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Blubbering Tumblrinas: Gay Male Edition

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December 6, 2014

Read for context of what I'm talking about (and to get pissed off):




This one is just dripping with Tumblr:


Why the fuck don't these people try changing their hair and other things to make themselves look good? Considering the guy on /r/gaybros who talked about how many people wanted to bang him because he was Native American, I doubt that the real reason people don't want sex with Caleb Luna is because he is a "brown boy." If he grew his hair long, and posed naked with a bead choker around his throat, and went after chubby chasers, am I wrong to think he would have a pretty good chance of getting laid by the thin white boys he insists on having?

Related, of course, are the people who baww about Grindr preferences being oppression. As if we have to make sure we're polite when rejecting people. As if I have control over whether my dick gets hard thinking about you. "We are culturally conditioned to idealize white bodies"--bitch, you were conditioned to see women as beautiful since you were a kid, and you still prefer cock.

People like that are the same kind of cancer as homophobic feminists like Rohin Guha who hate that gay guys don't take their shit and don't want to fuck them. "How dare you discriminate against women even though we are assholes to you!"

Get off the fucking internet if you're offended so much, you sensitive blubbering Tumblrina scum. That's how I feel. Reading Madison Moore's articles made me want to piss these people off and make them cry, make a Grindr profile called FatSpicLyncher1488 or something.

Do SJWs kill your boner, /r/altTRP?

Where are you most likely to find them in terms of gay scenes?

What do you do to avoid them?

What did you do to get a shitlord who doesn't hate on you for having racial or body type preferences as if it's a form of oppression? Is that kind of person a rare, nonexistent unicorn for gay men?

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