Am I the only one who is fucking sick of girl power?

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April 13, 2017

Women in the US were accepted in the army in 1976. They had the standards lowered substantially to accommodate for bullshit feminist quotas. What does that tell us? That a wimpy bitch that could barely do 12 pushups was deemed more worthy than a gay guy who was stronger/ faster and more mentally tough for warfare than her.

As if that was not enough, women demanded they are deemed as strong as men and invaded any possible masculine space. I am a huge martial arts fan and am hugely disappointed with what has happened in the past few decades. Martial arts have been invaded by women and as that was not enough, there are no mens-only classes contrary to ALL other sports out there. This is batshit insane and almost no-one is critiquing it. There are cuck martial arts instructors claiming "I see no gender in my students". Instead of martial arts being the last sports to be "desegregated" they were one of the very first ones. This drives me nuts.

Popular culture is largely at fault for this. Atrocities like Kill Bill and other movies where skinny women kick the asses of men have been constantly shoved down our throat like there is no tomorrow. I just want to see and admire strong men without all these bitches around in every fucking movie/ series ruining everything. I am so fucking sick of this.

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Title Am I the only one who is fucking sick of girl power?
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Date 13 April 2017 02:17 PM UTC (4 years ago)
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[–]should_4 points5 points  (0 children) | Copy

I agree and I understand Kill Bill contains social engineering, but man is it a funny movie.

[–]gay_redpilled points points [recovered] | Copy

I hate to complain about imaginary internet points, particularly in an alt account, but I am surprised this is a controversial view (54% upvoted). I thought this was TRP, if I wanted to talk to people who like the feminization of society I'd visit /r/lgbt. lol

I hate the fact that masculinity is referred as toxic, femininity is viewed as a weakness and women are encouraged to become as tough as men. Instead of these qualities being revered, they are attacked to accommodate the average person who can't live up to these qualities.

Male role models shouldn't be afraid to reflect masculinity and female role models femininity, instead of an impossible fantasy of "superwomen", who simply don't exist no matter how the media claims otherwise. For perspective a few months ago, a female martial arts champion was robbed in my country and couldn't even resist, she didn't even stand a chance among two common thugs with pocket knives. While it's not unlikely for the same thing to happen to a regular trained guy, a male martial arts champion would have wiped the floor with them as there were no guns involved (Europe). I feel for the girl, but reality is always a hard concrete wall your face gets smacked to no matter how tough you claim to be, or worse are lied to that you are.

[–]vancityguy96 points points [recovered] | Copy

I completely agree with you, I feel like any gay spaces are just doomed to eventually become "safe places" like how r/gaybros did. This sub reddit has a lot of guys who think they're unplugged but in reality they haven't actually swallowed the pill.

[–]RPswallowingFag3 points4 points  (0 children) | Copy

Thank you for this. Ive accepted the fact that feminism is killing the modern man, it is a binary war between feminism and true masculinity (red pill), we as red pill gays should open our eyes in our advantages and privileges to serve as hidden spies in these female dominated spaces. What you hate is not the female players empowered through feminism; what you hate is the increasingly influential power of feminism in diminishing masculinity in potential gay partners that make it so hard for us to find like minded gays.

Also, though we are a very small population, I do believe there is place in this world for red pill gays. Let's keep discussions in this community going.

Stay strong, comrades.

[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (7 children) | Copy

Is it okay if I assume that you're not old?

Anyway. "Toxic masculinity" is a thing, but it's not what feminists talk about, though it's probably what you envision anyway (which makes it weird to see you defending it).

There's a list of good masculine traits. Strength, bravery, the protector, knowledgeable... And then you come to the toxic ones: dumb, aggressive, irritable, rude...

These days, people are lazy and only want to do what's easy. It's easy for women to maintain makeup while doing 0 of everything else that was part of "being a woman". it's easy for men to behave like fucking monkeys and stay away from all the hard work it took to be a "real man". So it's no wonder that we're slowly losing all this information... of course, while male and female are words that describe something real, "man" and "woman" are words we created to fit a certain need, and this need is not present in our current society, so we'll eventually reach a point where a man no longer needs to be brave and it's already okay if a woman is fat.

If I had to explain why you're getting downvotes, I'd say it's probably because you write as if you're a younger gay going through a "I am a true man still!" phase, hating on the poor flamers and women (that /r/lgbt joke was the biggest clue, btw). Now, I hope you'll eventually realize that there's way more to being a man than being an aggressive chimp. You need to stop hating yourself over being gay and just let it be. It's okay to hate the bad masculinity, and it's also okay to embrace the good.

Also, disliking feminism is a given. That shit's toxic. But what, are you looking for a circle jerk or something? TRP is not about complaining. It's about understand what is and how to tackle it. Everything else is just capitalism reacting to this lazy, fat world, though.

