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Red Pill primer on transsexual women

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January 28, 2016


This post is here to provide a basic education on transsexual women (MTF, male-to-female) from a no-bullshit Red Pill point of view, and to help you game them, befriend them, avoid them, or employ them, if need be.


God help you if you are looking to get educated on the subject. Politically correct SJW influence with their vile stigmatisation of everything, trans-community crippled by a need to cater to lowest-denominator dysfunctional traumatized people... You just ain’t gonna learn much. This post was prompted by a recent discussion on TRP: .

OMG trans woman is a man, just a crazy man kill him with fire.

Look at the images and judge for yourself (duckduckgo doesn’t store history). Genetically most have XY chromosomes. Mentally most are very, very feminine, I’ll talk about that below. Bottom line, when it comes to definition: for yourself, call them what you want; for others, you might provoke rage if you don’t acknowledge their preferred gender; for the trans woman herself, misgendering is usually brutally painful. Be aware and behave accordingly. If you ask me, provoking rage might be useful, brutally hurting people is meh.

Is it OK to reject a woman for being transsexual?

Are you a Red Pill man or feminist conditioned mangina? Why would you even ask that? It is OK to reject a woman if you don’t like her grandfather’s school grades. Transsexuality is a huge deal, if you are not into that - buh-bye gurl.

Ladyboys, traps, shemales, drag queens, sissies, trannies, hijras, katoeys, crossdressers, transvestites, what the fuck is this all about? My flamethrower, now where did I put it...

This post is strictly about transsexual females, ie people who are confident about being a woman. I suggest two great ways to tell if someone is transsexual: they refer to themselves as a woman; they present feminine during daytime. All that other folk is exciting as well, but that is outside the scope for now. Do not go hitting on that huge drag queen after reading this. Unless that’s your thing then go ahead you alpha you.

What’s up with their boobs and genitals?

They are born with a penis and no boobies, a normal male body. At some point in life they go through “transition” which necessarily includes Hormone Replacement Therapy, HRT, which they have to take for the rest of their life. Sometimes this will lead to breast size increase, this is unpredictable, AA, A or even B cups might appear. Other procedures might involve “top surgery” (silicone boobs), “bottom surgery”/SRS (getting a vagina instead of penis) and facial reconstruction surgery, to get prettier. None of the three is obligatory. A girl might have any or none, in any order. Some will not rest until they get bottom done, some live comfortably with penis. What you really care about is: “pre-op”, “non-op” or “post-op” if you are examining online ad. First two mean dick, last one is pussy.

Let's be honest, all I care about is pussy. Tell Gronk about pussy.

I’ve only been with one post-op girl. A fine pussy, definitely feels great, but gets infected easily, doesn’t lubricate itself and is less resilient, ie can hurt and bleed from pounding or hard toys. Can orgasm from mastrubation, no liquid is secreted upon orgasm, arousal is not visibly detectable. Looks a lot like genetic pussy. Not all trans women are that lucky, some get unusable genitals or lose the ability to orgasm.

Does being attracted / having sex / being in a relationship with one make me gay?

Yes. No, just kidding. Do you care about labels? Good for you. Nothing can make you gay (except Milo Yiannopoulos hair, stay clear of that shit). I’ll put it the best way I can: if you tell someone you are gay, and then tell them you are attracted to a trans woman, they will immediately revoke your gay card and will consider you an idiot for the rest of your life. Also, go watch “Boy Meets Girl (2014)”, this movie is above awesome and is remarkably true to reality (absolutely unlike usual Hollywood BP garbage).

Isn’t it Beta to game a fake girl? Like whoa, you are basically sticking it up other dude’s ass. Bro, go pump some iron and find a real woman, don’t settle.

There is one, just one(*) significant disadvantage to trans women when it comes to SMV - they can’t give birth to children. This is, no doubt, absolutely huge, and in some cases can be a total deal breaker. You should always keep that in mind. Note that over 5% of women are infertile anyway, if that matters. This being said, if you are not expecting her to give birth to your kids, they are functionally same as any other woman. I.e. if she looks 8, and she is kind and smart, and you don’t care about kids, you get what you see. Can’t see that X chromosome in there. If she looks like crazy tall dude in rainbow leggings and lolita dress, again, you get what you see. Might be your thing, might be not, decide for yourself.

(*) They are also at a higher risk of blood clots from HRT, but everyone in US is on some kind of horrible medication, so that is barely worth mentioning.

Why so many trans women are crazy? Why so many are ugly? Why so many are made unusable human beings by 3-rd wave feminism? Why many are sex workers? What’s up with 60-yo men in dresses, Transparent-style?

Trans woman’s sanity and attractiveness generally depends on two things: how accepting was her family/community, and how early did she transition. Some just come out completely fucked up in the head, which is further exacerbated by trans community and/or drugs or unemployability. Remember - you absolutely can not fix or change them. Stay clear. In general, in 1-st world countries, girls under, say, 40 are good, somewhat sane and pretty.

This brings me to one important point - if you notice or hear about a young family member that might be trans, know that it can not be fixed. Absolutely no way. The earlier they start transitioning, the prettier and smarter the resulting woman will be. Simple as that. Act accordingly.


