Night out alone - turned out pretty awesome

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October 28, 2014

Weekend, went to a party by myself because the mutual friend of the party host I usually go with was busy.

Halloween themed. I dress in a tight plain gray t-shirt to show off a little build, leave the beard, and I just got a haircut with trimmed sides and a wavy top which looks good. Wearing a black jacket whose collar pops despite my best intentions (it's a good thing because my temptation would be to not pop it). Costume, taped a lot of condoms onto my shirt; I'd say I was a college condom bucket. Pretty good conversation opener.

Target 1, who I later find out is w/ boyfriend, opens the door for me and gets all passive and shy and nice and a little nervous upon sight of me, which was cool and not the most typical, I'd rate a 7-8 in looks. Beautiful skin, handsome, caramel colored, Colombian background, Yale educated. Target 2, this tall, broad upper bodied, but more cute guy also gave me the hungry-dog look or whatever on first sight, which was interesting, since last time the interest was one-way coming from me. Targets making plans with me and people to go to a bar and I play some dread by going back downstairs where the host is.

I'm having a legitimately great time with the host; I'm a gay who's gotten tired of ladies and other gay men, and it's nice and different to be treated like a legitimate bro with these straight guys who're a lot of fun. Target 2 suddenly pops right next to me and nervously tells the party host "hey we're about to go to a bar if you/anyone wants to come." They're mostly hot gays and this was the straight host so it was weird he would ask them. Think he was betting/hoping on my coming with them. I said "hey, I'll go!" I end up going with this aaaawesome straight guy and the gays and some girls, but the gays were talking about sex and the city which is dumb in itself but also dumb because not everyone watches it so way to not provide value, the ladies were coddling each other as if they were already drunk and telling inside jokes, but the alpha chill fun straight guy was actually giving value and talking about interesting, fairly intellectual stuff; I'd like to go so far as to say we were exchanging value. One girl acted cute-tired like she was high and gave absolutely no value; the alpha straight guy was polite,'s clear who in the US is taught to actually be worth talking to and who gets by on looks. Great night out.

Target 2 gave me a kiss on the cheek at the end of the night, not elicited from me. I should've worked harder isolating him but he was standing like a zombie 'with his/our friends' and I had no idea what to bring up; not out of nervousness, but just boredom. When he kissed me I kissed him back and said "you're a lot of cuteness" and just smiled warmly but like a rock, not giving one shit. He shifts foot to foot and rubs my shoulder looking around nervously; suddenly he's qualifying for me, he says something clumsy and then I leave. Not really used to that kind of prudishness from other gay men to be honest, ha, I'm thinking I should've worked harder towards comfort when it comes to the Mystery method of attraction-comfort-seduction.

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Title Night out alone - turned out pretty awesome
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