Why do gays need The Red Pill, if they can have sex whenever they want?

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October 25, 2014

In heterosexual relationships, women are the choosers who decide the sexual/romantic winners and losers, because women control the gateway to sex due to having higher standards than men. In gay relationships, gays can have sex whenever they want, so what need is there for game? You may not get the exact man you want, but you can get a man, unlike the majority of males as 52% of Americans are single and rising due to the female sexual revolution causing them to have higher standards, but gay males aren't affected by that, are they, as gay men can always attract another gay man. What need is there to "game" a gender, if you can have sex and commitment whenever you want? Why do gays need a strategy for something they can get whenever they want? If gays can have sex whenever they want, why do they need to adopt a strategy that is designed for teaching the majority of men who cannot get laid? There's nothing empowering about it.

Women only find 20% of men desirable and they ride the cock carousel and whore themselves to the top 10% of males. Males however find 80% of men desirable. Game is a band aid upon a culture that has stopped rewarding nice guys, killed chivalry, and rewards female whoring. However gays reward nice guys and don't have trouble attracting mates, unlike the majority of hetrosexual incel males and also females who are single who overlook their 6000 Tinder potentials.

The Hollywood media, society and children's parents tell young boys to do the following things to attract women.

“Treat girls with respect.” “Be a gentleman.” “Girls want a sweet man.” “Girls want a man to hold the door for her.” “Girls love romantic men.” “Girls love it when you give them flowers.” “Girls want to be treated like princesses.” “Girls love compliments.”

The Red Pill says that women prefer jerks instead of nice guys, and that being kind and nice repulses women, and several studies have confirmed this. The same studies show that men are attracted to empathetic and kind responses unlike women, so why do gays need to take the "red pill" and realise that they have to be dark triad, alpha or a jerk, if gays aren't attracted to any of that bullshit and rely on logic instead?

Men and women are mentally different, so although you think you can apply red pill concepts such as hypergamy, frame and shit tests on people of the same sex, men and women are attracted to different things in hetrosexual relationships, so male gays aren't going to be doing the same strategies that women do to men.

For hetrosexual men, the same strategies that give them sex off women also get them into a relationship, but for heterosexual women the advice is instead how to maintain commitment off the man. Why don't you gay males read some Evan Marc Katz, if you feel that commitment off men is much harder as it is to get laid?

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[–][deleted] 13 points14 points  (0 children) | Copy

I will quote another post of mine:

You do realize that being gay does not remove a person from the mercy of women and their games? Mom, sisters, aunts, teachers, coworkers, friends. TRP might only be about game and getting laid for some but it is much larger than that to me.

Sex was never my problem with women. I am gay, I don't need sex from them. But holy shit dealing with their mood swings, their way of thinking, their entitlements, their lack of actually being "great listeners" (as media would tell us they are - for the most part they aren't), attempting to appease them because you mistakenly assume what they want is a genuine relationship - they don't.

I am a fairly masculine gay guy that women don't know I am gay right off the bat. I never fully understood shit tests, the attitudes, the bullshit. I was never exempt from their bullshit. Ever. Often times I would pass their shit tests because it was just so illogical and full of shit that I just would stare at them blankly. Once revealed I am gay they either 1) get furiously embarrassed and are cunts or 2) scream and run at you giddily saying "OMG LET'S GO SHOPPING!!!" while invading your personal space and trying to hug you. (Known as assault in fem-land). Just another fucking toy to add to their collection. A beta orbiter is great - but a "girlfriend" who can beat ass, shop with them, indulge their every stupid fucking thought, and not actually be their competition - like omgggzzzz. I always wanted a gay best friend!!!...Fuck. That.

And not to mention the gay world is crawling with males who truly might as well be female. The way they think, the type of attention they want, their actions, entitlements, etc., are so much more aligned with females and finally treating and responding to them that way removes any confusion or headache.

Your post seems genuine enough which is why I responded but if you think TRP is only about getting laid then you need more time over at TRP.

[–][deleted] 2 points3 points  (0 children) | Copy

Guys who've already responded seem to have covered this pretty well but I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring.

1) Sex is not as freely available as you might think. "Men are sex crazed and if given the chance will have sex at the drop of a hat. Put two men together and they'd probably fuck till they dropped". It's mostly true, and certainly before the 80's it was much prevalent. But the AIDs epidemic put a real damper on free sex. Now gay men have much higher risks with promiscuous behavior then straight men (babies aside). Also the culture has shifted towards one that idolizes commitment over promiscuity. Certainly the average gay guy's partner count is higher than his straight brother, but it's nothing like it could be.

2) Game is definitely necessary. Two people won't have sex without attraction, and attraction is not purely physical for gay men. Game is about the psychological end of building attraction. Strikingly enough the game that works with women works with gay men. What TRP teaches is how to become a better man.

3) Commitment is the brass ring now for many gay men. This is in part because sex is easier, but game is required for both. Maintaining an LTR takes a lot of Red Pill learning.

4) And this one is just my experience, but a lot of gay men are very lost. They don't really know how to go about attracting the guys they want. I've had some horrible dates in my time. Guys that didn't know how to not make asses of themselves. Most of these guys still had higher partner counts than I did. Sex being available doesn't make you good at attracting a high value mate, it just makes you a slut.

[–]should_4 points5 points  (0 children) | Copy

Gay sex is one thing, but getting an LTR for most gays is really hard because, with all the sex available, you have to really be something special to be relationship material.

Gays are also so superficial that if you're a gay guy dating another, your boyfriend better be cool and hot as shit, because whether you care or not, you're projecting to the world that this is your main source of sex and companionship, in a world when you could theoretically be banging whoever you wanted, and other gays will 'talk.'

Even for a very sexed gay male, oneitis can still be a problem. It was for me with this one guy besides making out and getting dick left and right, and that oneitis wasn't attractive. Something that's not talked about a lot in TRP is that, while women theoretically 'should' or 'ideally' act quite beta too, they can get clingy, the male version of which is Nice Guy syndrome basically, and it's an unattractive trait for both genders. Your assertion "However gays reward nice guys" is false. Nice in terms of warm and easy to get to know, sure, that's fine, but if you have even a hint of outcome dependence, it's not hot. Ironically, when someone has outcome independence with a gay guy, the guy will think, "What's so special about me that he wants this so badly? Can't he get dick anywhere?" And the fact is, he probably does. Oneitis might happen anyway.


gays aren't attracted to any of that bullshit and rely on logic instead

Nope. Attraction is emotional for us too, and the hard to get guy, the jerk, the alpha is still hot. Sure as men we might be more logically-centered than a lot of women, but that's the case. Another thing: gay men love masculinity, even though we like to dress up as drag queens. As Jack Donovan points out in his book "Androphilia," you'd be hard-pressed to find drag queen porn, but jock and sporty guy porn is another matter.

[–]raredare3591 point2 points  (0 children) | Copy

Agreed. I think that getting a gay man's attention is easy. Keeping it, on the other hand, is not. That's where game theory comes in.

[–]omnipedia1 point2 points  (1 child) | Copy

Wow, a lot of misunderstanding here, the basic on is you're projecting what you imagine from the perspective of a het guy what things should be like for gays. But gays are not hey, different culture, different sexuality.

Some aspects of the red pill don't make sense for gays but others do.

[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

Gay men in general tend to be highly promiscuous. I can tell you that in the year after I lost my virginity, I had 30 different sexual partners, myself. My two cents is that the red pill would be far better being tailored to trying to score a relationship and keeping it, since there is less incentive to actually stay or be together in the gay world. That's 1/2 of the coin in the regular version of TRP.

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