Abso-fucking-lutely. Shit and comfort tests, hypergamy, cock carousel, AF/BB, divorce rape, everything is there. Do not, I repeat, do not expect any difference with regard to mating strategies. Everything applies. Mentally they are women. Some are amazingly smart, some are dumb and kind, some are confused and dysfunctional - just women. I’m not pushing some Blue Pill equality agenda here, I’m just confident in my observation. If you are looking for unicorn, don’t expect one here. If you can’t pass a shit test, you’ll be orbiting.

How to game them? First rule of chaser club:

There is one thing you should absolutely know. Are you listening? If you are dealing with a trans woman, do not expect her to top (fuck by inserting her penis into) you. Do not expect to suck her, do not expect her to dress you up in woman’s clothing, do not expect her to dominate you. At every turn of the conversation, at every interaction you must be 100% clear that none of the above is your intention. No jokes about that, no mentioning of any of that stuff. Why you ask? The reason is that trans girls tend to be selectively approached by bi-curious, questioning, gender fluid or sexually deviant men, which is just as disgusting for them as it would be for any other woman. Simple as that. You must be presenting as the straightest man imaginable. Just this one thing, just this one simple thing will put you ahead of most competition, and will be refreshingly attractive to her.

How to game them? Second rule of chaser club:

Ignore her transsexuality. It is an unpleasant medical condition, treat it as such, i.e. don’t mention it. If a woman has HSV, you don’t go joking about it, hinting at it or discussing it over coffee. Same here - just don’t mention it. If things get emotional and intimate and you see a comfort test, tell her you don’t mind it, or it makes her cute and special, or hug and fuck, or whatever is your way of dealing with comfort tests. Otherwise, ignore it. I neg left and right, but I never negged about transsexuality itself. No, actually, I did, but in an appropriate humorous way which resulted in laughter and sex.

How to have sex with them? Will I be sucking on a dick?

If she is pre-op / non-op two options exist: either she is absolutely hating her genitals, or she is ok with it being there. Initially assume that she hates her penis - do not mention it, do not touch it, do not look at it. Fuck her ass and mouth, suck her tits, do not worry about her orgasm. If she is grinding on you, or putting your hands on her dick - decide whether you like it or not. It is totally acceptable to say “sorry dicks are not my thing”, or “I don’t know about that, maybe later”. Some might come from ass play or pounding, but most go limp and have to mastrubate afterwards. Again, as a rule, pretend that penis is not there.

But hey I do want to taste dick, be dominated, try on a dress, wear a diaper, a fursuit etc...

For a dick, don’t be shy and find a gay bro, just be honest about you being curious and exploring. Time spending finding and gaming trans girl is not worth it. For BDSM and fetish stuff, either go to pro domme (I know people who did and enjoyed) or a club. If you are questioning your gender, go to local trans community, again pro-domme, or come out to a friend, most trans women have no desire to help you with that.

I’m a big boss and considering hiring a trans woman. Should I? I know someone in my family / social circle / work who is / might be transsexual. How do I behave?

Well, do I have good news for you! This is anecdotal, but from what I’ve seen and heard, girls who transition between around 20 and 35 and are otherwise sane make remarkable employees. Don’t hire one just because I told you, interview them, scrutinize as you must, but the phenomenon is there. Every time I dealt with one, it was there. Any social interaction should be guided by a) AWALT b) ignore transsexuality.


Trans women are likely not your thing, but if they are - read the above.

I'm very open for comments. If there is interest I might post it on main sub. I might write on the other colorful folks. Let me know what you think.

Post Information
Title Red Pill primer on transsexual women
Author MasterUm
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Date 28 January 2016 11:42 AM UTC (5 years ago)
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[–]ex-cathedra5 points6 points  (0 children) | Copy

This is a really good post! I'd definitely consider posting it on the main sub.

[–]rep122 points3 points  (1 child) | Copy

Really informative and exactly the content I subscribed to alt for. I'd be really interested in a post about FtM people in terms of coworkers and/or friends. I honestly wouldn't know where to start with getting along with one.

[–]MasterUm[S] 3 points4 points  (0 children) | Copy

Thank you!

From my substantial (but not nearly as extensive as with MTFs) experience with FTMs, I could see no observable difference between them and genetic guys. I'd say after a year or so of T most become passable at a level where you would never even suspect that there's something unusual between his legs. I also have this impression that most are gay or otherwise alternatively sexual, but this might be due to the kind of people I met.

This is yet another WTF factor when reading SJW articles - they keep mentioning "cis hetero males", you know, as a boogiemen. That is one giant facepalm since there appears to be exactly zero difference between cis and trans males, so why the hell would you, mister/miss feminist, continuously single out a minority that is ALL ABOUT NOT BEING SINGLED OUT. Sigh, these people...

Hilariously, speaking about RP, I knew a guy who used to be in a lesbian relationship prior to transition, and he had absolutely no clue about women. My female friend was just tearing him apart with constant shit tests, it was painful to watch.

[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (1 child) | Copy

" Remember - you absolutely can not fix or change them. Stay clear."

Isn't this basic advice for everyone though?

[–]MasterUm[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

True that.

Now when I think of it, what I really wanted to convey in that paragraph is: take the good ones, leave the bad ones be. If someone would be brave/foolish enough to try and influence a standpoint of radical feminist, that feminist better not be trans woman, since there might be a couple of whole new levels of hardcore crazy. Infinite self-victimization and solipsism, years full of rejection and hatred, new identity forged in the flames of pain - that is some hardcore stuff. This is understandable, and is quite trivial to me, I'm just not eloquent enough to put it into better words.

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