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how to solo daygame (on a beach)?

by Nikelu | July 06, 2017 | askTRP


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I'll be solo in a beach im 21 my looks are in check. I'll be with family for like half a week_week at the sea. I'm not even sure how I would meet dudes like g up to them and ask what's up, common interests and chill ? I will probably have a couple girls I know there and they will be massive help by the preselection but if not I'm all alone. I've always gotten laid by social circles, and lastly from a couple girls I've gamed daygame. But the question can expand to classic daygame in towns because I'm interested in trying smth new as the next season approaches. I'm sure there are some easy tricks on the beach like playing volley or ball with anyone and then sticking with them . Tell me everything you know or send me to the resources to learn

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Title how to solo daygame (on a beach)?
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Date 06 July 2017 11:20 PM UTC (3 years ago)
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I would always wear a speedo and sunglasses, and then walk by women tanning. When they stared at my dick, I started talking to them. Works wonders man. It's surprisingly easy. I'd open with something like "my eyes are up here", then maybe a smirk.

If you're not that bold, just find a stupid excuse to talk to them, ask where something is and go from there.

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