Male-Male LTRs and non-sexual RP dynamic

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January 1, 2015

Howdy, I'm new here! I'd like to talk a little bit about what RP can do for gay, and to a lesser extent, bisexual men. If there are any women around here I'd be happy to make a lesbian oriented post of this nature.

It can be difficult to weed out the information that is pertinent to same sex operators since the majority of RP followers are heterosexual and as such the information is tailored to that dynamic.

Many gay men allow women to disrespect or control them because they're not interested in fucking them. They believe that this aspect of RP doesn't apply to them, but this is a mistake. Women make up half the population, most must interact with women on a regular basis, and women have an impact on your life whether you're interacting with them or not.

You are not her gay best friend; you are not her hairy daughter/sister/whatever; you are not a beta slave that will give her resources/attention without her doing anything of equal value in return (in society her resources are worth much less than yours, her sex is worth much more than yours. Remember this always). Do not allow yourself to be disrespected or castrated. When you allow women to disrespect you you are giving them control over you, and this will lead to instability and unhappiness in the relationship for both parties. The women in your life need your leadership, not your partnership.

Never allow yourself to be treated like a woman, either. Even if you are feminine, you are still a man. You are not a queen, you are not a haaay gurl, you are a man and your needs are masculine. If you're interested in being a woman, get a sex change.

On the sexual side of things, many gay and bi men believe you don't need to worry about anything but looking good and who's fucking who tonight. That may work for random hook ups, but it will spell doom for any LTR. Just because you are with another man doesn't mean either of you are exempt from the inherent needs of men; to be fulfilled men need respect, sexual satisfaction, and authority.

Respecting your man is simple, and making it clear that you expect to be respected in return is similarly simple. Feminine men sometimes have trouble with the latter because they've grown up being treated like shit and have learned to over-compensate for it by behaving like catty beta females, but if you practice and hold firm it gets easier. Respect is paramount in men's lives, and you are no different just because you prance about and talk with a lisp.

Sexual satisfaction is also simple. Be fit, be healthy, be groomed, and be good at sex and enthusiastic about it. Anal, BJs, mutual masturbation, toys, kinkier stuff.... as long as you're both satisfied, anything goes.

Authority can be a bit tricky. Every ship needs a captain, but balancing power between co-captains can be rough waters. Communicate well and decide either in words or through actions who has ultimate authority when or over what. Once this authority is established, respect it. Even if it's something as simple as "we always go out on Friday and he has control over what we do" or "I make the interior design decisions for our apartment".

Despite being half as complicated as opposite sex relationships in theory, male-male relationships are on average less successful... Probably because gay men constantly over-complicate things. Just be men, just say and do what you enjoy, and always remember that all men have the same primal masculine needs.

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