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My letter to an orbiting fatass

by should_ | August 08, 2015 | altTRP


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I don't recommend doing this. I only met him once a year ago and unfollowed him on Facebook after he friended me; I wrote about this guy hitting on me a while ago and he's made a comeback. We met a year ago and it's been facebook likes, incessant compliments on photos, and a handful of versions of "hey how are you?" from him since then. He just asked me to see a play with him a day ago, and I ignored it with a cool head, but today I responded with the wall of text below. Looking back to five minutes ago when I sent it, it would have been better to not send at all. Less competition if he does improve himself, no likelihood he will cry to our scarce mutual acquaintances from butthurt he will feel reading this...yup this was a bad move. But he is orbiting me so hard he will probably see this as "for the best"; we were in a situation where we were both mad at someone and then he brushed it off for the sake of cooperation while I faced the antagonist head-on and got what I deserved (I got paid; he didn't). But I sent him a little condensed slice of RP and maybe you'll get off from reading it. Then I unfriended and blocked him.

The message was the following; excuse the lack of caps, it was facebook chat:

hey dude, thanks for the offer but i have to pass. on another note, it looks like doing favors and being nice to guys you like hasn't been working, despite years of trying. gays will automatically sleep with and fall in love with anyone tall with muscles. you already have an amazing height but you're not taking full advantage of it. the fairy tales aren't true; any guy who says they like you because you are "so nice" but won't sleep with you is USING you, either for your time, your sympathy to their petty problems, or your money. don't ask me out if i've ignored your messages and it's just a chance for you to get close to me when i'm not showing you respect you deserve or when it's improbable i will sleep with you. if you go to the gym and get shredded, guys will throw themselves at you, [name], because of your height and because you are funny and smart. i'm not saying that to be nice, i'm saying it because it is logical. you will never get a boyfriend just for being nice. don't listen to beyonce and your girlfriends say only the inside matters; being funny and smart will make you great friends but zero hot boyfriends if you are overweight. i'm getting railed by a guy i've never met tonight because he has muscles. he hasn't had to work as hard as you to get me. tomorrow i'm going on a second date with another guy who i really like but i will probably not be his boyfriend because he's not athletic, and i don't want to suffer during sex. this isn't an anomaly, it is evolution and the world we live in. i could take the easy way out and message you "stop harassing me CREEP!" but i know better than that: guys get called creeps when they're unsexy and just trying to get a relationship or laid just like everyone else. just go get sexy by lifting the weights up and down, it is so damn simple, it just takes DISCIPLINE and COMMITMENT. go fuck the weight stack like it's me you're fucking. if you are consistent and work hard, you and i could be competing for the same guy one day after you realize you can do better than me (height gets you more options, unless you're fat). think about what is stopping you from reaching your full potential; getting funny looks at the gym is a poor excuse to throw your life away. and for god's sake let the next message in this chat be me when i see you're ripped and ME saying "hey what're you doing tonight lol", don't let the next message in the chat be you apologizing or praising me for something i said in this status or even "ok", in fact you should not reply to this message at all, what have i ever done for you? you have your whole life ahead of you but you've wasted time and precious youth. get muscles and your entire life will change. i'm unfriending you and will check back to your profile in exactly a year's time. i don't want to hear from you until then.

EDIT: wording in the message I sent him. (yup I unblocked him, rewrote the sentence with an asterisk, sent the sentence to him, then unblocked and unfriended him again.)

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