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June 4, 2018

I'm gay, mid-30s, and for a number of reasons have to interact with women very regularly. Over the last few weeks I've been starting to analyze some of my interactions with women through an MRA lens. I decided to post today because I'm tired of feeling threatened and intimidated by women. They're my bosses and employees at work and have complete control of my family life (I'm a foster parent so female SWs run my personal life, constantly invade my home, grill my kids, basically I'm under constant investigation because I'm a man and gay). I'm happy to be equal to women, but I want to control my life in my way and not answer to a woman or fit a female mold of behavior.

I don't think I hate women, I just want them to stay out of my business and leave me alone. I don't need to pursue them for sex and have no desire to police their life choices. I don't want to know about their petty dramas, reality shows, or 'girl power' culture. I don't feel that society offers me the option to just 'opt out' of their female bullshit. Gossip, 'soft power', arbitrary rules, it's all just a way to control men and feminize our lives. I'm a man, I'm going to be assertive and life my life for myself, and that threatens any woman who wants to control the men around her - and from what I've seen almost all women want to do that.

I would love to live a life where I can just be in the company of men. I once hooked up with a guy in a hotel where there was a bachelorette party or something going on. We were on the elevator with a crowd of women for ~10 floors and overheard all their gossip from the party, how ugly some of them were, who was drinking too much, and everything else. We stepped off the elevator and he just said "I'm so glad I'm gay so I don't have to spend time with women." I hadn't been so turned on by a guy in a looong time.

So, thoughts, discussion? How can we as men except ourselves from this culture of female control over our lives? What happened to respectful, masculine assertiveness being respected? Now the only people who get power are liars, gossips, and sneaks.

(New acct, created new today to isolate 'controversial' posts from main acct - not meant to be a sock puppet!)

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[–]davmpls5 points6 points  (0 children) | Copy

Yawn. You're just a run of the mill misogynist. You think that you have some sort of a right to deal only with men and to exclude women from your life. You don't.

[–]rabid_homosapien2 points3 points  (1 child) | Copy

Mate, I hear you. My only advice is this: As far as your kids are concerned play the fucking game and be the best guy you can be. I would wager that it wouldn't take much to take them away from you. Be the best gay (insert standard assumptions here) you can be.

If you don't know what that is try and stomach the lgbt sub.

[–]TomKeynes[S] 4 points5 points  (0 children) | Copy

Oh, I can play the game with these women. I figure their default behavior is deceitful and manipulative, so it's fine for me to say the right things, look the right way. I find it kind of funny to watch women do their thing - manipulate people, gossip, circle the wagons, and play high school girl games. Gays who are foster parents are treated like fucking shit - you wouldn't believe some of the things that have happened to me and my friends.

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