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Hierarchy: I made this list ranking gays and learned some crazy shit

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May 29, 2016

I just found this chart I made of the order of many (not all) gays I know from highest to low, back in January. Solid gold and pure time-wasting that is good for our community of RP humans who must reproduce asap and make rp babies successfully with this help. (I deleted the columns with the names...)


What's the chart?

It's a chart of who is cooler/hotter from top to bottom. I made it intuitively. Many of them don't know each other, except the hotter ones all found ways to find each other (duh).

Technical: How the chart might be wrong (BUT IT'S NOT) and other very serious science-y stuff

It's subjective based on who came to my mind, how hot I see them, mixed with who I find would be 'the better' or cooler one in the same room with the others, or perceived as hotter. No one older than 32 in the chart, most around 25. Older guys wouldn't automatically be at the bottom of the chart at all, though it would add some complexity surely and we'd see a pattern. I came right in 50%, which may be subjective or objective. Maybe if I was ultra-hot I would know many more ultra-hot guys and also be at 50%. Make one yourself seriously it's FUN!!


My Relationship with The Above and The Below (Very Important For You):

  • EVERYONE below me has thrown sexual interest at me, sometimes I respond positively, sometimes neutral.

  • EVERYONE above me has received sexual interest from me, almost all responded positively, others..neutrally.

  • Please absorb the above two points. This is crucial. Hotness is automatic power. (Become objectively hotter than your oneitis today!)

  • Nearly everyone below me with very few exceptions has unintentionally pushed me away with their neediness, covert or overt.

  • Nearly everyone above me, whether I was into them or just slightly interested, sensed I was into them and made a move to keep distance, OR, were weirded out that I wasn't interested/submissive and maneuvered the conversation/interaction until I revealed interest, whether overt or covert.

  • Anyone above me who I somehow didn't push away slightly with subtle or not-subtle neediness - I was either very good at hiding it, or was skillful while it lasted, or they've still fallen for it and thus treat me like I'm above them in the chart!

  • ABSOLUTELY NOBODY below me has me fooled that they don't think I'd be something hot for them, as betrayed by their actions. There is the one skinny handsome-ish guy who's not body-hot but who thinks he's cooler than me, but that's it; he should probably be above me anyway even though I don't know many who would bang him tbh.

  • My oneitises who I thought were solid 8s and 9s are at the very top of the chart, at 1 and 5. Maybe they're all the way up there because I think they're hotter than they actually are, OR, maybe becoming a oneitis to someone is about being a very attractive person while seeming approachable.

Patterns at different sections; who rises and who falls

  • The top 50% consists entirely of masculine handsome tops, 60% of those muscular and blond gorgeous twink bottoms. There are no top 50% brown-haired twinks. (There are quite-hot blond twinks at 50% or below though.)

  • Masculinity is high and common among the top 50%, and scattered and scarce among the lower 50%. "Masc" isn't what you immediately think of with the lower 50%, even the non-feminine ones.

  • The blond twinks at the top are very confident. Probably positive feedback from looks. Some sweet, some bitchy, some very friendly.

  • There is basically No Muscle below the 50% mark. AOL Keyword: Opportunity.

  • Rock absolute bottom were fat people. Even the gregarious fairly handsome ones. Being that puts you above the downer fatties. Not even lack of femininity or age was forgiven.

  • Single-file right on top of fat people (and no higher) were turned-hippie people who completely let themselves go, mostly due to hippie-dippie "there's no such thing as not being beautiful or not," skinny shoulder-length unkempt hair etc. These guys were handsome once too. These two are SJWs who've taken issue with my stances, though they've forgiven my shitlordness because that's how lower SMV treats higher SMV.

  • Being hot genetically and twinky will land you at about 50% or less ("twink pile") unless you're really something else.

  • 50% is actually not bad and pretty hot. There are objectively hot guys at this mark. It's relative to others, remember. It's just that you didn't hear us speak and move yet. Not all completely gay, but nothing impressive.

  • Libras are concentrated at the top 25%, while Pisces swims in the middle or bottom (with the exception of a supertwink Pisces at the top I know who takes a facebook picture once every 3 months and gets 250 likes and is every gay boy's crush from high school).

  • If you are girly and top 50%, we automatically know you have blondish hair, and either have great muscles and confidence or goddess genes. (yes goddess.) There is no such thing as a girly brown-hair guy at top 50% but you can tone it down, grow muscles to boot, and beat even the blond queenies.

