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Has anyone read "The way of men" and "Androphillia" by Jack Donovan?

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July 15, 2014

I recently finished The way of men and I found his ideas interesting: he discusses the place on men in modern society and offers a traditionalist perspective on how things ought to be. Jack Donovan is occasionally mentioned on TRP and did an AMA.

There's also Androphillia,which I haven't read which is about homosexuality and how mainstream gay culture is, according to Donovan, a "pre-packaged, superficial persona–a lifestyle that has almost nothing to do with sexuality" and I figured that /r/altTRP would be a good place to discuss these books.

So, I'm curious about what is everyone's impressions on these books

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Title Has anyone read "The way of men" and "Androphillia" by Jack Donovan?
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Date 15 July 2014 04:32 PM UTC (6 years ago)
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