RP and the Wall as Applied to Tops and Bottoms

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June 4, 2016

Recently discovered RP and AltTRP and beginning to notice how accurately it describes a lot of dynamics in the gay world as well. This is probably old news to you guys but I wanted to share for feedback and to see if this is common beyond my own anecdotal observations. TL;Dr is that the wall only applies to bottoms. Men who remain bottoms post wall become the "bitter old queen" stereotype. I know many, many gay men all across the age spectrum from 18 to 60, all levels of masc, fem, top, bottom, vers. I have known many for several years and have watched them progress from twink to twunk, otter to wolf, cub to bear. And honestly, hands down, the happiest ones I know are the single, masculine, professional top men in their 40s and 50s. They're happier than the new hot younger "fresh meat" guys. They're happier than guys in LTRs. Why? They've 1) kept in good shape 2) worked hard to be successful 3) put themselves before others 4) employ abundance mentality 5) have strong frames 6) DGAF....basically RP Alphas in a nut shell. The specific guys I have in mind include a doctor, a guy in finance, attorney, and fed agent. They all own places in nice parts of town and spin several 18-25 yo hot twinky bottom plates a week, travel, and live it up, because they invested their youth in themselves instead of resting on their laurels or falling into an LTR. The guys I know their age who are bottoms? They're washed up and still trying to compete against men at the peak of their SMV. Lesson learned: invest in yourself. If you're a bottom, transition into top by mid 30s. Stay in shape. Betas don't fare well in the gay world either.

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[–]maiway5 points6 points  (1 child) | Copy

Yes. As a vers guy in my 40s, I find it much easier to find and plate the 18-25 twinky bottom demographic than to find suitable tops. I guess I've got good SMV as a top, and not so much as a bottom.

I do see quite a few guys describing themselves 'manly bottoms' - I don't really get that. That's not what I'm looking for in a bottom.

On a wider point, I think our way of describing sex acts as 'Homosexual' (M+M) or 'Heterosexual' (M+F) is wide of the mark . . . other and older societies viewed sex as either 'active' (masculine, insertive) or 'passive' (feminine, receptive). This is a more useful framework in which to understand sex when applying TRP principles. Essentially Bottom=feminine sexuality, Top=masculine sexuality.

I've tried sex with women, and found it quite similar to sex with bottom guys. I daresay that a man being pegged by his woman is enjoying the feminine sexual experience although this would be classified as a 'heterosexual' experience.

I'm interested to know how far TRP applies to bottoms/tops. Even an exclusively bottom guy is still a man and many of the behaviors attributed to women by the TRP don't apply.

[–]Jobby_jabber 2 points2 points [recovered] | Copy

There are two very valid points that you bring up: Bottoms have a shorter shelf life, and being masculine is intrinsically rewarding.

As for bottoms having a shorter shelf life, I think that just comes with the territory. Youth and beauty are the main selling points of a good bottom and those cannot really be held onto in old age. The counter to this is getting into an LTR early to ensure sexual access even after the beauty well has dried up.

As for the self fulfilled older tops, of course they're doing fine. Not just because men display more masculine traits as they age either. Tops are afforded a self reliance that bottoms are not. They do not depend on others for gratification in the way bottoms must. I've seen bottoms who, despite plenty of sex, were just not in control of their lives. They constantly searched for someone else to make things better Learn more about proxy power. In contrast a masculine male is apt to seek out his own value and happiness in life from things other than just sex.

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