How are you guys? Is any of the resources regarding heterosexual dating even applicable to guy/guy dynamics?

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November 27, 2016

I read a comment on another post by one of you saying that you pretty much disregard any advice when it comes to transferring from the hetero world and applying it in your guy/guy personal lives

This is a post comment I'm talking about:

"Well that's a rule for Hetero and I can see why it exist.

I HATE ( I generally try to stay away from Hetero ways of doing/thinking) to say this -- I some what apply this to bottoms. I don't think it's right or good for a guy I'm interested in to be taking dick like that on the regular. The ideal/fantasy guy is one who never though to much about bottoming -- until they meet me. Your booty hole is supposed to be a special place that only 'worthy' men have access to."

I really like this a lot because I've been trying to apply the coach corey wayne teachings of understanding relationships but he is pretty emphatic "the phone is for setting dates only"

So in 2016, no banter, no chatting, no trying to connect over the texting medium is getting pretty cold, quiet, dare I say lonely. Is that the point? Become a strong man but never talk to any potential relationship partners simply because chit/chatting over text can only devalue your attractive mysterious persona?

Honestly I wish there was a better resource for relating and becoming more successful with guys.

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Title How are you guys? Is any of the resources regarding heterosexual dating even applicable to guy/guy dynamics?
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I think experience will tell you ultimately, and then you'll see the advice that makes the most sense and go "mhmm" and it sticks more.

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Most of the stuff applies, but I'm not sure I can say that all of it does. It's different biology, after all.

Most TRP tricks to making women wet would work on me, too, though, but there's a lot that depends on social dynamics exclusive to women or on women biology too directly. For instance, men don't often keep a tribe of harpies that approves/disapproves new dates, so pretty much all that section goes right out the window.

Even for the number of partners, it's just not the same. Women fuck up LTR through slutting it up because, when they slut it up, they get guys above their SMV, then they can't handle being with a lower SMV downgrade for life. Notice how straight men are unaffected by the amount of partners (one-night stands for straight men are invariably lower SMV, so when they marry it still feels like an "upgrade"). Picky-ness is woman's worst enemy in this case.

I still think it's best to refrain from sleeping around, though, as gays. Culture and shit. I mean, there'd come a point that a guy has been into so many holes that it's obvious I'll just be Hole #430, so why would I bother with that shit.

I also try to have as few partners as possible and make myself as presentable in public as I can be, "for his benefit". I'm not a slut, I'm his slut. I'm not very much into fucking, myself, but I don't think I'd feel like a conqueror if I'm the 989th guy to claim that hole.

But still, I don't think partner counts from the heteros really matter here. We just need to avoid the compulsive fuckers. And while I don't think having multiple partners affects our long-term relationships as hard as it does for straights, I still think it's a good idea to exert some self-control.

Ahh, the fucking around was just a tiny topic, but I went over so much on it that I can't even talk about phones.

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