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Whingeing and whining when others play the game

by [deleted] | October 09, 2014 | TRPOffTopic


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I am a professional athlete and the stigma of anabolic steroids has permeated my sport to such an extent that when any athlete suddenly records a big improvement, people chant the 'S' word.

I read this article the other day about how steroids can have longer-lasting effects than people might previously have thought.

In the article you'll read a quote by a 400m hurdler who basically whinges and whines about other people taking steroids, and about how more deserving natural athletes are. This is a common attitude among athletes all around the world.

Let me make my point perfectly clear. Winners don't whinge and whine when others play the game.

Don't get me wrong. Anabolic steroids aren't the right path for many people.

But the right response when competitors take gear isn't to whinge and whine about it, nor is it to moralise and pass judgement. Take the opportunity to train even harder and win anyway.

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How natural is the training routine of a profesional athlete?

It's all arbitrary. The best natural runner is the one that without any special training(more than 3 months of focused training) gets up in the morning and is the fastest among 100 of his peers.

Should latent genes activated by years of training be a factor? Should a selection process that focuses on potential vs in the moment atheticism be a factor? I would argue that no.

Once you set yourself on the path of becoming a specialised machine that does a specific task very well despite short or long term side effects(most athletes are less healthy than the average active person) that is not natural anymore, and where you set the specific border between technically "natural" and "unatural" is arbitrary bullshit.

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