to just wait it out and be nice...if I was just nice people would be nice. Or the worst "Oh - you are just too sensitive" as if I was just making the whole thing up. I believed her. Odd that after I finally learned to stand up for myself at that age our relationship started crumbling. But is it that odd? Not really.

I got my act together, lost 100 lbs, came out of the closet, fucked who I wanted, have a steady relationship where we can still fuck who we want and when we want, and life is great.

Paying attention is something that I am really good at. I pay attention to everything - especially things that make me uncomfortable (if something makes you uncomfortable then you have lost part of your power...confront it, own it). A conversation that makes so many people uncomfortable is the conversation that a few of my straight male friends and I have about the state of women and what is actually happening right now in the West.

I get it - left alone and unbalanced a tribe of men can become quite dangerous, deadly, violent, and not caring towards women and fucking monstrous. I do get that. And I get feminism - or at least what it started out as. They wanted the same freedom in society to essentially maneuver around and get what they want. More power to ya. But I didn't think it was to castrate men. And it is happening all because of some nice pretty lies told to you by who? Well for me it was women. Female teachers, female caretakers, female healthcare providers. "Be nice." People like that the most. Hell yeah they do - those are the easiest people to use.

Wading through years of fog and lies to uncover some very basic human ideals that should never have been lost has been rewarding but painful. Big fucking deal. It hurt? Good. Learn from that. But what irritates me about it is how damaging the falsity fed to me actually was for others around me too.

When I picked myself up, owned my weakness, changed my life - I did not become an asshole. Oh I am an asshole. And I say and do what I want and I mean it too. But as the years have gone on and I have navigated and taken control of my life - something astonishing has taken place. I actually really am NICE! What? How is that possible? Because - I take care of myself. I get laid. I'm great to my friends. They are great to me. And if someone tries starting something with me I can de-escalate a situation because unlike all the other beta males out there still trapped in their world of "nice" and white-knighting bullshit - there simply is no pride for people to pluck at on me. Oh - so I am a dick? Okay - at least I owned it buddy. I'd tell you to go fuck yourself but from that walk of yours I can tell you already are.

When you own yourself there is nothing left that someone can actually attack or manipulate on you actually leaving you a more peaceful, less violent individual. You need proof? Well I don't. I lived it. When I finally stood up, decided that I was going to beat the living hell out of a single person who bullied me again in high school - something amazing happened - it fucking stopped! Not a single. punch. thrown. Because I went from nice to boss. And because of that decision I made - there was less violence in the world. People were not perpetrating their violence onto me - I stopped it. As a result they became better less violent people and so did I. Shocking? Again - not fucking really.

TRP should be extreme. It has to be to cut through the shit. Believe me my first years of self education moving from being weak to functioning person were extreme. People looking in here wanting to demonize and shit on it - okay I get it - the language is scary and hurtful. Ooooo. So sexual strategy here is unkind? What about the fucking crap printed on magazines telling women how to "snag a man in 10 easy steps." Should we instead call it sexual snagging? Fuck off. Language is how we convey ideas. Control that - and you control ideas. Use your language. Own it. Fuck the rest of it. I have many male and female friends - believe me - when women aren't being monitored by straight men they do not monitor their language.

One of the great ideas on reddit that seems to permeate a lot of it is that of individual freedom, power, and improvement. I support that 100%. As a result of owning myself I brought peace to my life and peace to others. As a result of actually eventually getting bored (this might sound crazy - but when you can get any ass, any time, with no work, no effort, no worries, no confusions, no hurt feelings - it can lose some of its appeal...some, not all) I have pursued other philosophies, ideologies, and have had intense consciousness experiences that are nothing short of transformative. I believe I am one of the individuals that people are striving towards on here. BUT none of that would have happened with pretty language, pretty half-truths, or waiting for someone else. Nope. No one is coming for you men. No one. Own your shit. Own your bitterness. Own your sex. And shut the fuck up because no one fucking cares. You want someone to care in this world? Then why don't you fucking do it.

P.S. Oh and one last thing: Women do control men with sex - but it can control them too. It is hilarious to me when, as a completely out gay male, women STILL try to have sex with me. It is not even conscious on their part. And the straight beta males threatened by this? Holy. Shit. If you are threatened by a gay male in the sexual arena then get the fuck out. I remember the girls who "liked me" in high school. They were crazy, broken, scarred, and needed a safe spot. What is safer than an obese weak piece of shit? What they projected at me felt different than what women nowadays project. I know what type of sex those women are looking for - and it is only the type that men who have owned themselves can bring. So fix your shit and go get laid!

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[–][deleted] 2 points3 points  (1 child) | Copy

And it is happening all because of some nice pretty lies told to you by who? Well for me it was women. Female teachers, female caretakers, female healthcare providers.

And this is why I always take note of when a guy has more 'girl-friends' than guy-friends. Its very easy for gay guys to grow up and remain in a female dominated bubble listening to celine dion and reading salon. I think that sort of feminization really hurts guys.

I'm glad you made a positive change in your life and it worked out for you.

As for TRP Proper giving your post the boot, they just don't want gay shit over there. Their loss, more gay shit for us here.

[–]KenshinX90 1 point2 points  (0 children) | Copy

Some gay men are just as bad as women,i guess that's what they associate us with.

[–]gyiparrp 0 points1 point  (2 children) | Copy

Fascinating: A gay alpha-male. hat tip

[–]omnipedia 1 point2 points  (0 children) | Copy

PS- the perception of gay men as feminine or faggoty is a projection of straight beta insecurity.

A few gays love up to this stereotype because they think they have to, but the average gay man is more masculine than the average straight man, in my experience.

[–]omnipedia 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

Btw, as a bisexual, there are far more gay alphas out there than straight alphas.

I think it is a result of gays having to confront their sexuality in a way straights don't.

[–]KittyMittenz 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

Awesome post. /trip doesn't know what their missing by deleting this

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