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August 23, 2016

MRP is an advanced subreddit for applying red pill sexual strategy to a marriage. We encourage high quality posts that address the different dynamics in a very specific methodology. Along the lines of attracting/keeping new members we must also remember that this is a Council of Captains who follows specific guidelines. You are also encouraged to know the Redpill Rule 0 and you should also internalize that this sub is dedicated solely to the improvement of men.

First, let's address the general rules of posting. Here is the complete list of posts and comments which are not allowed on the subreddit.

  • No concern trolling
  • No bitching
  • No shaming
  • Moralizing
  • Tone policing
  • Harassment
  • Solicitation
  • Lacking Self Control
  • Doxxing

Low Quality Posts

Every post on /r/marriedredpill is expected to have good grammar and well thought out ideas. You should pick a writing style and stick to it. There are several examples of writing styles but the main four we typically see are Expository, Narrative, Descriptive, and Persuasive. We are not a lecture class so you don't need MLA or APA citations unless you want or think they are helpful to illuminate your ideas. Be warned; many of our readers are college educated and will tear you down if you fail. This is 2016 for fuck sakes, spell check your post. We have a guide located here for what a low quality post looks like.

Summarization of a Low Quality Post

  • No value added
  • Value leeching
  • Poorly worded, bad grammar, multiple spelling errors
  • Quick one-shot to get advice
  • Posting Links to Media with no context
  • No red pill concepts expressly defined in your post
  • Validation seeking for confirmation you made the right choice
  • Topics not related to Married Red Pill
  • Introduction posts
  • The post could have been a comment on the Own Your Shit Weekly Thread
  • Rambling with no clear purpose

High Quality Post Guidelines for Theories and Field Reports


The title is the essence of your post. Choosing a good title requires you to know four things. First, the title will predict the content of your post. Second, the title will catch the interest of the reader. Third, the title reflects tone of the article. Finally, the title contains keywords that can be easily found in the search engine. When formulating your title you should approach it from these four angles. There are no worse crimes than a title that does not match the content.

Summaries / TL;DR

Summaries and the infamous Too Long Didn't Read (TL;DR) are not encouraged on /r/marriedredpill. We expect you to value your own writing, and others expected to read the post and draw their own conclusions. You can see in the sub many examples of the author's summary not matching the conclusions others have drawn. Best advice is to leave it out and write the first paragraph as an introductory.

Required Items in the Post

Part I

As a beginner or inactive lurker to MRP there are many people who will not recognize you. There are no members or veterans on this subreddit that care about you and your particular situation until you have proven your own work. These posters are considered value leechers and banned. You should have in your post at the beginning (introductory paragraph) of what you have already accomplished. These could include the books you have read, weightlifting performed, or sidebar material digested.

Part II

Theory Posts

The body of your post should be brief when possible. When writing a theory post please use brevity and keep the word count to a minimum. As /u/BluepillProfessor has reminded us many times in the past. Do not use ten words when you could have used two. Write what you wish to convey to your audience, make your point, show your work/research, and tell us the conclusion. There is no time for a 10000+ word post on whatever idea you are pedaling.

Field Reports

The single most important piece of your field report is context. The context and dialog matter. We want you to express to your readers the quotes of what conversed between you and this person. The body language aspects should be introduced at the time of the dialog. We cannot know or even begin to speculate what happened without extensive context. This is your chance to perform as a j10 with blessings from your audience. These left out details make or break the Field Report and will result in your post being removed if not sufficient.

Part III

The summary is probably the most important piece of your post and requires you to fully understand what you have previously expressed. Your summary should contain your original idea and focus on the purpose of the post. Write in your own words exactly as you would write the summary for someone else's work. The last part of your post should only be about one to four sentences and state what you originally stated.

General Posting

When writing a post sometimes it does not fit the following formats of Theory or Field Report. Feel free to use your creative writing streak as long as your information is readable, easy to follow, and enticing. This kind of writing is reserved for posts where you have applied principles and seen results but not quite in the field report area. This is also the post considered for examples and questions that would be at a higher level than /r/askMRP.

We have decided to include an example of what might be considered good quality and I can think of no other better writing example than business memo format. The memo is a two purpose document. They bring attention to a problem or they solve a problem. The reader is then informed about something new or persuading a reader to take actions such as reading, dieting, or weight lifting. Remember when writing in memo format you are not specifically stating each segment. You are arranging information flow according to business writing guidelines.

Opening Segment: This is your introductory paragraph and purpose of the post. The opening segment is typically brief overview of what the post is going to be about.

Context: This is the events, background or circumstance of what you are writing about. Include only what the audience needs to know to completely explain the reason for the post.

Task Segment: This portion of your writing will be the actions you are taking to solve the problem. This may also be the physical actions you are taking.

Discussion Segment: This segment is the longest portion of your post. This should include all the details that support your ideas.

Closing Segment**: This should be the part where you specifically close with actions or ideas you wish the reader to know/take.

A very good example of a general post if you need to see it in action can be found at "The Value Proposition". Another great example can be found at "Brand and Married Men".

Women Posting to Married Red Pill

MRP is considered a Male Space and the writing in this subreddit can be considered very offensive to the opposite sex. The users on this subreddit are here to talk to other men and often are very angry. As a female, you are now considered warned that you are entering a male locker room and the dicks will come out. You are a guest at this subreddit, not a member. Act accordingly.

As a woman you are free to post to MRP and post comments in threads. Most if not all of your responses will be from a male perspective. Women are forbidden to post advising men on matters of the heart or marriage. You are welcome to be here and need to understand that you are addressing a Council of Captains. There is no time here for telling men to "man up", you are doing it wrong, or you would have divorced them.

The following guidelines above apply to your postings. There are some rules for your topics and contents of the post. Please go by the guidelines in your comment replies as well.

Approved Content:

  • Female perspective as it related to a situation you know
  • Debate any topic except love, relationships, how to attract women
  • Provide professional opinions as related to your chosen profession
  • Brief points on topic
  • Redpill Theories as they relate to the female view

Disallowed Content:

  • No criticizing
  • No belittling
  • No trolling
  • No moralizing or shaming
  • No excessive drama
  • No endless arguments

Own Your Shit Rule (OYS)

Before you press that save button on your post. Ask yourself if it can be instead submitted as comment to the Own Your Shit Weekly thread. Should the post be found OYS worthy, it will be removed and directed to post there. If in doubt, please post your ideas to /r/askmrp or the OYS weekly thread.

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