[–]Arroway23573 points4 points  (2 children) | Copy

You're not wrong: there is truly such a thing as "toxic masculinity", or what used to be referred to simply as "being a brute". And I also think that you're probably right about the OP being younger.

Still, I don't think he's that much off base with his assessment (however better worded it might have been) that the concept of "toxic masculinity" is what most of the ink is being spilled over, with portrayals of positive masculinity entirely ignored. One could be forgiven for thinking that most people who use the term "toxic masculinity" don't really believe that there is any other kind, and that toxicity is in fact inherent in masculinity.

As someone who I assume has at least passing familiarity with Red Pill concepts, notice that when masculinity is portrayed in a positive light, it is usually because it is in tune with the interests of women: See? A real man does x for his wife/girlfriend. In order for masculinity to be positive in these cases, it must be in the service of the Female Imperative.

You mention positive aspects of masculinity such as bravery, protectiveness, mastery of skill, etc. You're dead on: those are aspects of masculinity are positive. But women are being taught that if they, too, can cultivate these characteristics, they can match men in strength and competition, and that's just not true. It's bordering on delusional.

Honestly, as thrilling as action movies are, if I have to watch 5'3", 125 lb Scarlett Johansson beat up five Navy Seals one....more...time...

[–]gay_redpilled points points [recovered] | Copy

You're not wrong: there is truly such a thing as "toxic masculinity", or what used to be referred to simply as "being a brute".

Being a brute isn't exclusive to masculinity though. Weaker men and women can be total douches as well. If I were to accept that toxic masculinity existed then I would describe it as someone claiming that a woman can't become an engineer or a scientist because she is not a man. Claiming that she can't become a soldier or a martial artist is seen as offensive, yet is hard reality. STEM is devoid of women, while the army is teeming with them. Fucking esports is mens only (nerd culture the last masculine space lol), while martial arts is completely desegregated (this world is fucking weird).

I may come as being against women protecting themselves, I'm really not. If you are a woman get a pepper spray, do a few self defense seminars, gun training, but being told that you can become a fighter is insane.

But women are being taught that if they, too, can cultivate these characteristics, they can match men in strength and competition, and that's just not true. It's bordering on delusional.


Honestly, as thrilling as action movies are, if I have to watch 5'3", 125 lb Scarlett Johansson beat up five Navy Seals one....more...time...

This is actually what has been driving me mad ever since the late 2000s. While there was girl power in the 90s/ early 2000s, it was concentrated in certain movies and not spilled fucking everywhere. I am really close to stop watching new movies altogether unless this insanity is driven to a halt.

[–][deleted] 1 point2 points  (0 children) | Copy

Brutishness is a masculine trait, it doesn't matter if it's being done by an inferior male or even by a female. It remains a masculine trait, regardless.

It's important to remember that these traits are something abstract that we created to explain our own behavior. Much like a "man" is not something that exists in reality, just a group of traits that most male humans will possess, and possessing part of them is enough to qualify as the abstract "man".

There's also positive and negative femininity, by the way. Nurturing is a positive feminine trait, though some men might be nurturing and there's no problem with that. Cattiness is also a feminine trait that we have been dealing with coming from men lately, but this one is toxic femininity.

I agree with you that feminism has been making concerted attacks against men in general. Misandry, really. So of course they're not only attacking masculinity (be it the good or bad parts), they're also trying to erase good masculinity as if it never existed, maybe even claim it for themselves.

To be honest, I feel women are inferior in almost every way, but this is the world we live in. I feel no need to "fight" the system just to get masculinity to become more acceptable or for women to stop being cunts. It's not like I'll have any children, so I don't have to worry about how the world will be in 50 years. I'll hopefully be dead by then.

[–]questioningwoman0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

Being a "real woman" means being submissive to everyone and have no control over your life. I'm proud to not only fail at being a woman but also to fail at being what "society" wants me to be in many ways.

[–]questioningwoman1 point2 points  (0 children) | Copy

We "invade" martial arts to keep men from raping us and beating us. We will defend ourselves whether you men like it or not.

[–]Mideous0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy

Its a double through process for me. I feel as if it's nessary in some aspects however, a lot of it is bs as well.

Yes the lowering of the requirements for women in service is two thousand percent bull shit. That's not equality on any platform and they know it and I find it odd how they are allowed to get away with it. If they where being honest about equality that would have been addressed but they didn't so I could never take the movement seriously.

I have also heard talks of particular women wanting to invade barber shops as well..... Fuck no.

I will slide on the movies simply because that is a fantasy.

I do belive there are some positive aspects of 'girl power'.However, a lot of that is simply wrapped up in man hate and im just happy that's something straight men generally have to deal with.

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