  • General hierarchy top to bottom: masculine very handsome guys (many muscular not all) interspersed with movie-star blond twinks >> pretty hot twinks (sup fam!) >> ok guys who don't lift (twink pile) >> feminine or boy-ish-never-grew-up child-like types (repeat: twink pile) >> getting uglier >> handsome guys who decided to go long-hair gross hippie and now look terrible >> fat.

  • I've banged guys evenly all along this hierarchy. Damn.


  • Brown-haired twinks and pretty hot blond twinks: time to get muscle. Sorry. We'll suffer at the gym together.

  • Don't get fat. If you are fat, become not-fat.

  • Gorgeous blond twinks: be you, bitch. Don't get fat.

  • Don't become a disgusting SJW hippie, at least physically. If you wanna channel good energy, channel it in health and hair cuts.

  • Read Jack Donovan and become masc. If you are blond and gorgeous, ignore this, you can keep watching RuPaul.

  • Being higher SMV than any human isn't just convenient for banging them or being alpha during a 15 second group gathering. It's an entire power dynamic that defines your relationship, defines who both subconsciously agree "gets it" while the other agrees he doesn't. You can have higher SMV than a family member even and it will work for you!!! It's the difference between being the football captain and the nerd except on a one-to-one basis, Every Single Time, Every Single Interaction. Whenever you had great rapport with a hottie, they probably saw you as someone less hot doing pretty well or saw you as someone a few steps above. The only time this has switched for me (with a reality tv star blond twink who had seen me and/or treated me as lesser for a long time) was when I came off strong with genuine aloofness and he genuinely thought he'd underestimated my SMV and is pining after me. (But I'm not about to fuck that up by responding much to his texts and giving it away...gotta raise my SMV for realsies now!) TL;DR: GET HIGHER SMV. HAVE IT BE HIGHER THAN OTHERS' FOR THEIR DEVOTION AND RESPECT.


Other columns fyi: the far left column divides the chart in 25 50 75 percentiles, the second column is zodiac signs (1 is aries, 2 is taurus ... 11 is aquarius, 12 is pisces) and are colored whether it's a sign of earth(green) air(yellow) fire(red) water(blue), x and xx is how far I went with them, V/B/T column is top/bottom/verse, the strong red on some lines means "doesn't seem gay," masc/fem self explanatory and "A" means somewhere in between (androgynous but not like SJWs or trans, just kind of hard to say if masc or fem),

O = fat, o fat-ish, i thin, ii signs of lifting, iii muscular!

regarding races: I listed when they each first appeared going down the list. Not conclusive, just another observation.


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Title Hierarchy: I made this list ranking gays and learned some crazy shit
Author should_
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Date 29 May 2016 09:11 PM UTC (4 years ago)
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[–]Popeman79 2 points3 points  (3 children) | Copy

It looks cool and interesting but to me it wasn't presented in a clear way so i couldn't follow you. Sounds like a good idea thouyh

[–]ChrisFutrell 2 points3 points  (1 child) | Copy

Yea, I don't know how to read his chart and I'm a data analyst!

[–]should_[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

The rows are each guy. At the top are the hottest and as you go down they are less hot. They're ordered subjectively. The features in the chart are descriptors as to why they might be there, but it's just me guessing why.

Imagine making a chart of guys you think are hottest from top to bottom. Then after you do that, adding descriptions to see if you find patterns. That's what I did. One of my last paragraphs in my post goes over each column and what it means.

[–]should_[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

Thanks for your input; I ordered people hierarchically and then took notes on them to see how they differed to see why they might be where they are.

[–]ButNotYou_NotAnymore 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

Interested in the ethnicity of the people in your chart, too...

[–]SFesq 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

Pics or links to profiles would have been valuable, but I understand why they're not included due to privacy concerns. I will definitely be making one of my own and am curious to see what patterns emerge. Weirdly enough I have noticed, in my city at least (and others on the west coast) that hot and cool very rarely go together during someone's early 20s. The cool ones are the ones with access to money/power/drugs/venues, and the "hot" ones are the rotating plates with comparably little social status. "Hot" and "cool" only seem to intersect past age 30 or so, when muscles/masculinity start to combine with money/career success. Just my observations.

[–]cuckwatch 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

Nice. Exciting! Good work, friendly Sir!

[–]BojiDaemon 0 points1 point  (1 child) | Copy

But what if Im fat and like other fats? :(

[–]should_[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

Work it off!! I believe in you :)

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